Whether your idea of soul music is Wilson Pickett and Eddie Floyd or Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson, you'd better do yourself a favor and get hip to the power of David Brinston, a.k.a. the Love Maker. A part of the underground soul circuit kept alive by labels like Malaco and Ecko, and artists like Marvin Sease (The Candy Licker), Brinston is the real deal. His alternately sweet and gruff vocals have some Al Green -- okay... a lot of Al Green -- in them; the guy could easily have fit on Hi right alongside Syl Johnson or O.V. Wright. The music may not always reach Hi standards, but Brinston's voice glides right over the occasional clunky synth or cheesy drum machine. The songs are also classics of the doggin' around, making time, and getting down to the nitty gritty school. Check the titles of a few: "Somebody's Cuttin My Cake," "Back It Up and Put It Here," "Junk in the Trunk."

Brinston's new album, Party Time!, is probably his best, most authentic sounding record yet with a solid batch of real soul. The highlight is the nasty, freaky "I Just Love Women," a strutting track with some nice clavinet and some lowdown lyrics that have Brinston laying claim to his title in terms that might make your Chamberlin wilt. "I make love to women/6 or 7 a day/there's been times I took on 8." Let's see... assuming he's with a different lady every time that makes about 2,190 women a year at a minimum. Hats off to the Love Maker!!

"I Just Love Women"
"It's Party Time!"
"I'm a High Nature Man"