Are you like me? Do you often sit around pondering what might happen if one band were suddenly mashed into another seemingly incompatible band in a "you got peanut butter in my chocolate" kind of way? I guess Cash Cash at some point started wondering what it would sound like if Jimmy Eat World and Daft Punk were playing at their house and the shockingly great emo-dancepop anthem "Party in Your Bedroom" is the answer they came up with. The group is emo-pop with none of that sticky and uncomfortable emotional baggage attached; they burst with bubblegum-flavored kisses instead of hot tears. Their shockingly good album Take It to the Floor sounds almost exactly how the Archies would sound like if they hung out at Hot Topic instead of Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe. If that sounds silly to you, you're probably right, but to me it's the kind of silly that rock & roll has always been about and hopefully always will be about.
To experience the full genius of my favorite single of 2009 and to check out Cash Cash in all their junked-up MySpace glory, go here now!