Hail to the Chief!It seems that the 2008 U.S. Presidential race has been going on for four years, but now that the political primaries (or caucuses in some states) are at last in full swing, this a great time to stop listening to the argumentative pundits and repetitious politicians on TV. Instead, put on some old fashioned campaign songs and political music from the past on Sony's Hail to the Chief!, performed with patriotic gusto and ebullient humor by the Chestnut Brass Company. Whether your favorite candidate wins or loses, we can all get together in a true spirit of bipartisanship for the Fillmore Quick Step or the Buchanan Polka, if only to get some much needed historical perspective.

Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too!
Fillmore Quick Step
Buchanan Polka
Lincoln Grand March
Hail to the Chief!

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