I don't want to hear about how modern rock & roll has lost its soul, fire or whatever anymore. No more talk about the old days being the good days and how there are no bands left with any flash, noise or the ability to kick some serious ass at any given moment. It's simply not true! You just need to know where to look to find bands that still burn with the fever of rock & roll. Just check these three hidden treasures from the middle of this decade and tell me they don't rock as much as the Who, Tom Petty or Cheap Trick. Yeah, it doesn't rock the same but hey, times change. What stays the same is passion and determination and the feeling that the song you are hearing is the only song playing on Earth at this very moment. These bands and these songs may not do it for you but they do it for me. Don't give up, you'll find yours. There's enough "real" rock & roll out there for everyone.

Walking Concert - Run to Be Born
"What's Your New Thing"
"Calypso Slide"
The Lost Patrol - The Lost Patrol Band
"A Girl Like You"
"Can't Stand the Quiet"
Sam Roberts - We Were Born in a Flame
"Don't Walk Away Eileen"
"On the Run"