Objeto Antes Llamado Disco

Latin and world music had a banner year. There were defining records from Cuba's Manuel Galbán, Portugal's Teresa Salgueiro, and Brazil's Ceu. Reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee scored a number one album with the skittering Prestige. Camilo Lara's Mexican Institute of Sound issued the most infectious, militant electronic dance record with Politico. South Africa's Spoek Mothambo released the mutant Father Creeper, combining wonky African pop, dubstep, and hip-hop with post-kwaito sounds. Sierra Leonean Janka Nabay introduced the world to the joy of Bubu music. Colombia's Las Malas Amistades gave us seductive acoustic pop. And Bamako gave the world traditional Bamako grooves from Sidi Toure, and modern pop from Amadou & Mariam, who collaborated with Nick Zinner and Santigold. Further, vocalist Elina Duni seamlessly wedded the folk music of Albania to modern jazz. Choices were difficult, but the end result is well worth investigating.
Masta Conga & His New Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - Last Odyssey
Amadou & Mariam - Folila
Café Tacuba - Objeto Antes Llamado Disco
Céu - Caravana Sereia Bloom
Daddy Yankee - Prestige
Elina Duni Quartet - Matanë Malit
Manuel Galbán - Blue Cha Cha
The Gazette - Division
Las Malas Amistades - Maleza
Spoek Mathambo - Father Creeper
Mexican Institute of Sound - Politico
Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang - En Yay Sah
Mairi Morrison & Alasdair Roberts - Urstan
Rodrigo y Gabriela/C.U.B.A. - Area 52
Teresa Salgueiro - O Misterio
Sambasunda Quintet - Java
Staff Benda Bilili - Bouger le Monde!
Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis - Greekadelia
Loga Ramin Torkian - Mehraab
Sidi Touré - Koïma

Listen to the best tracks from our favorite Latin/World albums of 2012 in this playlist: