This time of year at AllMusic HQ the air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and we're getting ready to bundle up for chillier temperatures. We dress in extra layers, grab a cup of tea and cozy up to someone special. It's a good time for music on the introspective and intimate side, and this week we've got just the thing as we exclusively offer you a spin of Eureka Birds' new one, Strangers. The Baltimore-based outfit play atmospheric indie rock too restless to settle in one sound, but unified by their evocative energy. On Strangers, they nimbly move from buzzy synth rock ("Baby's Got a Blade") to piano ballads ("Not Coming Home") to tropical-tinged rhythms ("Justin, It's Over") that'll warm your heart.

RIYL: Scattered Trees' poignancy; Rogue Wave's sprawling sonics; A.C. Newman's heartfelt craftsmanship.

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Strangers is out October 29. Learn more about the band at the Eureka Birds' website.