​Hound, a hard-rocking trio from Philadelphia, gets rowdy and pointed on Born Under 76, its thundering third LP. From the relentless eighth notes that drive "Aqualamb" to the slashing guitar of "Death Lends a Hand" to the mighty lurch of "Best Wishes," the band delivers a distortion-soaked garage rock riff-fest, confident and swaggering, but with enough ideas and left turns to keep it from being there mere Stooges tribute that similar bands often aspire to.

Guitarist and singer Perry Shall calls the album "an amalgamation of self-loathing and reflecting on my life, along with a mix of anger and sadness towards the people in power who are destroying our country and the planet." The ferocity shows through on no-frills tracks like "Bad One" and the foreboding closer, "Any Day Now," the latter of which fades into the same oblivion Shall fears. Born Under 76 is due out October 20.

Born Under 76 can be ordered via Let's Pretend Records.

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