For a while now, AllMusic fans have been asking for a method to be able to sort and filter all of the different albums in our collection based on different criteria and requirements.

We're proud to announce the AllMusic Advanced Album Search!

Advanced Filter

You can get to Advanced Search by clicking on the Advanced Search link at the top of each page.

Once there, you can use the filters on the left to select from the following characteristics
Genres - The broad overall classification of the music on the album
Styles - The more specific type of music on the album
Release Date (or re-issue date) - When the album came out
AllMusic Rating - 5 stars is great, 1 star...not so much. More info
Recording Types - Filtering on Studio recordings? Live recordings? Looking for Various Artist compilations?
Moods - Adjectives that describe the sound and feel of a song, album, or overall body of work
Themes - Activities or events particularly suited for a song, album or overall body of work
The Album’s Main Performer - The primary artist (or artists) associated with the album

and begin to dig through the albums that represent those characteristics.

By typing in the text box within the filters, you can quickly narrow down to the type of characteristic you’re looking for (for example, type "rock" into the genres & styles filter to see Pop/Rock, Acid Rock, Rockabilly, and many more).
Text Filtering

Your active filters will appear at the top of the page. You can adjust your filters by clicking to remove them from the “Active Filters” list, by un-checking boxes in any of the individual modules on the left, or start over by clicking “Clear All” in the upper right.
Advanced Search Active Filters

Your results can also be sorted by Year, by Album Title and by AllMusic Rating by clicking on the text at the top of each column.

Trippy five-star funk albums from the '70s? Disappointing one-star hair metal albums from the '80s? John Zorn's live albums? Grateful Dead studio recordings? Filter away!

Please let us know in the comments or via our Get Satisfaction community what you think, if you find bugs or if there are things that you'd really like to see us work on next.