Remembering Cub Koda

Remembering Cub Koda

By AllMusic Staff

Oct. 2, 2013

Here's a great piece from Deadline Detroit: Jeannie Koda, widow of Brownsville Station frontman and old-school All Music Guide contributor Cub Koda, talks about his life and music for the first time since his passing in 2000.
“He knew more about music than he did anything,” Jeannie says. “That’s why I drove when we went on trips. He was too distracted thinking about music. He couldn’t tie his shoes or balance a checkbook to save his ass – all the regular things people do. But give him a guitar, an amp, and an audience, and he would blow you away.”

The story, posted in honor of what would've been Koda's 65 birthday, also offers insights from folks like Commander Cody player-turned-alt-country artist Bill Kirchen.

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