There's still a few weeks left to squeeze in some holiday shopping for family, friends, or even something for yourself, so we have another set of music-themed ideas to get the ball rolling. We'll have a final installment next week with some last-minute options for all the procrastinators out there.

Tool, Fear Inoculum, Expanded Book Edition

Do you have an angsty nephew between ages 13-19? There's a decent chance he loves Tool, and the band just released an expanded book edition of its new album, featuring an extensive amount of art in the band's usual psychedelic style.

The Beatles, Singles Collection

This impeccably packaged boxed set contains all 23 vinyl 7" pressings of the Beatles' U.K. singles, cut from the original analog mono and stereo tapes. The album covers are slavishly reproduced with the original art design from releases all around the world. A handsome package for any Beatles fan.

She Can Really Lay It Down: 50 Rebels, Rockers, and Musical Revolutionaries, by Rachel Frankel

This book highlights 50 influential and important women in music featuring biographical overviews of pioneers like Sister Rosetta Sharpe, Carol Kaye, Janet Weiss, Carole King, and Sheila E. Supported by a foreword from essayist Amanda Petrusich, each page features a different artist to explore with text and custom illustrations from Portland Oregon musician Rachel Frankel.

Smithereens, Criterion Edition

Before Desperately Seeking Susan, director Susan Seidelman made Smithereens, a lo-fi journey through the Manhattan punk world of the early '80s. The movie follows Wren, a would-be scenester who's determined to make her name at the Peppermint Lounge, CBGB, or any other Lower East Side/Bowery hangout where there's names to be made. Richard Hell appears as a washed-up, self-interested rocker, pulling all manner of self-interested rocker nonsense. As always, the Criterion edition features top-notch packaging and special features.

"Weird Al" Funko Pop

If you're nostalgic for the proudly nerdy look of "classic era" Weird Al, Funko's never-ending Pop! Rocks series has you covered. Dare to be stupid with their figurine of '80s Al, complete with curly hair, big glasses, Hawaiian shirt, accordion, and checkered slip-ons.

We're Going to Be Friends and The ABCs of Metallica
Are these really for the kids, or for the parents to feel cool about what they're giving to their kids? Do these people even have kids? Regardless, the White Stripes and Metallica have both delved into the world of children's books. The former puts a narrative to the White Stripes song "We're Going to Be Friends," with corresponding red, white, and black artwork from illustrator Elinor Blake, while Metallica's follows an ABCs format, with rhymes about the band's history and members.

Philomuse Musicians' Dice

This unusual gift set contains 12 twelve-sided dice displaying the chromatic scale, allowing for musicians to invent their own challenges during practice or in songwriting. Roll the dice to create an unexpected improvisational progression in band practice or use them as a challenging study tool as “musical flash cards.”

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