Artists born in / bands formed in 1987

Artist Active Genre & Styles
03 Greedo 2010s - 2020s Rap, Contemporary Rap, West Coast Rap, Trap (Rap)
3rd Bass 1980s - 1990s Rap, Alternative Rap, East Coast Rap, Golden Age
63 Eyes 1990s - 2010s Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
808 State 1980s - 2020s Electronic, Club/Dance, House, Acid House, Electronica, Techno, IDM, Alternative Dance, Madchester
A Man Called Adam 1980s - 1990s Electronic, Acid Jazz, Club/Dance, House, Jazz-House
A.R.G. 1980s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Speed/Thrash Metal
Aaron "Treefi" Nelson 2000s Pop/Rock
Aaron Carter 1990s - 2010s Pop/Rock, Dance-Pop, Alternative R&B, Pop, Teen Pop
Aaron Renfree 2000s Pop/Rock, Teen Pop
Ab-Soul 2000s - 2020s Rap, West Coast Rap, Alternative Rap, Contemporary Rap, Underground Rap
Acridity 1980s - 1990s Pop/Rock
Active Ingredient 1980s - 1990s Jazz, Fusion
Adam Arnold 2000s Pop/Rock, Avant-Garde, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Electronic
Adam Laloum 2000s - 2020s Classical, Keyboard, Chamber Music
Adekunle Gold 2010s - 2020s International, Pop/Rock, African Traditions, Highlife, Afro-Pop, West African
Adrienne Warren 2010s R&B, Stage & Screen, Cast Recordings, Contemporary R&B, Musicals, Soul
Adron 2000s Pop/Rock, Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Afrojack 2000s - 2020s Electronic, Club/Dance, EDM, Dance-Pop, Progressive House
After 7 1980s - 2020s R&B, Adult Contemporary R&B, Contemporary R&B, New Jack Swing
Aida Garifullina 2010s Classical, Opera, Choral
Aigerim Seilova 2010s - 2020s Classical, Chamber Music, Orchestral, Choral
Ala Jaza 2010s Latin, Bachata, Dominican Traditions, Latin Dance, Latin Pop, Merengue
Alchemist 1980s - 2000s Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal
Alcoholics Unanimous 1980s - 2000s Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk Revival, Rockabilly Revival, Roots Rock
Alex Torres Pop/Rock
Alexander F. Müller 2010s Classical, Avant-Garde, Chamber Music, Choral, Electronic/Computer Music, Modern Composition, Orchestral
Alias 1980s - 2010s Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Alice Donut 1980s - 2010s Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk Revival, Hardcore Punk, Punk/New Wave, Indie Rock
Alice in Chains 1980s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Alternative Metal, Grunge, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock
Alien Boys 1990s Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Alikiba 2010s - 2020s R&B, Rap, International, Adult Contemporary R&B, Afro-Pop, Contemporary R&B, East African, Taarab, Tanzanian, African Traditions, Afro-beat, Bongo Flava
All 1980s - 2000s Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, American Underground, Pop Punk, Alternative Pop/Rock, Hardcore Punk, Punk/New Wave, Punk Revival, College Rock
Allen Stone 2010s - 2020s R&B, Neo-Soul, Retro-Soul, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Contemporary R&B
Allison Weiss 2000s - 2010s Pop/Rock, Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Allisons 1980s - 1990s Pop/Rock, Power Pop, Roots Rock
Altan 1980s - 2020s International, Celtic, Irish Folk, Traditional Celtic, Contemporary Celtic, Traditional Irish Folk, Celtic Fusion
Amtrac 2010s Electronic, Pop/Rock, Club/Dance, House, Alternative Dance, Alternative/Indie Rock
Amy Fradon & Leslie Ritter New Age
Amy Harman 2010s - 2020s Classical, Vocal Music
Amy Macdonald 2000s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
And All Because The Lady Loves
Anders Erickson 1990s - 2000s Pop/Rock
André Bratten 2010s - 2020s Electronic, Club/Dance, Experimental Techno, House, Left-Field House, Tech-House, Techno, Neo-Disco, Experimental Ambient
Andrea 2010s - 2020s Electronic, Pop/Rock, Dance-Pop
Andrea Battistoni 2010s - 2020s Classical, Orchestral, Opera, Concerto, Symphony
Andreas Brantelid 2000s - 2020s Classical, Chamber Music, Concerto
Andrei Bondarenko 2010s Classical, Opera, Vocal Music
Andrew Bayer 2010s Electronic, EDM, Progressive House, Club/Dance, Indie Electronic, Downtempo, House
Andrey Gugnin 2000s - 2020s Classical, Keyboard, Concerto
Andy Brown 2000s - 2010s Country, Pop/Rock, Country-Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock