Wyman Wong


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Year Album Artist
2017 Loveaholic, Vol. 1 C Allstar Lyricist
2017 Loveaholic, Vol. 2 C Allstar Lyricist
2017 Size 9 Jan Lamb Lyricist
2016 Damn! Jan Lamb Lyricist
2015 One Year Older Shiga Lin Lyricist
2015 Roundabout Chau Pak Ho Lyricist
2009 Read Me Fiona Sit Lyricist
2009 Yelling Kay Tse Composer
2008 Binary Kay Tse Composer
2008 Concert Hall Hacken Lee Composer
2008 Eason Moving on Stage, Vol. 1 Eason Chan Composer
2008 Kellylicious Kelly Chen Composer
2007 3/8 Kay Tse Composer
2007 Chivas Compilation Lyricist
2007 Listen to Eason Chan Eason Chan Composer
2005 24k Mastersonic Compilation Aaron Kwok Arranger
2005 AK Trilogy: Yours Truly Greatest Hits Aaron Kwok Lyricist
2005 Completely Yours...Sammi Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2005 F Fiona Sit Lyricist
2005 Find Love Zoe Ki Lyricist
2005 Fiona Avep Fiona Sit Lyricist
2005 Justin Justin Lo Lyricist
2005 Last Time Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2005 Lost and Found Shawn Yue Composer
2005 Mastersonic - Special Edition Composer, Lyricist
2005 Me Fiona Sit Composer, Lyricist
2005 One Promise Jack Wu Lyricist
2005 Real Love Songs: Greatest Hits Lui Fong Composer, Lyricist
2005 Sammi Movie Theme Songs Collection Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2005 Single Miriam Yeung Lyricist
2005 Thank You New Song + Greatest Hits Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2005 True Love Lui Fong Lyricist
2005 Waiting Mia Lo Lyricist
2004 Endy Chow Endy Chow Lyricist
2004 Greenhouse Balloon Endy Chow Lyricist
2004 La La La Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2004 Sammi vs Sammi 04 Concert CD Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2003 In the Still of the Night Aaron Kwok Lyricist
2001 Love Is...... Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2001 Sammi Cheng Collection Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2001 Sammix Dance Collection: New Song & Greatest Hits Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2001 Shocking Pink Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2001 Tender Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2001 Zhen Jin Dian Amanda Lee Composer
1999 I Deserved Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1999 Love You Very Much Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1998 Feel So Good Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1998 Sammi Cheng 24K Mastersonic, Vol. II Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1998 Sammi Star Show '97 Sammi Cheng Composer, Lyricist
1998 The Best Remix of Sammi Cheng Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1997 Eager to Get Married Mia Lo Lyricist
1997 Language of Life Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1997 Lee Wei Shiong EP Lee Wei Shiong Lyricist
1997 Love Summons Aaron Kwok Lyricist
1997 New Songs + Greatest Hits Zen Composer, Lyricist
1997 Our Theme Song Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1997 Sammi X Concert Live 96' Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1996 Can't Let You Go Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1996 Never Want to Give You Up Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1996 Value Everything Zen / Zen Lyricist
1995 Tales of Innocence Aaron Kwok Lyricist
1986 Sincere Sally Yeh Lyricist
...3mm Eason Chan Composer
...3mm Remix Eason Chan Composer
101 Dear Jane Lyricist
2012 to Begin from the End C Allstar Lyricist
4 Great Inventions Tang Siu Hau Lyricist
Absolute Voice Lyricist
Absolute Voices Collection Lyricist
Back to Priscilla: 30th Anniversary Collections Priscilla Chan Composer
Ballad Tang Siu Hau Lyricist
Cantonese 101 Composer
Cass Phang Wan Quan Yin Ni Jing Cass Phang Lyricist
Coloring Stephy Stephy Tang Lyricist
Dian Swing Composer
EMI Lovely Legend Cass Phang Lyricist
Edmond Hits 48 Edmond Leung Lyricist
Effort & Love Edmond Leung Lyricist
Electric Girl Miriam Yeung Lyricist
En Ronghao Li Lyricist
Enemy Janice M. Vidal Lyricist
F Best Fiona Sit Lyricist
Filicious Fiona In Concert 2012 Fiona Sit Composer
Friendless Collection Hacken Lee Composer
Gang le X Zhang Jing Xuan Jiao Xiang Yin le Hui Hins Cheung Composer
Generation Next Aaron Kwok Lyricist
Girls Girls Girls At 17 Lyricist
Gold Typhoon 10 Years Best Edmond Leung Lyricist
Grasshopper Live Goes on World Tour 2017 Grasshopper Lyricist
Hacken Lee & Hong Kong Sinfonietta Concert Hall 2011 Hacken Lee Composer
Heartbreakers C Allstar Lyricist
Hins Cheung Hins Cheung Composer
House of Cards Hacken Lee Composer
Imperfect Collection Chau Pak Ho Composer, Lyricist
Justin "Around the World" Tour 2011 Justin Lo Lyricist
Kary Ng: Greatest Hits Kary Ng Lyricist
Lamusique George Lam Composer
Love Is All Around Alex Fong / Stephy Tang Lyricist
Love Miriam Miriam Yeung Lyricist
Love Off the Cuff [Original Soundtrack] Lyricist
Love Songs About Man and Woman Lyricist
Love Songs About Men Lyricist
Love Songs About Women Lyricist
Love and Other Things Janice M. Vidal Lyricist
Mercury 5 Chui Tien You Lyricist
Miriam Yeung 3 2 1 GO! Concert Live 2017 Miriam Yeung Lyricist
Mr. Everyone Concert, Vol. 1 Mr. Composer
Much Feeling Little Thinking Ivana Wong Lyricist
Music Cafe Stephy Tang Lyricist
My Better Half: Live 2017 Edmond Leung Lyricist
New World VRF Lyricist
Octave Ivana Wong Lyricist
One on One Miriam Yeung Lyricist
Only Lonely Endy Chow Lyricist
P.S. I Love You Hins Cheung Composer
Precious Moment: C AllCollection C Allstar Lyricist
Qun Zi Ronghao Li Lyricist
Sammi I Concert '99 Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Sammi Touch Mi 2 Live 2016 Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Sammi Touch Mi World Tour Live Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Sammi Ultimate Collection Sammi Cheng Composer, Lyricist
San Ren Zhu Yi Grasshopper Composer
Shi Ri Ru Fei C Allcollection C Allstar Lyricist
Silent Disco Ivana Wong Lyricist
So I Say William So Lyricist
The Moon Doesn't Represent My Heart Leung Chiu Fung Lyricist
The Villainess Debunks Cherry Ngan Lyricist
The Big Hits Big Four Big Four Lyricist
Time Flies Eason Chan Composer
True Legend 101 Sammi Cheng Lyricist
True Legend 101 Aaron Kwok Lyricist
Unforgettable Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Wandering Girl Lui Fong Composer, Lyricist
XBF (Live) Fiona Sit Composer, Lyricist
Yi Shi Wu Cheng [Radio-Edit] Chau Pak Ho / Zheng Rong Lyricist
Zhui Yi Shi Shui Fang Hua Anita Mui Lyricist
Zui Ren Hacken Lee Composer