TV Girl

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A duo from San Francisco that is equally at home with '60s bubblegum and hip-hop beats.
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San Diego, California duo TV Girl make hypnotic pop that borrows from ’60s bubblegum and hip-hop-tinged beats with equal finesse. Trung Ngo and Brad Petering first drew attention in mid-2010, when their song “If You Want It” -- which samples Todd Rundgren’s “Hello It’s Me” -- earned acclaim from various music blogs. Rhino Entertainment, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, issued notices to sites such as YouTube and Pitchfork to remove the song due to copyright infringement. Unfazed, the band released its self-titled EP (which included “If You Want It”) later that year. Ngo and Petering had a busy 2011, issuing a digital split EP with the like-minded Dirty Gold, the single Girls Like Me on Small Plates Records, and the Benny and the Jetts EP that July via their Bandcamp page.