Timo Andres

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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Home Stretch, for piano & chamber orchestra 2008 18:15 Concerto
Words Fail, for violin & piano 09:46 Chamber Music
Coronation Concerto Recomposition, for piano & chamber orchestra (after Mozart) 35:28 Concerto
Thrive on Routine, for string quartet 2010 13:44 Chamber Music
Paraphrase on Themes of Brian Eno, for piano & chamber orchestra 14:13 Concerto
Crashing Through Fences, for piccolo & glockenspiel 2009 06:25 Chamber Music
Safe Travels, for flute, clarinet, trumpet & string trio 07:04 Chamber Music
Sonata for violin & piano 2004 15:57 Chamber Music
B├╝rgenstock-Polka, for piano 08:15 Keyboard
See Above, for violin & double bass 02:03 Chamber Music
How can I live in your world of ideas?, for piano 2007 08:54 Keyboard
Checkered Shade, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion & piano 13:57 Chamber Music
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