The Royal Wigs

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An alt-country Americana supergroup featuring former members of Girls Like Cigarettes, Great Lakes Myth Society, Agents of the Sun, and Seldon Plan.
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Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues
An alt-country Americana supergroup of sorts, the Royal Wigs (bassist J. Scott McClintock from the Great Lakes Myth Society; singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joe Black from Girls Like Cigarettes; drummer Frank Corl from Seldon Plan; singer and guitarist Ralph Rodriguez from Agents of the Sun, and multi-instrumentalist/producer Ian Litovich) already had a long and illustrious indie pedigree when they joined forces. Named after a wig store Black used to walk by in New York City, the band recorded its debut five-song EP at Orion Studios in Baltimore, Maryland. Titled Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues, the EP was released in December of 2012.