The Regrettes

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A Los Angeles-based teenage garage punk quartet with a classicist pop bent and boundless energy.
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Led by singer/songwriter Lydia Night, the Regrettes were all in their teens when they released their first singles in 2016. All three singles -- "A Living Human Girl," "Hey Now," and "Hot" -- show the Los Angeles-based quartet demonstrate a pop sense so keen, it could be called classicist if it weren't for the nervy, punky energy and teenage rebellion that keep this music fresh.

Feel Your Feelings Fool!
Night formed the Regrettes with guitarist Genessa Gariano, bassist Sage Nicole, and drummer Maxx Morando in 2015. Night started playing guitar and writing songs when she was six, picking up pointers from classic rock and punk played around the house. She wound up enrolling in Los Angeles' School of Rock program around the age of 12, which is when she first met Gariano and Nicole, but the Regrettes weren't formed until late 2015. By that point, Night had several originals under her belt, all of which helped get the band signed to Warner Bros. "A Living Human Girl" appeared in the summer of 2016, followed by "Hey Now" and "Hot," all teasers for their full-length debut, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, released by Warner in early 2017.

Attention Seeker
Early in 2018, the Regrettes released the EP Attention Seeker. A handful of singles followed that year, including "California Friends" and "Poor Boy," continuing into 2019 with a cover of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." Throughout the first half of the year, they issued several singles previewing their sophomore full-length, including "Pumpkin," "Dress Up," and "I Dare You." Titled How Do You Love?, the album was released by Warner that August.