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Exploratory Polish jazz-rock quartet informed by the Eastern and Central European folk stylings of guitarist Grzegorz Lesiak.
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Parts of the Entirety
Formed in 2013, Polish jazz-rock quartet Tatvamasi are led by Grzegorz Lesiak, a guitarist/composer who first gained recognition in folk circles, specializing in traditional musics of Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland and Ukraine. Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza (Anne of Green Gables), an award-winning group that combined elements of reggae and jazz with the folk music of Silesia, a historical region now split between present-day Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic, was co-founded by Lesiak and singer Anna Kielbusiewicz in 2000. Tragically, in December 2003 a car accident claimed Kielbusiewicz's life, and also seriously injured Lesiak, who essentially went on an extended hiatus from the music scene for the next ten years. When Lesiak re-emerged, he had reinvented himself as a jazz-rock electric guitarist, although he continued to draw from European folk traditions, now wedded to the exploratory grooves of the Tatvamasi quartet. In addition to Lesiak, Tatvamasi features tenor saxophonist Tomasz Piatek and two musicians who also perform and record together as the rhythm section of the Klezmaholics, bassist Lukasz Downar and drummer Krzysztof Redas. Tatvamasi's debut album, Parts of the Entirety, was released by Cuneiform in October of 2013.