Supreme Jubilees

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R&B-gospel family band from California who released their lone album in 1980.
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It'll All Be Over
The Supreme Jubilees were a gospel-R&B family band that formed in Fresno, California in the early 1970s. Originally a quartet, the group cut a single for Peacock Records subsidiary Song Bird in 1973. Little came of this early venture, and over the coming years the band was slowly expanded to include various members of its two founding families. Keyboardist and chief songwriter Leonard Sanders brought in his brothers Philip (drums), Tim (bass), and Melvin (tenor vocals), while singers Joe and David Kingsby recruited his son, David, Jr., to play guitar once he came of age. Prior to his joining, family friend Larry Price was invited to play guitar, and he stayed on even after the arrival of David, Jr. In 1980, the Supreme Jubilees recorded their lone LP It'll All Be Over. Self-produced and self-released on their own S&K (Sanders and Kingsby) label, the band made a solid push to promote the album, touring California as a support act for some other gospel groups, then heading to Texas on what would prove to be an ill-fated tour opening for the Mighty Clouds of Joy. Already struggling to make ends meet, the seven-member band endured dishonest promoters, rough accommodations, and van trouble. When another potential tour was offered, most of the band declined. A second album was originally planned for 1981, but with their momentum waning and no tours on the horizon, nothing ever materialized. Although both families remained close friends, the band simply faded out. Only 500 copies of their album were ever pressed, and the group languished in obscurity until a copy was discovered by Austin record store owner David Haffner almost three decades after its release. Through Haffner, the album eventually made its way to Seattle-based reissue label Light in the Attic who finally offered a remastered version of It'll All Be Over to the public in 2015.