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Properly known as Greg Chin, DJ Stryke's musical productions and DJ sets span all genres from ambient to techno to house. In 1980, when Chin's family moved to Florida, he had already started producing…
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Year Album Label AllMusic Rating User Ratings
Rare & Remixed
1998 Rare & Remixed Adrenaline
Staying In
2001 Staying In Strictly Hype Records (SHR)
Stryke Presents Advance
2001 Stryke Presents Advance Max
Pages From the Blue Diary
2002 Pages From the Blue Diary Harlequin Records
Time for a Change
2004 Time for a Change St
The Narrowest of Paths
2008 The Narrowest of Paths Plastic City
Rhythm Chamber
Rhythm Chamber Adrenaline