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Prolific percussionist and producer Steve Reid was a co-founding member of the enormously popular contemporary jazz group the Rippingtons. Around the time of the group's 1987 formation, he joined Supertramp…
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Year Album Artist
2019 Rubberband Miles Davis Percussion
2017 One Little Song Can Change the World Kid Pan Alley Percussion
2013 Mi Corazón Canta: Cantos de Alabanza (Songs of Praise), Vol. 1 Metales
2010 Collector's Pack Michael Lington Engineer, Percussion
2010 Perfect Way: The Miles Davis Anthology: The Warner Bros. Years Miles Davis Percussion
2010 Winter's Songs: A Windham Hill Christmas Percussion
2009 Lil' Man Soul Jackiem Joyner Mixing, Percussion
2009 The Very Best of Jeff Kashiwa Jeff Kashiwa Percussion
2008 Believe It or Not: The Billy Griffin Collection Billy Griffin Percussion
2008 Les Incontournables du Jazz: Miles Davis Miles Davis Percussion
2008 Let's Connect Jessie Allen Cooper Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Liner Notes, Bullroar, Drums, Congas, Bongos, Frame Drum, Agogo, Cowbell, Cuica, Cymbals, Ganza, Pandeiro, Rainstick, Reco-Reco, Shaker, Tambourine, Temple Blocks, Timbales, Triangle, Vibraslap, Percussion, Crotale, Chimes, Drum Programming, Flexatones, Sequencing, Digital Editing, Transfers, Pre-Production, Soloist, Blocks, Indian Bells, Bird Calls, Cabasa, Suspended Cymbals, Water Bottle, Wind Gong, Wind Whistle, Apito, Chinese Bells
2007 Jazz Club: Jazz for the Road Percussion
2006 20th Anniversary The Rippingtons Percussion
2005 Ladies' Night Percussion
2005 Pacific Coast Highway Nils Percussion
2005 Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology Supertramp Percussion
2005 Tall Tales and Short Stories Tony MacLaren Percussion
2005 The Essential Winter's Solstice Percussion
2005 Will Power Will Donato Producer, Percussion
2004 The Very Best of Celtic Christmas Percussion
2003 The Very Best of Marc Antoine Marc Antoine Percussion
2002 Journey to the Heart, Vol. 3 Composer, Primary Artist
2002 Moment in Time Jessie Allen Cooper Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Drum Programming
2002 Positive Energy Steve Oliver Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
2002 Smooth Jazz Awards Collection, Vol. 2 Composer, Primary Artist
2002 The Best Smooth Jazz Ever [GRP/Universal] Primary Artist
2001 Dream Scapes Steve Reid Primary Artist, Composer
2001 Music for the Spirit, Vol. 3 Composer, Primary Artist
2000 Another Door Opens Jeff Kashiwa Percussion
2000 Day the Tall Ships Came Glenn Yarbrough Percussion
2000 Handmade Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Soundscape, Improvisation, Primary Artist
2000 Handmade Mountain Rythym Composer, Primary Artist
2000 Never Gonna Give Up Lorrich Percussion
2000 Nocturnal Journeys Campanile Percussion
2000 Smooth Jazz: The Originals, Vol. 1 Primary Artist
1999 An A Cappella Christmas A Capella Angels Percussion
1999 Big Bang Tony MacLaren Vocals, Percussion
1999 First View Steve Oliver Percussion, Programming
1999 Music for the Spirit, Vol. 2 Performer, Composer, Primary Artist
1999 Passion in Paradise Steve Reid / Steve Reid's Bamboo Forest Primary Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Percussion, Multi Instruments, Composer
1999 River of Gold Bruce BecVar Percussion
1999 Topaz The Rippingtons Guest Artist, Percussion
1998 Daughters of the Celtic Moon Lisa Lynne Percussion, Percus
1998 Melrose Place Jazz: Upstairs at MP Percussion
1998 Rhythms Performer, Composer, Primary Artist
1998 Telarc Surround Sounds 2 Arranger, Composer, Primary Artist
1998 Together Turning Point Percussion
1997 A Winter's Solstice VI Percussion
1997 Black Diamond The Rippingtons Percussion
1997 Celtic Christmas, Vol. 3 Percussion
1997 Deep in the Night Rick Rhodes Percussion
1997 Jazziz: January 1997 Primary Artist
1997 Michael Lington Michael Lington Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
1997 Moonsongs Lisa Franco Percussion
1997 Mysteries Steve Reid / Steve Reid's Bamboo Forest Primary Artist, Producer, Engineer, Composer
1997 Naked Naked Percussion
1997 No Truer Words Mark Portmann Percussion
1997 The Best of the Rippingtons The Rippingtons Percussion, Soundscape
1997 The Body Remembers Lorraine Feather Percussion
1997 Walkamile Jeff Kashiwa Percussion
1997 You Know That Feeling Brian Bromberg Tambourine
1996 After Hours Brian Culbertson Percussion
1996 Alfonzo Blackwell Alfonzo Blackwell Percussion
1996 Water Sign Steve Reid Primary Artist, Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Drums, Congas, Bongos, Claves, Cowbell, Cymbals, Shaker, Surdo, Tambourine, Timbales, Vibraslap, Percussion, Bells, Gong, Programming, Stick, Whistle (Instrument), Clapping, Blocks, Composer
1995 Brave New World Russ Freeman Percussion
1995 GRP Christmas Collection, Vol. 2 Percussion
1995 Higher Altitude Pocket Change Percussion
1995 I Could Have Been a Sailor Glenn Yarbrough Percussion
1995 Jazz to the World Percussion
1995 Miramar Collection, Vol. 2 Percussion
1995 More Than You Can Chew Curtis Salgado Percussion
1995 Now & Then Tony Guerrero Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
1995 Oceans of Love Celestial Winds Drums, Congas, Bongos, Cymbals, Djembe, Dumbek, Tambourine, Percussion, Gong, Stick
1995 So the Story Goes Paul Howards Percussion, Soundscape
1995 Suga Music Collection, Vol. 2 Composer, Primary Artist
1995 Temperate Zone Doctor Bombay Producer, Mixing, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Composer
1995 True North Percussion
1995 Urban Gypsy Marc Antoine Percussion
1994 Bamboo Forest Steve Reid Primary Artist, Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Congas, Castanets, Cowbell, Shaker, Tambourine, Percussion, Bells, Chimes, Stick, Composer
1994 Christmas Morning Celestial Winds Percussion, Bells
1994 Classical Soul Marc Antoine Percussion
1994 From My Window Richard Smith Percussion
1994 Miramar Collection, Vol. 1 Percussion
1994 Sahara Russ Freeman Percussion
1994 The Benoit/Freeman Project David Benoit / Russ Freeman Percussion
1994 Time Dreams Bruce BecVar Engineer, Drums, Drums (Bass), Cymbals, Timbales, Percussion
1993 Arriba Bruce BecVar Congas, Shaker, Timbales, Percussion
1993 Beloved Satellite Sativa Luvbox Percussion
1993 Bridge of Dreams David Lanz / Paul Speer Percussion
1993 Lucky Man Dave Koz Percussion
1993 Truest Heart Nelson Rangell Percussion
1993 World of Contemporary Jazz Groups: GRP Gold Encore Series Drums, Congas, Shaker, Bells, Sound Effects
1992 Antigua Blue Kilauea Percussion
1992 Collection 1991: Music & Art Paul Speer Percussion
1992 GRP 10th Anniversary Collection Percussion, Soundscape
1992 In Every Moment Nelson Rangell Percussion
1992 Live in L.A. The Rippingtons Percussion
1992 Megalith T-Square Percussion
1992 Quest of Dreams Ron Komie Percussion
1992 Spring Break Kilauea Percussion, Programming
1992 The Best of Stan Ridgway: Songs That Made This Country Great Stan Ridgway Congas, Percussion
1992 Tropical Pleasures Kilauea Engineer, Programming
1992 Weekend in Monaco The Rippingtons Chant, Congas, Percussion, Toy Instruments
1991 Brasiljazz Kevyn Lettau Engineer
1991 Curves Ahead The Rippingtons Vocals, Drums, Congas, Percussion, Bells
1991 Intimate Notions Pocket Change Percussion
1991 Pieces of a Heart Carl Anderson Engineer, Percussion
1991 WHVE: The Wave Engineer
1990 BASSically Speaking Brian Bromberg Percussion
1990 Dave Koz Dave Koz Percussion
1990 Mango Cooler Charles Michael Brotman Percussion
1990 Nova Collection '90 Percussion
1990 Phantom Center Ferron Percussion
1990 The Mystery Man Mike Garson Percussion
1990 Thinking of You Alex Acuña & the Unknowns Engineer
1990 WNUA 95.5: Smooth Sounds, Vol. 3 Engineer
1990 Welcome to the St. James' Club The Rippingtons Engineer, Percussion
1989 All or Nothing Luba Percussion
1989 Forever Blue Sky Bruce BecVar Percussion
1989 GRP: On the Cutting Edge Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Soundscape
1989 KIFM: Smooth Sounds of San Diego, Vol. 1 Engineer
1989 Late One Night Dan Siegel Engineer
1989 Magic Rain Brian Bromberg Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
1989 Moonstone Toninho Horta Assistant Engineer
1989 Mosquitos Stan Ridgway Vocals, Conch Shell, Keyboards, Congas, Bongos, Percussion, Sound Effects, Main Personnel
1989 Remember Love Mike Garson Percussion
1989 Tokyo Nights Rob Mullins Producer, Engineer, Percussion
1989 Tourist in Paradise The Rippingtons Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Soundscape
1988 Flying Home Stanley Jordan Percussion
1988 Kilimanjaro The Rippingtons Mixing, Percussion, Soundscape
1988 Live 88 Supertramp Percussion
1988 Love You Like a Stranger Randy Hall Shaker
1987 Free as a Bird Supertramp Percussion
1987 Long Distance Calling Tom Toth Percussion
1987 No Baggage Greg & Bev Smith Percussion
1987 Present for the Future Frank Gambale Percussion
1987 Trapped in the Body of a White Girl Julie Brown Percussion
1986 Brave New Guitar Frank Gambale Percussion
1986 Moonlighting The Rippingtons Mixing, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Soundscape
1986 No Easy Way Out Robert Tepper Tambourine
1986 Nocturnal Playground Russ Freeman Percussion, Emulator
1986 Poolside Nu Shooz Keyboards
1986 Random Axis Pocket Change Percussion
1986 The Big Heat Stan Ridgway Percussion
1986 Tigers Are Brave Sanford Ponder Percussion
1986 Tutu Miles Davis Percussion
80 Hits of the '80s Keyboards
Hits of the 80s [Rhino] Keyboards
Pictures and Frames Steve Oliver Percussion
The Tempo Anthology: British Modern Jazz 1954-60 Composer
Transitions Kim De Laforest Composer