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A member of the '80s cult band Big Black and later one of the most visible producers in the alternative rock underground, Steve Albini came to reflect better than anyone else the defining values of college…
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Year Album Artist
2020 Music From the Film Girl on the Third Floor Steve Albini / Alison Chesley / Tim Midgett / Tim Midyett Primary Artist
2019 Barriers Frank Iero and the Future Violents / Frank Iero Engineer, Mixing
2019 Before the Past [Live From Electrical Audio] Mono Engineer, Mixing
2019 Deforming Lobes Ty Segall Drum Engineering
2019 Singles Too Screaming Females Engineer
2019 Too Late to Pray: Defiant Chicago Roots Guitar
2018 All Nerve The Breeders Engineer, Mixing
2018 Bang Messiah Obnox Engineer
2018 Before the Day Has Gone Bellini Engineer
2018 Come on Pilgrim... It's Surfer Rosa Pixies Engineer, Producer
2018 Freedom's Goblin Ty Segall Engineer
2018 Legion: XX Burn the Priest Composer, Lyricist
2018 Universalists Yonatan Gat Engineer
2017 24-7 Rock Star Shit The Cribs Engineer
2017 Everyone's Going Triple Bad Acid, Yeah! The Complete Recordings 1980-1993 The Membranes Producer
2017 George Best 30 The Wedding Present Engineer
2017 Horizon Disrupted Andy Pratt Engineer, Mixing
2017 Snow The New Year Engineer
2017 Strange Peace METZ Engineer
2017 The Centre Cannot Hold Ben Frost Engineer, Mixing
2017 Ty Segall [Drag City] Ty Segall Engineer
2017 Victims of Love Propaganda Descartes a Kant Engineer
2016 Devilution: The Early Years 1981-1993 London May Engineer
2016 Fires Within Fires Neurosis Engineer
2016 Requiem for Hell Mono Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2016 The Blackberry Train James McCartney Engineer, Mixing
2016 Upland Stories Robbie Fulks Engineer, Mixing
2015 1993-1997 Craw Engineer
2015 Alive ALOKE Engineer
2015 Divers Joanna Newsom Engineer
2014 A New Nature Esben and the Witch Engineer, Mixing
2014 Container Valina Engineer
2014 Dude Incredible Shellac Guitar
2014 Live at the Hideout Screaming Females Engineer, Mixing
2014 No Seattle: Forgotten Sounds of the North-West Grunge Era 1986-97 Producer
2014 Parallax Sounds Quotation Author, Guitar
2014 Seven Wonders of the World Cinerama Engineer, Mixing
2013 Arriving Angels Helen Money Engineer, Mixing
2013 Defcon 5...4...3...2...1 Man or Astro-man? Engineer, Mixing
2013 Gone Away Backward Robbie Fulks Engineer, Mixing
2013 Payola: 2002-2012 The Cribs Engineer, Mixing
2012 Advaitic Songs Om Engineer
2012 Attack on Memory Cloud Nothings Engineer
2012 Honor Found in Decay Neurosis Engineer
2012 In the Belly of the Brazen Bull The Cribs Engineer, Mixing
2012 Now Here's My Plan Bonnie "Prince" Billy Engineer
2012 Slit Barb Wire Dolls Engineer, Mixing
2012 Totem and Taboo Hugh Cornwell Engineer, Mixing
2012 Ugly Screaming Females Engineer
2011 Bitch Magnet Bitch Magnet Engineer
2011 Jason... The Dragon Weedeater Producer
2011 Life Like Joan of Arc Engineer, Mixing
2011 Little Joy My Disco Engineer
2011 Not Yet Monotonix Engineer
2011 Nursing Home Let's Wrestle Engineer
2011 Solar Anus Årabrot Engineer
2011 Third Album PRE Engineer
2010 Catch My Shoe The Ex Engineer
2010 Dirty Shirt Rock 'n' Roll: The First Ten Years The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Engineer
2010 Icon Nirvana Engineer
2010 Outlaster Nina Nastasia Engineer
2010 The Calcination of Scout Niblett Scout Niblett Engineer
2010 Year One The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Engineer, Mixing
2009 Bag It! The Thing Engineer
2009 Further Complications Jarvis Cocker Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Remastering, Mastering
2009 God Is Good Om Engineer
2009 Hope Freaks PRE Engineer, Audio Production
2009 Hymn to the Immortal Wind Mono Engineer, Mixing
2009 Josephine Magnolia Electric Co. Engineer
2009 Journal for Plague Lovers Manic Street Preachers Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2009 Lay It on Me Minto Engineer, Mixing
2009 Minotaur Pixies Producer, Engineer
2009 Nine Skies Delby L Engineer, Mixing
2009 Rockwell Anni Rossi Engineer
2009 Shake a Bone Son of Dave Engineer, Mixing, Liner Notes
2009 The Precious Prize of Gravity Bellini Engineer, Mixing
2008 A Tempo! A Tempo! Valina Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2008 Full Scale Assault Vitamin X Engineer, Mixing
2008 Happy in Galoshes Scott Weiland Engineer, Audio Engineer
2008 Long Distance Three Second Kiss Engineer, Mixing
2008 Mountain Battles The Breeders Engineer
2008 Sides 11-14 Audio Production
2008 Street Music: 13 Rebellions and a Song of Consolation Born Again Floozies Engineer, Mixing
2008 The Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 6 Producer, Engineer
2008 The Avenging Force Avenging Force Engineer
2008 The New Year The New Year Engineer
2008 Trash Talk Trash Talk Engineer, Mixing
2007 7 Deadly Sinners Born Again Floozies Engineer, Mixing
2007 Dry Land A Whisper in the Noise Engineer
2007 Endless Highway: The Music of The Band Producer, Engineer
2007 Excellent Italian Greyhound Shellac Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar
2007 Given to the Rising Neurosis Engineer, Audio Production
2007 God Luck and Good Speed Weedeater Producer, Engineer
2007 Gone: A Collection of EPs 2000-2007 Mono Engineer, Mixing
2007 Good Night and Good Luck Spitting Off Tall Buildings Engineer, Mixing
2007 How to Lose Everything Hot Little Rocket Engineer
2007 Novelties, Addenda and Ephemera Born Again Floozies Engineer, Mixing
2007 Pilgrimage Om Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 Scream of the Iron Iconoclast Stinking Lizaveta Engineer, Mixing
2007 Slow Speed: Deep Owls Bear Claw Engineer
2007 Sojourner Magnolia Electric Co. Engineer, Mixing
2007 The Forms The Forms Engineer
2007 The Road Mix: Music from the Television Series One Mixing
2007 The Weirdness The Stooges Engineer
2007 This Fool Can Die Now Scout Niblett Engineer
2007 Ye Ye: The Best of the RCA Years The Wedding Present Engineer, Mixing
2007 You Follow Me Nina Nastasia / Jim White Engineer
2006 A Lazarus Taxon Tortoise Remixing
2006 Beyond the Beyond Sparklejet Engineer
2006 Bloodwork From Fiction Engineer, Mixing
2006 Capoeria Chevreuil Engineer
2006 Coward Made Out of Babies Engineer, Mixing
2006 Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Engineer, Mixing
2006 Disconnected Walking Bicycles Engineer, Mixing
2006 Fading Trails Magnolia Electric Co. Engineer, Mixing
2006 Fever Pitch Phillip Roebuck Engineer
2006 Glass Mountain Roads The Cape May Engineer
2006 Gypsy Garden, Vol. 2 Producer
2006 In Concert, Vol. 1 The Sadies Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 It Takes a Nation of Assholes to Hold Us Back This Moment in Black History Engineer
2006 L' Univers 12Twelve / 12 Twelve Engineer
2006 Love That's Last: A Wholly Hypnographic and Disturbing Work Regarding Oxbow Oxbow Engineer
2006 MTV2 Headbanger's Ball: The Revenge Producer, Mixing
2006 Marty Casey & Lovehammers Marty Casey / Lovehammers Engineer
2006 Modern Problems New Grenada Engineer, Mixing
2006 On Leaving Nina Nastasia Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2006 Rockford Cheap Trick Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2006 Singles, B-Sides & Live Electrelane Engineer
2006 Steady The Slow Signal Fade Engineer, Mixing
2006 Stella Uzeda Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 TRR100: Thankful Engineer
2006 The Essential Pansy Division Pansy Division Engineer
2006 The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here Zao Engineer
2006 You Are There Mono Engineer, Mixing
2006 You Know Who You Are Gasoline Heart Engineer
2006 Ys Joanna Newsom Engineer, Vocal Engineer
2005 Ahead of the Lions Living Things Engineer, Audio Production
2005 Antilove X27 Engineer
2005 Axes Electrelane Engineer, Audio Production
2005 Beauty Is Everwhere/Kash Kash Engineer, Mixing
2005 Blessed Black Wings High on Fire Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production
2005 Bootlace Johnny And The Ninety-Nines Terry Stamp Engineer
2005 Bright Channel Bright Channel Engineer, Mixing
2005 Celebration Castle The Ponys Engineer, Audio Engineer
2005 Chateauvallon Chevreuil Additional Personnel, Drums
2005 East Infection Gogol Bordello Engineer, Audio Production
2005 For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records Engineer
2005 Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike Gogol Bordello Engineer, Audio Production
2005 Hard to Love a Man Magnolia Electric Co. Engineer
2005 Hello, It's Wonderful Wonderful Smith Engineer, Audio Production
2005 Here Lies the Body of Jaks Jaks Engineer
2005 Kidnapped by Neptune Scout Niblett Engineer
2005 Liar's Exit Bikini Atoll Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2005 Luke Haines Is Dead Luke Haines Engineer
2005 Ominosity Milemarker Engineer
2005 On The 13th Kick The Patsys Engineer
2005 Shock of Being Make Believe Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2005 Small Stones Bellini Engineer
2005 Smash to Ashes Hidden Engineer, Mixing
2005 The Happiest Days of My Life John Biz Engineer, Mixing
2005 What Comes After the Blues Magnolia Electric Co. Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 After the Barn Goes Red Swan Engineer, Mixing
2004 All Roads to Fault [EP] Yourcodenameis:milo Engineer
2004 Black Skies in Broad Daylight Living Things Engineer
2004 Find The Sun Bear Claw Engineer
2004 Fuck World Trade Leftöver Crack Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2004 How Soon Is Now?: The Songs of the Smiths By... Engineer
2004 I Owe Living Things Engineer
2004 It'll Be Cool Silkworm Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Mog Haymarket Riot Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Neurot Recordings [Bonus DVD] Engineer, Mixing
2004 No Depression: What It Sounds Like, Vol. 1 Engineer
2004 Over the Sun Shannon Wright Producer, Engineer
2004 Patriots .22 Engineer, Mixing
2004 TRR50: Thank You Engineer
2004 That Man Will Not Hang Mclusky Mixing
2004 The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not on Fire Mclusky Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 The Eye of Every Storm Neurosis Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 The Power Out Electrelane Engineer
2004 Turn The Ex Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Unsung: The Best of Helmet 1991-1997 Helmet Engineer
2004 Uptown Top Ranking [EP] Scout Niblett Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Vagabond Valina Engineer
2004 Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined Mono Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2004 Wave of Mutilation: The Best of Pixies Pixies Producer, Engineer
2004 We Are Waiting All for Hope Saeta Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 With the Lights Out Nirvana Producer
2004 Zulu Wrangler Brutes Engineer, Audio Engineer
2003 Antihero Subersive Engineer
2003 Cinerama Holiday Cinerama Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Good Morning Mr. Good Ring Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Heavils The Heavils Engineer
2003 Hell House Engineer
2003 I Am Scout Niblett Producer, Engineer
2003 Icarus The Forms Engineer, Audio Production
2003 If You Could Only See What They Are Doing to You Duenow Engineer
2003 Introducing Lemon Cheer-Accident Engineer, Audio Production
2003 Jersey Girls Rye Coalition Producer
2003 Magnolia Electric Co. Songs: Ohia Producer, Engineer
2003 Migrante Pepito Sample Engineering
2003 Pretest Dysrhythmia Engineer
2003 Run to Ruin Nina Nastasia Producer, Engineer
2003 Smile and the World Smiles with You Sonna Engineer
2003 Special One Cheap Trick Producer, Engineer, Audio Production, Composer
2003 Sweating Blood F-Minus Engineer
2003 The Roads Outgrown The Frames Engineer
2003 The Spirituality The Desert Fathers Engineer
2003 Tijuana Folk Songs Burnt Sienna Mixing, Recording
2003 Transit Belle Transit Belle Engineer, Mixing
2003 Wake Up Screaming F-Minus Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Widow's First Dawn Rope Engineer, Mixing
2003 Wig in a Box Engineer
2003 X Patriot Federation X Engineer
2002 All Tomorrow's Parties 2.0: Shellac Curated Engineer, Guitar, Composer
2002 Brain in the Disc: Disc B Mixing
2002 Drunken Lullabies Flogging Molly Engineer
2002 Etc. Jawbreaker Engineer
2002 Fed Plush Engineer, Remixing
2002 Goatsnake/Burning Witch Goatsnake Engineer
2002 Igneo Zu Engineer, Mixing
2002 Italian Platinum Silkworm Engineer
2002 Make It Pop Giddy Motors Engineer, Mixing
2002 Mclusky Do Dallas Mclusky Engineer
2002 Membranaphonics Engineer
2002 Nirvana Nirvana Engineer, Mixing
2002 On Top Rye Coalition Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Satanic Versus Milemarker Producer, Engineer
2002 Snowing Sun Bellini Engineer
2002 Sonic Mook Experiment Vol. 2 (Future Rock 'N' Roll) Sonic Mook Experiment Engineer
2002 Sport Fury Beachbuggy Engineer
2002 The Blackened Air Nina Nastasia Engineer
2002 The Perfect Little Door Portastatic Engineer, Mixing
2002 This Is a Hospital The Ghost Engineer, Mixing
2002 Three Humid Nights in the Cypress Trees Bloodlet Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Title TK The Breeders Producer, Engineer, Mastering
2002 Torino Cinerama Producer, Engineer
2002 Western Sous la Neige Dionysos Engineer
2002 What It Is Cordelia's Dad Engineer
2002 When You Are Here You Are Family Adrian Crowley Engineer, Mixing
2002 Yanqui U.X.O. Godspeed You! Black Emperor Engineer
2001 10,000 Light Years Zeni Geva Engineer
2001 13 Hillbilly Giants Robbie Fulks Engineer
2001 A Sun That Never Sets Neurosis Engineer
2001 Adult Time The Bottletones Producer
2001 Between the Devil and the Deep Meat Joy Engineer, Mixing, Sound Effects
2001 Couples in Trouble Robbie Fulks Engineer
2001 Cruise Whitehouse Producer
2001 Distant Hearts, a Little Closer Joan of Arse Producer, Engineer, Recording
2001 Dizzy Spells The Ex Producer, Engineer
2001 Dyed in the Wool Shannon Wright Engineer
2001 Everything Went Shit: Lost and Collected Tracks The Traitors Engineer
2001 Fetch the Compass Kids Danielson / Danielson Famile Engineer
2001 Fixed::Context Labradford Engineer, Mixing
2001 For the Birds The Frames Engineer
2001 Health and Efficiency Cinerama Engineer
2001 III Song EP Double Life Engineer, Mixing
2001 In Your Living Room Chestnut Station Engineer, Mixing
2001 My Father, My King Mogwai Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2001 Newness Ends The New Year Engineer
2001 Out of the Fertile Crescent Ballydowse Producer
2001 Owls Owls Producer, Engineer
2001 Remote the Cold Hero of a Hundred Fights Engineer
2001 Rough Trade Shops: 25 Years Producer
2001 Shit Street The Pagans Transfers
2001 The Best of Pigface: Preaching to the Perverted Pigface Guitar
2001 Things We Lost in the Fire Low Engineer, Mixing
2001 Tremendous Efforts The Sadies Engineer
2001 We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight Sonna Engineer
2001 Wonder Wonder Edith Frost Engineer
2001 Worker .22 Engineer
2001 Yellville Loraxx Engineer
2001 ZZ Topless/Snowjob Rye Coalition Engineer, Mixing
2000 1000 Hurts Shellac Vocals, Guitar, Composer
2000 A Spectrum of Infinite Scale Man or Astro-man? Engineer
2000 All Most Heaven Rian Murphy / Will Oldham Engineer
2000 Alpha Sounds Atombombpocketknife Engineer
2000 Battle Champions Dianogah Recorder
2000 Best Anthems...Ever! [2000] Engineer
2000 Crippled Lucifer Burning Witch Engineer
2000 Disco Volante Cinerama Producer, Engineer
2000 Dogs Nina Nastasia Engineer, Audio Production, Mastering
2000 Flip the Kill Switch Dragbody Producer, Engineer, Recorder
2000 Funderful Laura Borealis Engineer
2000 Lifestyle Silkworm Engineer
2000 Magical Colours The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Engineer
2000 Maps of Tacit Shannon Wright Engineer, Mixing
2000 Salad Days Cheer-Accident Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Overdub Engineer
2000 Sovereign Neurosis Engineer
2000 Swagger Flogging Molly Engineer, Mixing
2000 Tanger Tanger Mixing, Recorder
2000 The Sheriff of Bottletone County The Bottletones Producer, Engineer
2000 The Very Best of Robbie Fulks Robbie Fulks Engineer
2000 Torch Songs The Bomb Engineer
1999 1% Faster Teenage Frames Producer, Engineer, Recorder
1999 Chisel Drill Hammer Chisel Drill Hammer Engineer
1999 Deadly Hifi Filibuster Producer, Engineer
1999 History of the Bollweevils, Vol. 2 Bollweevils Engineer
1999 I'm an Athlete Distortion Felix Engineer, Mixing
1999 Land, the Bread and the People Ballydowse Engineer
1999 Locate Subvert Terminate: The Complete Murder Inc. Murder Inc. Engineer
1999 Motion Picture Soundtrack Neutrino Engineer
1999 Phoenix Thunderstone Phoenix Thunderstone Recording
1999 Point #1 Chevelle Engineer, Mixing
1999 Poor Little Knitter on the Road: A Tribute to the Knitters Engineer
1999 Pure Diamond Gold The Sadies Engineer, Mixing
1999 Secret Name Low Engineer
1999 Singles 1989-1991 The Wedding Present Engineer
1999 Singles Breaking Up, Vol. 1 Don Caballero Engineer
1999 So Were They in Some Sort of Fight? A Minor Forest Composer
1999 Summing the Approach Ativin Engineer, Mixing
1999 The Art of Romance Fun People Engineer, Mixing
1999 The Fragile Nine Inch Nails Engineer
1999 Throttle Junkies SOiL Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1999 Times of Grace Neurosis Engineer, Recording
1999 Warmth & Sincerity Pezz Engineer
1999 What Can & Can't Go On Hosemobile Engineer
1999 Xtra-Acme USA The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Engineer
1998 Absurd Pop Song Romance Pansy Division Engineer, Mixing
1998 Acme The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Engineer, Mixing
1998 Alive Alive O The Young Dubliners Engineer
1998 Beacon Silver Apples Engineer
1998 Blueblood Silkworm Mixing
1998 Different Section Wires Uzeda Engineer
1998 Even a Blind Chicken Finds a Kernel of Corn: 1990-1994 Silkworm Engineer
1998 Idle Worship Eclectics Engineer
1998 Little Joya Will Oldham Engineer, Mixing
1998 More Lovin' From Our Oven Pansy Division Engineer
1998 More You Becomes You Plush Engineer
1998 Mummy and Daddy Whitehouse Producer
1998 Ocean Songs Dirty Three Producer, Engineer
1998 Precious Moments The Sadies Engineer
1998 Smash Your Radio: Jump Up! Sampler Engineer
1998 Spine Cordelia's Dad Producer, Engineer
1998 Starters Alternators The Ex Engineer
1998 Talk About the Blues [US] The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Recording
1998 Terraform Shellac Vocals, Guitar
1998 Traitors The Traitors Engineer
1998 Transaction de Novo Bedhead Engineer
1998 Ufkuko Dirty Three Engineer
1998 Walking into Clarksdale Page & Plant / Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Engineer, Mixing, Recording Technician
1998 Watch Out Mount Shasta Engineer
1997 Baby Talk Cheap Trick Producer
1997 Cha Cha Damore Pegboy Engineer
1997 Death to the Pixies 1987-1991 Pixies Engineer
1997 Developer Silkworm Engineer
1997 Electric Erection Spider Virus Engineer
1997 Great Unraveling Great Unraveling Producer, Engineer
1997 Map, Monitor, Surge Craw Engineer
1997 Storm & Stress Storm & Stress Engineer
1997 The Guide to Fast Living, Vol. 2 Engineer
1997 The Jackal [Original Soundtrack] Engineer
1997 The Lightning and the Sun Ein Heit Engineer
1997 We Didn't See You on Sunday P.W. Long / P.W. Long's Reelfoot Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 A Digest Compendium of the Tortoise's World Tortoise Remixing
1996 After Murder Park The Auteurs Engineer
1996 Arise Therefore Palace Music Engineer
1996 Bionic Rosa Mota Engineer, Mixing
1996 Blow It out Your Ass It's Veruca Salt Veruca Salt Engineer
1996 Country Love Songs Robbie Fulks Engineer
1996 Discipline Through Sound Big'n Producer, Engineer
1996 Experiment Zero Man or Astro-man? Producer
1996 Firewater Silkworm Engineer
1996 Five Prostitutes Body Choke Engineer
1996 Flemish Altruism (Constituent Parts 1993-1996) A Minor Forest Engineer, Composer
1996 Fresh Gasoline Phono-Comb Engineer, Mixing
1996 Hissing Prigs in Static Couture Brainiac Engineer
1996 Hopelessness & Shame Stinking Lizaveta Engineer
1996 In Defense of Animals, Vol. 2 Engineer
1996 In Terminus GA, 1997 The Union Engineer, Mixing
1996 Jabberjaw Compilation, Vol. 2: Pure Sweet Hell Engineer
1996 Just Fred Fred Schneider Producer
1996 Kicking a Couple Around [EP] Smog Engineer
1996 Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation Compact Disc Composer
1996 Macho Grande Mandingo Engineer
1996 Not a Food Cheer-Accident Engineer, Mixing
1996 Pills Vs. Planes Ativin Engineer
1996 Planet of Tubes Sloy Producer, Mastering
1996 Razorblade Suitcase Bush Producer, Engineer
1996 Recuerda Dazzling Killmen Engineer
1996 Rock & Roll The Mark of Cain Engineer, Mixing
1996 Scratch or Stitch Melt Banana Engineer, Audio Engineer
1996 Shots in the Dark Producer
1996 Singles Nirvana Engineer
1996 Space Streakings Sighted Over Mount Shasta Shakuhachi Surprise Engineer
1996 Strike Les Thugs Engineer, Mixing
1996 Swallowed Bush Engineer
1996 The Historically Troubled Third Album Dis- Engineer
1996 Those Kids Are Wierder Hubcap Engineer, Tape Operator
1996 Total Castration Zeni Geva Producer, Engineer
1996 Transmission Low Producer, Illustrations
1996 Travel On, Rider Scrawl Producer, Engineer
1996 Travel On, Scrawl Scrawl Recording
1996 Under the Bushes Under the Stars Guided by Voices Engineer
1996 Vent 414 Vent 414 Producer
1996 When the Levee Breaks Killdozer Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 4 Uzeda Engineer
1995 A Means to an End: The Music of Joy Division Engineer
1995 All Right You Little Zeni Geva Primary Artist
1995 Bleeding Head Faucet Engineer
1995 Fashionably Lame Lizard Music Engineer
1995 Freedom Bondage Zeni Geva Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 God Hears the Pleas of the Innocent Killdozer Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Homage: Lots of Bands Doing Descendents' Songs Engineer
1995 I Can See Your Mom From Here Gaunt Engineer
1995 Incidental Music 1991-95 Superchunk Engineer
1995 Insurgent Country, Vol. 2: Hell-Bent Producer
1995 Kill the Musicians Screeching Weasel Engineer
1995 Laboratory of Sound The Fleshtones Producer, Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1995 Little High Sky Show The Drovers Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer
1995 Low Budget Stunt King Martians Engineer
1995 Mirror Repair EP Gastr del Sol Engineer
1995 Over and Out Tar Engineer
1995 Pacer The Amps Engineer
1995 Plug Sloy Producer, Mastering
1995 Quality Time Whitehouse Producer, Engineer
1995 Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters Tortoise Remixing
1995 Slapping Pythagoras Tony Conrad Engineer
1995 Speak Squeak Creak Melt Banana Engineer
1995 The Great Pacific Ocean Thrush Hermit Recorder
1995 Tribute to a Bus 18th Dye Engineer, Mixing
1995 Viva Last Blues Palace Music Engineer
1995 Yona-Kit Lp Yona-Kit Engineer
1994 7-Toku Space Streakings Producer, Engineer, Balance Engineer
1994 At Action Park Shellac Vocals, Guitar
1994 Claim Dedications Johnboy Producer, Engineer
1994 Down The Jesus Lizard Remastering
1994 Face of Collapse Dazzling Killmen Engineer
1994 Fresh Breath Shorty Producer, Engineer
1994 Halogen Whitehouse Producer
1994 Heater Crain Producer, Engineer
1994 In the West Silkworm Engineer
1994 Instant Winner Distorted Pony Producer
1994 Insurgent Country, Vol. 1: For a Life of Sin Engineer
1994 Libertine Silkworm Engineer
1994 Live in Tokyo Shellac Vocals, Guitar
1994 Lost Nation Road Craw Engineer
1994 My Kind of Pain Crow Engineer
1994 Noise Floor Morsel Engineer
1994 On You Jack O'Nuts Producer, Engineer
1994 Put the Creep On Mount Shasta Producer, Engineer
1994 Squeeze the Tail Glazed Baby Producer
1994 When in Vanitas Brise-Glace Engineer, Audio Engineer
1994 Wrung Mule Engineer
1994 You Got Lucky: A Tribute to Tom Petty Engineer
1993 1993 Mercury Music Prize: Shortlist Sampler Engineer
1993 24 Hour Revenge Therapy Jawbreaker Engineer
1993 All Right, You Little Bastards! Zeni Geva Primary Artist
1993 But Me, I Fell Down DQE Producer, Assistant
1993 Desire for Agony Zeni Geva Engineer
1993 For Respect Don Caballero Producer, Engineer
1993 Fore Pegboy Bass
1993 Fuse Sometime Sweet Susan Engineer
1993 His Absence Is a Blessing Silkworm Engineer
1993 In Utero Nirvana Producer, Engineer, Liner Notes, Recorder, Mixing
1993 Man-Size PJ Harvey Engineer
1993 Molting Usherhouse Producer, Engineer
1993 Rid of Me PJ Harvey Audio Production
1993 Sport Fishin': The Lure of the Bait, the Luck of the Hook Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Engineer
1993 The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience Engineer
1993 The Fat Elvis Big Boys Liner Notes
1993 Velvet Hammer Scrawl Producer
1993 Whip Producer
1992 Comfort Failure Engineer
1992 Disbelief Things That Fall Down Producer, Engineer
1992 Follow Our Trax, Vol. 8: Another Disc, Another Planet Producer
1992 Harshing My Mellow Bewitched Producer, Engineer
1992 Liar The Jesus Lizard Producer, Remastering
1992 Meantime Helmet Producer, Engineer
1992 Mule Mule Engineer
1992 Murder Inc. Murder Inc. Engineer
1992 Pigpile Big Black Liner Notes, Guitar
1992 Punishment Room Distorted Pony Engineer
1992 Speed Crain Engineer, Audio Engineer
1992 Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim Pixies Producer, Engineer
1992 Swing Union Carbide Productions Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
1992 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Engineer, Mixing
1992 Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91) Superchunk Producer
1992 Twice Is Not Enough Whitehouse Producer
1991 A Matter of Degrees [Original Soundtrack] Engineer
1991 Dumb Ask Cheer-Accident Engineer
1991 England Made Me Cath Carroll Engineer, Guitar
1991 Flower Plower Poster Children Producer, Engineer
1991 Goat The Jesus Lizard Remastering
1991 Guitarrorists Performer, Primary Artist
1991 Sandy Duncan's Eye Sandy Duncan's Eye Engineer
1991 Seamonsters The Wedding Present Producer, Engineer
1991 Spiderland Slint Producer
1991 Unclaimed Prize The Mark of Cain Engineer
1991 Whiplash Boychild Chris Connelly Engineer, Guitar, Recorder, Assistant Engineer
1990 Daisychain Reaction Poster Children Producer, Engineer
1990 Fat Axl Silverfish Producer
1990 Gub Pigface Guest Artist, Engineer, Audio Production, Guitar, Bass, Oscillator
1990 Head The Jesus Lizard Producer, Engineer, Remastering
1990 Luv 713 Flour Producer, Engineer
1990 Pod The Breeders Producer, Engineer
1990 Rubaiyat: Elektra's 40th Anniversary Engineer
1990 Salt Lick Tad Engineer
1990 Salt Lick/God's Balls Tad Producer
1990 Soul Train Wreck Producer
1990 Thank Your Lucky Stars Whitehouse Producer, Engineer
1989 Bizarro The Wedding Present Engineer
1989 Griller Ut Engineer
1989 Tweez Slint Producer, Engineer
1989 Two Nuns and a Pack Mule Rapeman Producer
1988 Dustbowl Head of David Producer
1988 Kiss Ass, Godhead The Membranes Engineer
1988 Star Booty Bitch Magnet Producer
1988 Surfer Rosa Pixies Producer, Engineer
1988 The End of Music as We Know It Liner Notes
1988 The Frogs The Frogs Liner Notes
1987 Songs About Fucking Big Black Guitar, Drum Programming
1987 Sound of Impact Big Black Vocals, Guitar, Drum Machine, Composer
1987 Wailing Ultimate! The Homestead Records Compilation Vocals, Guitar
1986 All Rise Naked Raygun Photo Effects
1986 Atomizer Big Black Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programming
1986 Strange, I... [EP] Urge Overkill Producer
1986 The Hammer Party Big Black Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programming, Bass
1985 Squirrel Bait Squirrel Bait Design, Logo Design
1983 Basement Screams Naked Raygun Liner Notes
1983 Poke It with a Stick Your Food Quotation Author
Big Big Sky: A Recorded History of Savage Beliefs Savage Beliefs Mixing
Bowie Heard Them Here First Producer
Broadcast Noman Engineer
Colossus MF/MB/ Composer
Demasiado Tonto Para Los Ninos Listos La Gritona Engineer, Mixing
Don't Touch That Dial Cinerama Producer, Engineer
Endless Bummer Haymarket Riot Engineer, Mixing
Ferocious Fucking Teeth Ferocious Fucking Teeth Engineer, Mixing
Flashback Athanor Tape Transfer
Heart Mutter Candelilla Engineer
Immortal Americans Austin Lucas Engineer, Mixing
Iron Scorn Legion of Andromeda Engineer, Mixing
Off the Map H-Burns Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Settle Down Oddity Mixing
Stella Super Unison Engineer, Mixing
Taiga Slates Engineer, Mixing
The E-Sides and F-Sides Leftöver Crack Engineer
Uncut: The Playlist October 2006 Producer