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Snowboy is a British-based Latin artist who blends dance-club rhythms with acid jazz, hip-hop and pop. Beginning with 1988's Ritmo Snowbo, he released a series of independent records on Acid Jazz -- one…
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Year Album Label AllMusic Rating User Ratings
Pit Bull Latin Jazz
1996 Pit Bull Latin Jazz Hollywood
Descarga Mambito
1996 Descarga Mambito Acid Jazz / Hollywood
Something's Coming
1996 Something's Coming Hollywood
Mambo Rage
1998 Mambo Rage Cubop Records
Afro Cuban Jazz
2000 Afro Cuban Jazz Ubiquity / Cubop Records
The Hi-Hat: The True Jazz Dance Sessions
2000 The Hi-Hat: The True Jazz Dance Sessions Ocho
Para Puente
2002 Para Puente Cubop Records
New Beginning
2004 New Beginning CHILLIFUNK