Shiny Two Shiny

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U.K. minimal synth duo who released only a handful of music during their incredibly short run.
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When the Rain Stops
Forming in the early '80s out of the ashes of synth pop band A Formal Sigh, bandmembers Gayna Florence Perry and Robin Surtees made up spinoff band Shiny Two Shiny. Following a short lifespan with A Formal Sigh that included a Peel Session, Shiny Two Shiny regrouped to create an upbeat breed of synth pop with dark and minimal tendencies. The band issued just two major releases in its short time, the extended-play single Halfway Across the Rainbow in 1982 and the Waiting for Us single the next year. The band drew positive responses from critics and managed to tour Europe and amass considerable airplay as well as make a few TV appearances before quietly dissolving in 1984. Both halves of Shiny Two Shiny went on to less celebrated solo work, and in 2014 a compilation entitled When the Rain Stops surfaced, collecting all of the band's known output.