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Relentlessly bleak Swedish black metal outfit led by the mysterious Kvarforth.
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I: Within Deep Dark Chambers
By all accounts, as much a therapy session as a rock band, Halmstad, Sweden's Shining was formed in 1996 by a then-12-year-old vocalist, Kvarforth, who has hired and fired numerous musicians in the years since while delivering ten full-length albums: I: Within Deep Dark Chambers (2000), II: Livets and Hållplats (2001), III: Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie (2002), IV: The Eerie Cold (2004), V: Halmstad (2007), VI: Klagopsalmer (2009), VII: Född Förlorare (2011), Redefining Darkness (2012), IX:: Everyone, Everywhere, Everything, Ends (2015), and X: Varg Utan Flock (2018). All of these (plus a handful of EPs and split releases) obsessed over matters of personal abuse, self-destruction, and suicide in a progressive black metal style, infused with darkwave, gothic, classical, and atmospheric music elements.