Sergey Trubachev


Year Title Avg.
Akathist To St. Daniel Miscellaneous (Classical)
Arise, God 01:23 Choral
Belgorod's Ioasaf the Saint's hourly prayer 04:08 Choral Prayer
Christ is Risen, for chorus 01:20 Choral
The cross is rising today 01:44 Choral Hymn
Foreshadowing Your Resurrection, o Christ God... 03:25
From above the prophets foretold of you, o, Maiden... 03:22
From rising of the sun till its setting the name of Lord is to be praised 02:03
Go up on the Mount Zion, you, who brings good news... 01:06 Choral
Hail Mary 01:36 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Hail O Virgin Mother 01:28 Miscellaneous (Classical)
He throve like Phoenix 02:37
Heart up, Russia 02:39 Choral Sacred music
Is hanging on the cross today 07:29 Choral Hymn
Krest khlaranitel' vseya vselennyya (The cross is keeper of all universe) 01:28 Choral
Let your soul exalt in the Lord 03:38
Muzhaycya, Tserkov' Khistova (Take heart, Christian church) 03:52 Choral
Oh, Mother of God, Thy sweet voice 02:33 Choral
The Patroness of Christian mankind electing from all kin 01:47 Choral Hymn
Pontifical Many Years (Ton Despotin) 01:27 Choral
Shestopsalmiye, psalm for chorus 04:07 Choral Psalm
Thou has vouchsafed the good thief the Paradise 01:53 Choral