Scott Hull


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Year Album Artist
2018 Currents, Constellations Nels Cline 4 Mastering
2018 David Lang: The Day Maya Beiser Mastering
2018 Starebaby Dan Weiss Mastering
2018 Urmuz Epigrams John Zorn Mastering
2018 Wondering About the Weather Jared Rabin Mastering
2018 YRU Still Here? Marc Ribot / Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog Mastering
2017 A Sentimental Education Luna Mastering
2017 Chappaquiddick [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Garth Stevenson Mastering
2017 Crystal City Jeremy Anthony Mastering
2017 Hermetic Organ: Philharmonie de Paris John Zorn Mastering
2017 Highsmith Ikue Mori / Craig Taborn Mastering
2017 I Am a Man Ron Miles Mastering
2017 Loneliness Road Bobby Previte / Jamie Saft / Steve Swallow Mastering, Master Lacquer
2017 Matanzas Neil Leonard Mastering
2017 Midsummer Moons Julian Lage / Gyan Riley / John Zorn Mastering
2017 Neospection Xordox Mastering
2017 Paimon: Book of Angels 32 Mary Halvorson / Mary Halvorson Quartet Mastering
2017 Song of Silver Geese Jen Shyu Mastering
2017 Spirits Zem Audu Mastering
2017 Strange Circles Bokanté Mastering
2017 Summa Ju Mastering
2017 The Way I Hear It Michael Cavanaugh Mastering
2017 The Garden of Earthly Delights John Zorn Mastering
2017 The Natalie Merchant Collection Natalie Merchant Mastering, Remastering
2017 There Is No Firmament John Zorn Mastering
2017 Vanity of Vanities: A Tribute to Connie Converse Mastering
2017 Wonder: Introducing Natalie Merchant Natalie Merchant Mastering
2016 49 Acts of Unspeakable Depravity in the Abominable Life and Times of Gilles de Rais John Zorn Mastering
2016 Aftersun Bill Laurance Mastering
2016 Culcha Vulcha Snarky Puppy Mastering
2016 Flauros: The Book of Angels, Vol. 29 Autoryno / John Zorn Mastering
2016 In Symphony Albert Hammond Mastering
2016 John Zorn: Commedia dell'Arte John Zorn Mastering
2016 John Zorn: Sacred Visions JACK Quartet / John Zorn Mastering
2016 Madrigals John Zorn Mastering
2016 Negative Noise Child Bite Mastering
2016 New Birth Funky Knuckles Mastering
2016 Petals Elephant Revival Mastering
2016 Spark and Echo Mark Lettieri Mastering
2016 Sunshine Seas Cyro Baptista / New Zion Trio Mastering
2016 The RCA & Arista Album Collection Lou Reed Digital Editing
2016 The Revival Cory Henry Mastering
2016 The Classic Guide to Strategy, Vol. 4 John Zorn Mastering
2016 The Mockingbird John Zorn Mastering
2016 The Painted Bird John Zorn Mastering
2016 Tower Music (Musique de la Tour) Joseph Bertolozzi Mastering
2016 TranceClassical Maya Beiser Mastering
2015 A la Madrugada Lauren Henderson Mastering Engineer
2015 Bala Brothers Bala Brothers Mastering
2015 Banda de Los Muertos Banda de los Muertos Mastering
2015 Better Than Home Beth Hart Mastering
2015 Blue Buddha Louis Belogenis / Blue Buddha Mastering
2015 Cemetery Highrise Slum Creepoid Mastering
2015 Cerberus: The Book of Angels, Vol. 26 John Zorn Mastering
2015 Dead Set King Parrot Mastering
2015 Forro Zinho: Forro in the Dark Plays Zorn Forro in the Dark / Forro Zinho / John Zorn Mastering
2015 Here Come the Girls The London Souls Mastering
2015 Hot Town Ghost Train Orchestra Mastering
2015 Hypercolor Hypercolor Mastering
2015 Inferno John Zorn Mastering
2015 John Zorn's Olympiad, Vol. 1: The Early Game Pieces Dither / John Zorn Mastering
2015 John Zorn: Hen to Pan John Zorn Mastering
2015 Les Rhinocéros III Les Rhinoceros Mastering
2015 Paradise Is There: The New Tigerlily Recordings Natalie Merchant Mastering
2015 Pellucidar: A Dreamers Fantabula The Dreamers / John Zorn Mastering
2015 Raise Your Hands! Sam Butler Mastering
2015 Simulacrum John Zorn Mastering
2015 Sounds and Cries of the World Jen Shyu / Jade Tongue Mastering
2015 The Fictive Five Larry Ochs Mastering
2015 The Hermetic Organ, Vol. 3: St. Paul's Hall, Huddersfield John Zorn Mastering
2015 The Last Word: The Warner Bros. Years Miles Davis Digital Editing, Mastering
2015 The Song Project: Live at Le Poisson Rouge John Zorn Mastering
2015 The Violin Anna Clyne Mastering
2014 Adramelech: The Book of Angels, Vol. 22 Zion80 / John Zorn Mastering
2014 Alastor: The Book of Angels, Vol. 21 Eyvind Kang Mastering
2014 Cinema Verismo Mak Grgic Mastering
2014 City Folk James Farm Mastering
2014 Dean Wareham Dean Wareham Mastering
2014 Deus ex Machina Vesania Mastering
2014 In the Hall of Mirrors John Zorn Mastering
2014 Matthew Barnson: Sibyl Tones Arditti Quartet / Matthew Barnson / JACK Quartet Mastering
2014 Odd Fellows Rest The Last Hombres Mastering Engineer
2014 On Leaves of Grass John Zorn Mastering
2014 Songs from the Road Dana Fuchs Mastering
2014 Sonic Rivers George Lewis / Wadada Leo Smith / John Zorn Mastering
2014 The Hermetic Organ, Vol. 2 John Zorn Mastering
2014 The New Standard Bobby Previte / Jamie Saft / Steve Swallow Mastering
2014 The Alchemist John Zorn Mastering
2014 The Essence of Cello Eric Bartlett Mastering
2014 The Last Judgment John Zorn Mastering
2014 The Last Ship [Original Broadway Cast Recording] Sting Mastering
2014 The Testament of Solomon John Zorn Mastering
2014 Tobias Picker: Invisible Lilacs Brentano String Quartet / Sarah Rothenberg Mastering
2014 Transmigration of the Magus John Zorn Mastering
2014 We Like It Here Snarky Puppy Mastering
2014 You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll/Come Out and Play/Love Is for Suckers Twisted Sister Remastering
2013 A Love Electric: The Naked Beat Todd Clouser / Todd Clouser's A Love Electric Mastering
2013 BabEl Uri Gurvich Mastering
2013 Bliss Avenue Dana Fuchs Mastering
2013 Bottle Rockets/The Brooklyn Side The Bottle Rockets Mastering
2013 Breaking Stone Jacques Demierre Mastering
2013 Burn Pistol Day Parade Mastering
2013 Dreamachines John Zorn Mastering
2013 Emancipated Hearts Dean Wareham Mastering
2013 Family Dinner, Vol. 1 Snarky Puppy Mastering
2013 FilmWorks XXV: City of Slaughter/Schmatta/Beyond the Infinite John Zorn Mastering
2013 Forever: The Love Poems of Pablo Neruda Ute Lemper Mastering
2013 Gloria Coates: Among the Asteroids Gloria Coates / Kreutzer Quartet Mastering
2013 Guerilla Toss Guerilla Toss Mastering
2013 Hands on a Hard Body [Original Broadway Cast Recording] Mastering
2013 In Lambeth: Visions from the Walled Garden of William Blake Gnostic Trio / John Zorn Mastering
2013 John Zorn: Lemma David Fulmer / Pauline Kim / Christopher Otto Mastering
2013 John Zorn: On the Torment of Saints, the Casting of Spells and the Evocation of Spirits Mastering
2013 John Zorn: Shir HaShirim The Sapphites Mastering
2013 John Zorn: The Mysteries Carol Emanuel / Bill Frisell / Kenny Wollesen Mastering
2013 Journey to Rio Roger Davidson Mastering
2013 Knives and Teeth American Babies Mastering
2013 Les Rhinocéros II Les Rhinoceros Mastering
2013 Little Sand Box Howe Gelb Mastering
2013 Live At Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne Sylvie Courvoisier / Mark Feldman Mastering
2013 Man with No Country Todd Clouser Digital Mastering
2013 Open Box Carla Harryman / Jon Raskin Mastering
2013 Pillar Without Mercy Deveykus Mastering
2013 Segments et Apostilles Pierre-Yves Macé Mastering
2013 Shofar Rags Alvin Curran Mastering
2013 Superstring Theory Andy Statman Mastering
2013 Tales of a GrassWidow CocoRosie Mastering
2013 The Last Ship Sting Mastering
2013 The Complete Album Collection, Vol. 1 Bob Dylan Mastering
2013 The End of Summer Anthony Coleman Mastering
2013 The Prophecy: Live in Europe Pain Killer Mastering
2013 Walk Through Exits Only Phil Anselmo / Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals Mastering
2013 War of the Gargantuas Phil Anselmo / Warbeast Mastering
2013 Won't Be Long Now Linda Thompson Mastering
2013 World Psychedelic Classics, Vol. 5: Who Is William Onyeabor? William Onyeabor Mastering
2013 Your Turn Marc Ribot / Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog Mastering
2012 35mm: A Musical Exhibition [Original Cast Recording] Ryan Scott Oliver Mastering
2012 A Collection of Depravation General Surgery Mastering
2012 A Good Country Mile The Golden Palominos / Kevn Kinney Digital Mastering, Mastering
2012 Abraxas: The Book of Angels, Vol. 19 Abraxas / John Zorn Mastering
2012 Alexander Berne: Self Referentials, Vols. 1 & 2 Alexander Berne Mastering
2012 Away from the World Dave Matthews / Dave Matthews Band Mastering
2012 Barisshee Kazuhisa Uchihashi / Tatsuya Yoshida Mastering
2012 Bones Young Guns Remastering
2012 Book Burner Pig Destroyer Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Noise, Mastering
2012 Canibalismo Chicha Libre Mastering
2012 Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete Donald Fagen Mastering
2012 Deep Cuts from Dark Clouds 16 Mastering
2012 Double Dupe Down Zeena Parkins Mastering
2012 En Yay Sah Janka Nabay / Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang Mastering
2012 Enough Is Enough/Hear & Now/Creatures of Habit Billy Squier Pre-Mastering
2012 Fall Like Rain Martin Sexton Mastering
2012 Fausto Romitelli: Anamorphosis Talea Ensemble Mastering
2012 Fly Lettuce Mastering
2012 From Refuge to Ruin Dark Empire Mastering
2012 Grass Eyvind Kang Mastering
2012 GroundUP Snarky Puppy Mastering
2012 Invocations Christopher Bono Mastering
2012 Jessica Pavone: Hope Dawson Is Missing Emily Manzo / Jessica Pavone Mastering
2012 John Zorn: Music and Its Double John Zorn Mastering
2012 John Zorn: Rimbaud John Zorn Mastering
2012 Late Last Summer Dick Hyman / Judy Hyman Mastering
2012 Lion Stephen Lynch Mastering
2012 Lysistrata Jones [Original Broadway Cast Recording] Mastering
2012 Masada Book 2: The Book of Angels, Vol. 18: Pruflas David Krakauer Mastering
2012 Matuto Matuto Mastering
2012 Mount Analogue John Zorn Mastering
2012 Nosferatu John Zorn Mastering
2012 Older Than My Old Man Now Loudon Wainwright III Mastering
2012 On a Bedroom Wall Still Flyin' Sequencing, Mastering
2012 Open Circuit 9Volt Mastering
2012 Play Braxton Marilyn Crispell / Mark Dresser / Gerry Hemingway Mastering
2012 Sunken Condos Donald Fagen Mastering
2012 Templars: In Sacred Blood John Zorn Mastering
2012 Terry Riley: Aleph Terry Riley Mastering
2012 The Brill Building Kramer Mastering
2012 The Complete Recordings Hasidic New Wave Mastering
2012 The Concealed John Zorn Mastering
2012 The Gnostic Preludes: Music of Splendor John Zorn Mastering
2012 The Hermetic Organ John Zorn Mastering
2012 Then Again: The Anthology David Sanborn Mastering
2012 Where Were You Then? Shelley Hirsch / Simon Ho Mastering
2012 World Psychedelic Classics 4: The Existential Soul of Tim Maia Tim Maia Mastering
2011 100 Miles of Wreckage The Black Lillies Mastering
2011 25 Years Sting Remastering
2011 A Little Princess Original Studio Cast Mastering
2011 A Dreamers Christmas The Dreamers / John Zorn Mastering
2011 Always Kelli O'Hara Mastering
2011 Anything Goes Mastering
2011 Aram Bajakian's Kef Aram Bajakian's Kef Mastering
2011 Army of Strangers Jessica Pavone Mastering
2011 At the Gates of Paradise John Zorn Mastering
2011 Axerico en Selanik Mazal Mastering
2011 Azoy Tsu Tsveyt Uri Caine / Joel Rubin / Uri Caine Dou Mastering
2011 Baby Bombardier Slouching Stars Mastering
2011 Blasphemy and Other Serious Crimes Pitom Mastering
2011 Borscht Belt Studies Jamie Saft Mastering
2011 Cicada Hazmat Modine Mastering
2011 Darker Handcraft Trap Them Mastering
2011 Dreaming in Black and White Trust Company Mastering
2011 Dub of the Passover David Gould / Bill Laswell Mastering
2011 End Time Brutal Truth Mastering
2011 Godspell Mastering
2011 Greatest Hits Zakarya Mastering
2011 Ha-Yang Kim: Threadsuns JACK Quartet Mastering
2011 Heavy Sugar Calhoun Mastering
2011 Hôtel Du Nord Sylvie Courvoisier / Mark Feldman / Mark Feldman Quartet Mastering
2011 John Zorn: The Satyr's Play; Cerberus Mastering
2011 Knives from Heaven Beans / HPrizm / William Parker / Matthew Shipp Mastering
2011 Last Night on Earth Elysian Fields Mastering
2011 Legrand Affair: The Songs of Michel Legrand Melissa Errico Mastering
2011 Les Rhinocéros Les Rhinoceros Mastering
2011 Live at Wrigley Field Dave Matthews / Dave Matthews Band Mastering
2011 Love to Beg Dana Fuchs Mastering
2011 Mindscraper Blood Freak Mastering
2011 Murder Construct Murder Construct Mastering
2011 Near Nadir Bill Laswell / Ikue Mori / Mark Nauseef / Evan Parker Mastering
2011 Nova Express John Zorn Mastering
2011 Old Brooklyn Andy Statman Mastering
2011 On the Road of Life Roger Davidson / Frank London Engineer
2011 Pet Bottle Ningen Pet Bottle Ningen Mastering
2011 Realms of the Ungodly Condemned Mastering
2011 Riptide Andy Laster Mastering
2011 Rocket Danny Barnes Mastering
2011 Secret Curve Ron Anderson / PAK Mastering
2011 Songs Thomas Dybdahl Mastering
2011 Songs & Dances For Life Nonstop Ansambl Mastika Mastering
2011 Songs of Wonder Basya Schechter Mastering
2011 Stream of Gratitude Gyan Riley Mastering
2011 Subvert the Dominant Paradigm Noisear Mixing, Mastering
2011 TK2 Toubab Krewe Mastering
2011 The Best of 25 Years Sting Remastering
2011 The Book of Mormon [Original Broadway Cast] Robert Lopez / Trey Parker / Matt Stone Mastering
2011 The Edge of Venice Tom Freund Mastering
2011 The Graduation Ceremony Joseph Arthur Mastering
2011 The Very Best of Ravi Shankar [EMI] Ravi Shankar Remastering Engineer
2011 The Way of Descent Ipsissimus Mastering
2011 The Wilderness Ponykiller Mastering
2011 Thirteen Stories Down: The Songs of Jonathan Reid Gealt Mastering
2011 To Know I'm OK Terra Naomi Mastering
2011 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Mastering
2010 A Bag of Shells Jamie Saft Mastering
2010 Americans Scott Johnson Mastering
2010 Audiofilm II Scott Hull Primary Artist, Engineer
2010 Baal: The Book of Angels, Vol.15 Ben Goldberg Quartet Mastering
2010 Chico de Oro Chico Trujillo Mastering
2010 Crisis in Utopia Holy Grail Mastering
2010 Dancing With a Ghost Valencia Mastering
2010 Death Potion Early Man Mastering
2010 Dictée/Liber Novus John Zorn Mastering
2010 Double Portrait Bill Charlap / Renee Rosnes Mastering
2010 Everyday Rapture Sherie René Scott Mastering
2010 Exorcism Fogel & the Sheriffs Mastering
2010 Eye to Ear, Vol. 3 Fred Frith Mastering
2010 Fables Marty Ehrlich / Hankus Netsky Mastering
2010 Fight or Flight Emily Osment Mastering
2010 FilmWorks XXIV: The Nobel Prize Winner John Zorn Mastering
2010 From Our Cold, Dead Hands Infanticide Mastering
2010 Good Ol' Girls [Original Cast Recording] Mastering
2010 Gusi-Lebedi [Geese and Swans] Polite Refusal / Vezhlivy Otkaz Mastering
2010 Haborym (Masada Book 2: Book of Angels, Vol. 16) Masada / Masada String Trio / John Zorn Mastering
2010 Homeland Laurie Anderson Mastering
2010 I Love You. I Love You. I Love You and I'm in Love with You. Have an Awesome Day! Have the Best Day of Your Life! The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt Mastering
2010 Illuminaudio Chiodos Mastering
2010 In Search of the Miraculous John Zorn Mastering
2010 Insecurity Notoriety Arson Anthem Mastering
2010 Ipsissimus John Zorn Mastering
2010 Jewish Experience: Awakening Gabriele Coen Mastering
2010 John King: 10 Mysteries Crucible Mastering
2010 John Zorn: Interzone John Zorn Mastering
2010 John Zorn: What Thou Wilt Stephanie Nussbaum / John Zorn Mastering
2010 Junior Kaki King Mastering
2010 Late Works Fred Frith / John Zorn Mastering
2010 Live in Berlin Sting Mastering
2010 Live in Las Vegas Dave Matthews / Tim Reynolds Mastering
2010 Live in New York City Dave Matthews / Dave Matthews Band Mastering
2010 Manorexia: The Mesopelagic Waters J.G. Thirlwell Mastering
2010 Masada Book 2: The Book of Angels, Vol. 14: Ipos The Dreamers / John Zorn Mastering
2010 Meet Mr. New Year Tom Dearing Mastering
2010 New York Now R.J. Kelley / Manhattan Brass Mastering
2010 Orange Jim Campilongo Mastering
2010 Ordinary Days Mastering
2010 Perfectly Legal: Songs Of Sex, Love And Murder Glenna Bell Mastering
2010 Pizza Box Danny Barnes Mastering
2010 Provenance Maya Beiser Mastering
2010 Psalm of the Grand Destroyer Circle of Dead Children Mixing, Mastering
2010 Quintet for Clarinet and Strings Ned Rothenberg Mastering
2010 Rockets On the Balcony Omer Klein Mastering
2010 Silent Movies Marc Ribot Mastering
2010 Skeletons Hawthorne Heights Mastering
2010 Strangely Familiar Karl Berger Mastering
2010 Stranger Valient Thorr Mastering
2010 Symphonicities Sting Mastering
2010 Terry Riley: Autodreamographical Tales Terry Riley Mastering
2010 The Bowls Project Charming Hostess Mastering
2010 The Celestial Septet Nels Cline / Nels Cline Singers / Rova Mastering
2010 The Filth haarp Mastering
2010 The Goddess: Music for the Ancient of Days John Zorn Mastering
2010 The Red List Bastard Noise / Endless Blockade Mixing
2010 The Twilight of the Gods Noah Creshevsky Mastering
2010 Unrelenting Phobia Mixing, Mastering
2010 Vanities Mastering
2010 Water Rafi Malkiel Mastering
2010 Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933 Arnold Dreyblatt Mastering
2010 Ziguala Las Rubias del Norte Mastering
2010 Ziori Maria Raducanu Mastering
2009 3 Balloons Stephen Lynch Mastering
2009 A Time for Lions Stars of Track and Field Mastering
2009 A Way from the Heard Random Touch Mastering
2009 About Love Plastiscines Mastering
2009 Alhambra Love Songs John Zorn Mastering
2009 All the Right Wrongs Emily Osment Mastering
2009 America Wadada Leo Smith Mastering
2009 Audiofilm I Scott Hull Primary Artist, Engineer
2009 Black Shabbis Jamie Saft Mastering
2009 Breathing the Fire Skeletonwitch Mastering
2009 By the Way Karen Selig Mastering
2009 Casino Logic ZO2 Mastering
2009 Charles Wuorinen: Duos Mastering
2009 Civilized stellastarr* Mastering
2009 Class Insecta Ikue Mori Mastering
2009 Cycles Cartel Mastering
2009 Dancing on the Volcano Guy Klucevsek Mastering
2009 David Simons: Fung Sha Noon David Simons Mastering
2009 Diamonds & Studs Morningwood Mastering
2009 Djoukoujou On Ka'a Davis Mastering
2009 Drive Time Mike Dubaniewicz Mastering
2009 En Samling Thomas Dybdahl Mastering
2009 Enter Houses Of Mario Diaz de León Mastering
2009 Eretz Hakodesh Pissuk Rachav Mastering
2009 Eric Moe: Strange Exclaiming Music Stephen Gosling / Curtis Macomber / New York Saxophone Quartet / Raschèr Saxophone Quartet Mastering
2009 Evolution Through Revolution Brutal Truth Mastering
2009 Fan the Flames Golden Bloom Mastering
2009 Femina Jennifer Choi Fischer / Sylvie Courvoisier / John Zorn Mastering
2009 FilmWorks XXIII: El General John Zorn Mastering
2009 Freakish: Anthony Coleman Plays Jelly Roll Morton Anthony Coleman Mastering
2009 Groove with Me Paula Atherton Mastering
2009 Ha'orot Greg Wall Mastering
2009 Hair [2009 Broadway Revival Cast] Mastering
2009 He and She Wynton Marsalis Remastering, Mastering
2009 Hello, Tomorrow O.A.R. Mastering
2009 High Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project Loudon Wainwright III Mastering
2009 Hope and Destruction Eyal Maoz Mastering
2009 House Full Of Floors Evan Parker Mastering
2009 Housecore Records Compilation, Vol. 1 Mastering
2009 Indigo and Iridescent Rosemary Loar Mastering
2009 Infinito Cyro Baptista Mastering
2009 Invisible Design II Bill Laswell Mastering
2009 Is He Listening? Koby Israelite Mastering
2009 Jessica Pavone: Songs of Synastry and Solitude Toomai String Quartet Mastering
2009 Kuroi Kawa: Black River Satoko Fujii / Carla Kihlstedt / Minamo Mastering
2009 Little Princess Tim Sparks Mastering
2009 Luminescence Borah Bergman Mastering
2009 Magrudergrind Magrudergrind Mastering
2009 Matorning Rudder Mastering
2009 Matuto Clay Ross Mastering
2009 Memoirs at the End of the World The Postmarks Mastering
2009 Meredith Monk: Beginnings Meredith Monk Mastering
2009 Mirage Cartography Paul Mark Mastering
2009 Mortuary in Darkness Coffins Remastering, Mastering
2009 New York City Christmas: A Benefit Album for ASTEP Mastering
2009 Next to Normal [Original Broadway Cast Recording] Charlie Alterman Mastering
2009 O'o The Dreamers / John Zorn Mastering
2009 Of the Body Prone Ahleuchatistas Mastering
2009 Original Album Classics [5 CD] Michel Petrucciani Mastering
2009 Pan Atlantic Bobby Previte Mastering
2009 Pancho and the Kid Chris Barron Mastering
2009 Pechiku!! Sajjanu Mastering
2009 Process of a New Decline Gorod Mastering
2009 Reconciliation Daphna and the Voyagers Sadeh Remastering, Mastering
2009 Red Sea David Taylor Mastering
2009 Remnants Revived Visceral Bleeding Remastering
2009 Room for Squares/Heavier Things/Continuum John Mayer Mastering
2009 Secrets Mark Feldman Mastering
2009 Slice Five for Fighting Mastering
2009 Speech Communication Ben Goldberg Mastering
2009 Spirited Migration Dark Castle Mastering
2009 Stabat Akish Stabat Akish Mastering
2009 Stolas: The Book of Angels, Vol. 12 John Zorn Mastering
2009 Tafillalt Tafillalt Mastering
2009 Tag Signal to Noise Mastering
2009 Taketron Slavic Soul Party! Mastering
2009 Temple of Dark Offerings Ascended Mastering
2009 The End: A New Beginning John Krondes Mastering
2009 The First Basket Roberto Juan Rodriguez Mastering
2009 The Gathering Rashanim Mastering
2009 The Great American Bubble Factory Drivin' n' Cryin' Mastering
2009 The Storyteller Uri Gurvich Remastering, Mastering
2009 Timba Talmud Roberto Juan Rodriguez Mastering
2009 Tsuker-Zis Frank London Mastering
2009 Two Voices in the Desert Perry Robinson Mastering
2009 Ugnayan José Maceda Mastering
2009 Until It's Time Jack Wilkins Mastering
2009 Wish Sutton Foster Mastering
2009 Wooden Bones Pilot Speed Mastering
2008 'Til Spring Clarence Bucaro Mastering
2008 22 Random Acts of Violence Phobia Mixing, Mastering
2008 A Million Grains of Sand Licorice Mastering
2008 Adrift in Macao Fred Lassen Mastering
2008 American Babies American Babies Mastering
2008 Ancestors, Mindreles, Nagila Monsters Klez-Edge Mastering
2008 Angels of Destruction! Marah Mastering
2008 Anthony Pateras: Chromatophore Anthony Pateras Mastering
2008 Antithesis Origin Mastering
2008 Archæopteryx Charles Wuorinen Remastering
2008 Back to Life Callithumpian Consort Mastering
2008 Ballad Nerd Pop Paperdoll Mastering
2008 Banquet of the Spirits Cyro Baptista Mastering
2008 Before the Sun Fixer Mastering
2008 Bernarda Alba [Original Cast Recording] Michael John LaChiusa Mastering
2008 Beyond Quantum Anthony Braxton Mastering
2008 Blood and Treasure Paul Mark Mastering
2008 Boundary Layer The Hub Mastering
2008 Casualties of Progress Enemy Soil Remastering
2008 Charles Wuorinen: The Dante Trilogy (Chamber Version) The Group for Contemporary Music / Oliver Knussen Remastering
2008 Chris Dench: Beyond Status Geometry Mastering
2008 Cloudy Then Sunny Junk Box Mastering
2008 Cold, Cold Year Amy Laber Mastering
2008 Diaspora Suite Steven Bernstein Mastering
2008 Doombringer Nasum Mastering
2008 Dragging Down the Enforcer Outlaw Order Mastering
2008 ESP Organism Brown Wing Overdrive Mastering
2008 Elliott Sharp: String Quartets 2002-2007 Elliott Sharp Mastering
2008 Essen Paul Shapiro Mastering
2008 Exercises in Futility Marc Ribot Mastering
2008 Fast Times at Barrington High The Academy Is... Mastering
2008 FilmWorks XIX: The Rain Horse John Zorn Mastering
2008 FilmWorks XX: Sholem Aleichem John Zorn Mastering
2008 FilmWorks XXI: Belle de Nature/Rijksmuseum John Zorn Mastering
2008 Folie Circulaire Withered Mastering
2008 Four Films Trevor Dunn Mastering
2008 Gave Me the Clap Crash Romeo Mastering
2008 Gone Missing [Off-Broadway Premiere Recording] The Civilians Mastering
2008 Group Theory Hard Logic Mastering
2008 Hero Destroyed Hero Destroyed Mastering
2008 Hip-Hop ZydeRock Travis Matte Mastering
2008 Hold on Tight Hey Monday Remastering, Mastering
2008 How to Walk Away Juliana Hatfield Mastering
2008 I Believe Daniel Zamir Mastering
2008 II Tommy Colletti Mastering
2008 If I Could Meet the Architect The Northern Mastering
2008 If Less Is More...Nothing Is Everything Kate McGarry Mastering
2008 In Narcosis Maruta Mixing, Mastering
2008 Indigo Girls/Rites of Passage Indigo Girls Mastering, Reissue Mastering
2008 Intervals See You Next Tuesday Mastering
2008 Intimacy Light Yourself on Fire Mastering
2008 Jeremiah Cymerman: In Memory of the Labyrinth System Jeremiah Cymerman Mastering
2008 Keeril Makan: In Sound Kronos Quartet / Keeril Makan Mastering
2008 Kuro Gato Libre Mastering
2008 L' Autrichienne Jucifer Mastering
2008 Lucifer: The Book of Angels, Vol. 10 Bar Kokhba Mastering
2008 Lullabies & Wildflowers Melissa Errico Mastering
2008 Maja S.K. Ratkje: River Mouth Echoes Maja Ratkje Mastering
2008 Mamoru Fujieda: Patterns of Plants II Mamoru Fujieda Mastering
2008 Maryanne Amacher: Sound Characters 2 Maryanne Amacher Mastering
2008 Masters of Chicha, Vol. 1 Juaneco y Su Combo Mastering
2008 Natasha [CD] Pig Destroyer Engineer, Guitar, Bass, Mastering
2008 Open Up Jeff Barone Mastering
2008 Open Up Your Ears and Get Some Sound Liberation Producer, Mastering
2008 Original Album Classics [#2] Lou Reed Audio Production
2008 Paola Prestini: Body Maps Paola Prestini Mastering
2008 Peter Garland: Three Strange Angels Peter Garland Mastering
2008 Pitom Yoshie Fruchter Mastering
2008 Pretty. Odd. Panic! At the Disco Mastering
2008 Progano Ad Regnum Father Befouled Mastering
2008 Return to Disruption Grey Daturas Mastering
2008 Set the Alarm for Monday Bobby Previte Mastering
2008 Smashes the State! Enemy Soil Engineer, Remastering, Assembly
2008 Snowflake Midnight Mercury Rev Mastering
2008 Solo Martin Sexton Mastering
2008 Sonido Amazonico! Chicha Libre Mastering
2008 Steel Box Collection - Greatest Hits Amanda Marshall Audio Production
2008 Strange Scars Julia Brown Mastering
2008 Stray Dogs Thomas Dybdahl Mastering
2008 Sycamore Meadows Butch Walker Mastering
2008 Symphonies of Slackness Captain Cleanoff Mixing, Mastering
2008 Tant Que Les Heures Passent Berangere Maximin Mastering
2008 Teiji Ito: The Shamanic Principles Teiji Ito Mastering
2008 Teiji Ito: Watermill Steve Gorn Mastering
2008 The Cast Pattern Cast Pattern Mastering
2008 The Complete Dreyfus Jazz Recordings Michel Petrucciani Mastering
2008 The Crucible John Zorn Mastering
2008 The Dreamers The Dreamers / John Zorn Mastering
2008 The Great Celestial Delusion As Eden Burns Audio Engineer, Mastering
2008 The Last Supper - Film Works XXII John Zorn Mastering
2008 The Other Side Anya Singleton Mastering
2008 The True Story Concerning Martin Behaim Zakarya Mastering
2008 The Way of All Flesh Asra Mastering
2008 This Comp Kills Fascists, Vol. 2 Producer, Compilation Producer, Mastering, Assembly
2008 This Storm Sonya Kitchell Mastering
2008 To Sail, To Sail Fred Frith Mastering
2008 Trace a River Satoko Fujii Mastering
2008 Uhrfasudhasdd Keiji Haino Mastering
2008 Versus the Throne Left to Vanish Mastering
2008 War Metal Battle Master Lair of the Minotaur Mastering
2008 Whisper War The Cab Mastering
2008 Yozakura Quartetto Mastering
2008 Yuan Wi Fei Mastering
2008 Zaebos (Book of Angels, Vol. 11) Medeski Mastering
2007 100 Days, 100 Nights Sharon Jones / Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings Mastering
2007 12 Keller Williams Audio Engineer, Mastering
2007 Ain't It Beautiful ZO2 Mastering
2007 Altitude Groundtruther Mastering
2007 An Ocean Without Water Souvenir's Young America Mastering
2007 Asmodeus - Book of Angels, Vol. 7 Marc Ribot Mastering
2007 Bacchus Satoko Fujii Mastering
2007 Big Exploitation Jeremiah Cymerman Mastering
2007 Booty Zydeco Travis Matte / Travis Matte and the Zydeco Kingpins Mastering
2007 Break of Day Roark Mastering
2007 Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin Mastering
2007 Charles Wuorinen: Tashi The Group for Contemporary Music / New Jersey Percussion Ensemble Remastering
2007 Collection Scott Henderson Mastering
2007 Conviviencia La Mar Enfortuna Mastering
2007 Countdown to Love Kenny Vance & the Planotones Mastering
2007 Craving Lucy Craving Lucy Mastering
2007 Crossword Puzzle Double Duo Mastering
2007 Cry to the Beat The Ropes Mastering
2007 Dawn of the Catalyst Grey Daturas / Monarch! Mastering
2007 Dead in the Woods Grey Daturas Mastering
2007 Derek Keller: Impositions and Consequences Derek Keller Mastering
2007 Dismissed With a Kiss Spanking Charlene Mastering
2007 Divine Is Born Divine Is Born Mastering
2007 Dream Keller Williams Mastering
2007 Drive All Night Kelly Flint Mastering
2007 Drunken Forest Death Ambient Mastering
2007 Eyvind Kang: The Yelm Sessions Eyvind Kang Mastering
2007 Fame Becomes Me [Original Broadway Cast Recording] Martin Short Mastering
2007 Follow the Red Line: Live at the Village Vanguard Chris Potter's Underground Mastering
2007 For the Kids III Mastering
2007 For the Moment Paul Brody's Sadawi Mastering
2007 From Silence to Sorcery John Zorn Mastering
2007 Fujin Raijin Satoko Fujii Min-Yoh Ensemble Montage, Gravure
2007 Give It Love The Grey Race Mastering
2007 Great Face For Radio The Kimballs Mastering
2007 Ha-Yang Kim: Ama Ha-Yang Kim Mastering
2007 Haran Pharaoh's Daughter Mastering
2007 Hello & Fly Edison Mastering
2007 High Fidelity: A Musical [Original Cast Recording] Mastering
2007 Honest for Once The Doc Marshalls Mastering
2007 How to Stand in the Rain Elana Arian Mastering
2007 In Krakow in November Satoko Fujii Mastering
2007 In a Heart Beat Marlene Rice Mastering
2007 Inner Diaspora Ned Rothenberg's Sync Mastering
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2007 José Maceda: Drone and Melody José Maceda Mastering
2007 Key Principles Nathan Mastering
2007 Legally Blonde: The Musical [Original Broadway Cast Recording] Laura Bell Bundy Mastering
2007 Life Songs in a Land of Death Plague Bringer Audio Engineer, Mastering
2007 Lisa Bielawa: A Handful of World Lisa Bielawa Mastering
2007 Live at the Carlyle Chris Gillespie Mastering
2007 Live at the Village Vanguard Bill Charlap Mastering
2007 Lonely Heart Massacre Mastering
2007 Lonely Just Like Me: The Final Chapter Arthur Alexander Mastering
2007 Look Up Arusha Mastering
2007 Love Musik: A New Broadway Musical [Original Broadway Cast Recording] Original Broadway Cast Mastering
2007 Lucy Gray Envy on the Coast Mastering
2007 Luz Pedro Abrunhosa / Pedro Abrunhosa & Os Bandemónio Mastering
2007 MC Maguire: Meta-Conspiracy Michael C. Maguire Mastering
2007 Martyr Immortal Pulling Teeth Mastering
2007 Mick Barr: Octis - Iohargh Wended Octis Mastering
2007 Music for Maya: Early Film Music of Teiji Ito Teiji Ito Mastering
2007 My Yiddishe Mama's Favorites Irving Fields Mastering
2007 No Place Like Soul Soulive Mastering
2007 Noah Creshevsky: To Know and Not to Know Noah Creshevsky Mastering
2007 Odessa/Havana David Buchbinder Mastering
2007 Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself Karl Dietel Mastering
2007 Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias Hungry March Band Mastering
2007 Prorrogado Sol Lagarto Mastering
2007 Reckoning Kasey Anderson Mastering
2007 Red Album Baroness Mastering
2007 Remembrance The Cracow Klezmer Band Mastering
2007 Richard Crandell: Spring Steel Richard Crandell Mastering
2007 Ricky Ian Gordon: Orpheus & Euridice Ricky Ian Gordon Mastering
2007 Rise and Fall The Kin Mastering
2007 Rudder Rudder Mastering
2007 Scott Johnson: Patty Hearst Scott Johnson Mastering
2007 Season in Hell 7000 Dying Rats Mastering
2007 Seeds Martin Sexton Mastering
2007 Serious Playground Judy Kuhn Mastering
2007 Shoot Out The Star CS Gray Mastering
2007 Shooter's Gonna Choke Rosematter Mastering
2007 Sides Justin Hines Mastering
2007 Signs and Epigrams Sylvie Courvoisier Mastering
2007 Simple Things Dave Pittenger Mastering
2007 Six Wildildlife Mastering
2007 Six Litanies for Heliogabalus John Zorn Mastering
2007 So Captivating Vinny Frisina Mastering
2007 Song of Remembrance Guy Klucevsek Mastering
2007 Songs Along the Hudson Bindlestick Bill Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Mastering
2007 Soothing Music of the Savage Beast The Phibes Mastering
2007 Standards Derek Bailey Mastering
2007 Sweet Danger Suzy Bogguss Mastering
2007 Teeth Little Women Mastering
2007 Teiji Ito: Tenno Teiji Ito Mastering
2007 Teknochek Collision Slavic Soul Party! Mastering
2007 The Advocate Tony Oxley Mastering
2007 The Grey Race The Grey Race Mastering
2007 The Heart Is a Small Balloon Life in a Blender Mastering
2007 The Postmarks The Postmarks Mastering
2007 The Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru Mastering
2007 The Stone: Issue Two Fred Frith Mastering
2007 The Storm Before the Calm Dekapitator Mastering
2007 The Sugar Factory Fred Frith / Evelyn Glennie Mastering
2007 Thinking Out Loud Pamelia Kurstin Mastering
2007 Through the Veil The Dead See Mastering
2007 Time Petah-Tiqva Boris Malkovsky Mastering
2007 Tragic Hero Jason Yudoff Mastering
2007 Treasures from the Catacombs Nile Remastering, Mastering
2007 True Love Daniel McDonald Mastering
2007 Versatile Heart Linda Thompson Mastering
2007 Vessel The New Flesh Mastering
2007 Volac: Book of Angels, Vol. 8 Erik Friedlander Mastering
2007 Vulture Whale [Ol' Elegant] Vulture Whale Mastering
2007 Wanderlust Kiran Ahluwalia Mastering
2006 Adapting to the Times James Winn Mastering
2006 And Our Heart Beat in Our Fingertips Without Reason Anterrabae Mastering
2006 Astronome John Zorn Mastering
2006 Autre Monde Les Batinses Engineer
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2006 Bahamut Hazmat Modine Mastering
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2006 Collections Amanda Marshall Audio Production
2006 Crash & Strum Rebecca Hart Mastering
2006 Cruel Phobia Producer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering
2006 Dark Songs of the Prairie Across Tundras Mastering
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2006 Delusions of Grandeur Mastering
2006 Dissent Misery Index Mastering
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2006 Drugs of Faith Drugs of Faith Mastering
2006 Drum Machinegun Mastering
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2006 Early American: The Melodies of Stephen Foster Andy Biskin Mastering
2006 Envy on the Coast Envy on the Coast Mastering
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2006 FilmWorks XXVII: Notes on Marie Menken/Ray Bandar: A Life with Skulls John Zorn Mastering
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2006 Fragment Junk Box Mastering
2006 George M. Cohen Tonight! [Original Cast Recording] Jon Peterson Mastering
2006 Half Knots Half Knots Mastering
2006 Harvesting the Cunt Nectar XXX Maniak Mastering
2006 Henry's Diner Todd Adelman Mastering
2006 Hullabaloo Laura Hull Mastering
2006 I'm Not Waiting Julia Murney Mastering
2006 I've Forgotten Everything Lee Feldman Mastering
2006 In the Raw Sugar Mountain Mastering
2006 Instinct: Decay Nachtmystium Mastering
2006 Irving Berlin's White Christmas: The Musical Irving Berlin Mastering
2006 It's in the Twilight Paul Shapiro Mastering
2006 Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris [2006 Off-Broadway Recording] Mastering
2006 John Brown's Body Robin Holcomb Mastering
2006 John King: AllSteel Ethel / John King Mastering
2006 Jon Gibson: Criss X Cross Jon Gibson Mastering
2006 Leading Vision Gorod Mastering
2006 Lee Hyla: Wilson's Ivory-bill Lee Hyla Mastering
2006 Life in the Shade Brookville Mastering
2006 Live at Barbès Four Bags Mastering
2006 Live in Texas [EP] Oliver Black Mastering
2006 Ma Signature Lynda Lemay Mastering
2006 Malphas: Book of Angels, Vol. 3 Sylvie Courvoisier / Mark Feldman Mastering
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2006 Mayim Rabim: Great Waters Rose Ayelet Gottlieb Mastering
2006 Memories, Chronicles and Declarations of Love [DVD] Marisa Monte Mastering
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2006 Millenarian American Heritage Mastering
2006 Moloch: The Book of Angels, Vol. 6 Uri Caine Mastering
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2006 Nomad Gato Libre Mastering
2006 On Tasmin Archer Mastering
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2006 Oy Vey! Ole! Roberto Juan Rodriguez Mastering
2006 Pots & Pans Billy Kilson Mastering
2006 Pushy Blueness Anthony Coleman Mastering
2006 Put the Hammer Down The Yayhoos Mastering
2006 Raise the Bullshit Flag Phoenix Bodies Mastering
2006 Riding the Radiowaves Butterthief Mastering
2006 Root To The Fruit Ruth Naomi Floyd Mastering
2006 Safety in Numbers Umphrey's McGee Mastering
2006 Science Thomas Dybdahl Mastering
2006 Sexotica Sex Mob Mastering
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2006 The Fell Clutch Ned Rothenberg Mastering
2006 The Funeral March Gadget Mastering
2006 The Great American Trailer Park Musical [Original Cast Recording] Mastering
2006 The Growl Alon Nechushtan & Talat Mastering
2006 The Growl Talat Mastering
2006 The Lady with the Torch Patti LuPone Mastering
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2006 The Orchard Thieves The Orchard Thieves Mastering
2006 The Trident Unearthly Trance Mastering
2006 The Ultimate Destroyer Lair of the Minotaur Mastering
2006 The Uninvited Modo Trio Mastering
2006 The Well-Mannered Look Zombies of the Stratosphere Mastering
2006 Time Lapse Evan Parker Mastering
2006 Time Will Fuse Its Worth Kylesa Mastering
2006 Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead Skinless Mastering
2006 Tribulation Skullflower Mastering
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2006 Trio Tragico Andy Biskin Mastering
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2006 United in Regret Arsis Mastering
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2006 Wonder Wheel The Klezmatics Mastering
2006 Words Came Back to Me Sonya Kitchell Mastering
2006 World War 1 Tower of Rome Mastering
2006 [Title of Show] Mastering
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2005 50th Birthday Celebration, Vol. 11 Bar Kokhba Mastering
2005 50th Birthday Celebration, Vol. 12 Pain Killer Mastering
2005 Alone in the Dark: Music from and Inspired by Alone in the Dark Mixing
2005 Alpha Males and Popular Girls So I Had to Shoot Him Mastering
2005 Altar Boyz Mastering
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2005 Aoi Ayuo Mastering
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2005 Bodies In The Gears Of Apparatus/Despised Icons Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus/Despised Icon Mastering
2005 Bright Lights, Big City [Original Cast] Mastering
2005 But Beautiful: The Best of Shirley Horn Shirley Horn Mastering
2005 Camp Holiday Martin Sexton Mastering
2005 Cannery Hours The Occasion Mastering
2005 Cannibal Massacre Lair of the Minotaur Mastering
2005 Carpal Tunnel Derek Bailey Mastering
2005 Charles Wuorinen: On Alligators Mastering
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2005 DoublePlays: All Is Dream/Deserter's Songs Mercury Rev Mastering Assistant
2005 Easy Listening Radar Mastering
2005 Eden Annie Moses Band Mastering
2005 Escalation of Hostility Kill the Client Mastering
2005 FilmWorks XV: Protocols of Zion John Zorn Mastering
2005 FilmWorks XVI: Workingman's Death John Zorn Mastering
2005 Fukyo Toshinori Kondo Mastering
2005 Ghost Party Jeff Arundel Mastering
2005 Give Love Josh Dion Mastering
2005 Glory, Glory The Navigators Mastering
2005 God Is Greatest Dorgon Mastering
2005 Gorgeous Ni Hao Mastering
2005 Got You Covered Eric Marienthal Mastering
2005 Hair [Actor's Fund of America Benefit Recording] Mastering
2005 Hazonos Frank London Mastering
2005 In the Li Li Library Loft Toby Driver Mastering
2005 Indiana Girl John Krondes Mastering
2005 Insomniac Bradley Lubman Mastering
2005 Isotope Korekyojinn Mastering
2005 Jacques Coursil: Minimal Brass Jacques Coursil Mastering
2005 Jumping Rabbit Mori Chieko Mastering
2005 Kaleidoscalp Buckethead Mastering
2005 Koedarake Makigami Koichi Mastering
2005 Kore Ga Mayaku Da Afrirampo Mastering
2005 Little Women [Original Broadway Cast Recording] Sutton Foster Mastering
2005 Live in Japan 2004 Satoko Fujii Four Mastering
2005 Longitude Groundtruther Mastering
2005 Love the Donkey Cyro Baptista Engineer
2005 Lovers Island Kenny Vance Mastering
2005 Lowe Profile: A Tribute to Nick Lowe Mastering
2005 Maarifa Street: Magic Realism, Vol. 2 Jon Hassell Mastering
2005 Masada Rock Rashanim Mastering
2005 Matthew Welch: Dream Tigers Matthew Welch Mastering
2005 Miles to Miles: In the Spirit of Miles Davis Jason Miles Mastering
2005 Milk Planeside Mastering
2005 Mood Swings Koby Israelite Mastering
2005 Music from Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus Jim White Mastering
2005 My Own Backyard Ann Klein Mastering
2005 Myrninerest Ikue Mori Mastering
2005 Mysterium John Zorn Mastering
2005 Nature Dave's True Story Mastering
2005 Nihm Okkyung Lee Mastering
2005 Orange Canyon Mind Skullflower Mastering
2005 Oxygène/Chronologie Jean Michel Jarre Liner Notes, Digital Remastering
2005 Peter Garland: Love Songs Peter Garland Mastering
2005 Raw Synapse Mastering
2005 Rituals John Zorn Mastering
2005 Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass: A Tribute to Bruno Schulz The Cracow Klezmer Band Mastering
2005 Sanhedrin: 1994-1997 [Unreleased Studio Recordings] Masada Mastering
2005 Sarcast While Time of Orchids Mastering
2005 Scene Suicide Pink Razors Mastering
2005 Scorched Lips Zohara Mastering
2005 Scratchy Monsters, Laughing Ghosts Stephen Vitiello Mastering
2005 Senne Sing Song Misha Mengelberg Mastering
2005 Service Repair Handbook Suzukiton Mastering
2005 Solo Live/Both Worlds Michel Petrucciani Mastering
2005 Sphere Merzbow Mastering
2005 Strange Village Gato Libre Mastering
2005 Stray Derek James Mastering
2005 Streets of NYC American Ambulance Mastering
2005 Tales of Digression Tim Williams Mastering
2005 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee [Original Broadway Cast Recording] Mastering
2005 The Best of Film Works: 20 Years of Soundtrack Music John Zorn Mastering
2005 The Complete Studio Recordings Naked City Digital Editing, Mastering
2005 The Freezing Atlantic Aberdeen City Mastering
2005 The Usual Suspects Joe Lynn Turner Mastering
2005 Trilateral Progression Neuraxis Mastering
2005 Trip the Light Fantastic Ladybug Mecca Mastering
2005 Twilight Twilight Mastering
2005 Where Have You Been? Angel Mastering
2005 With the Sureness of Sleepwalking The Esoteric Mastering
2005 Zydeco Train Travis Matte Mastering
2004 34th & 8th O.A.R. Mastering
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2004 52nd & Broadway: Songs of the Bebop Era Terry Gibbs Mastering
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2004 Anything But Ordinary Deb Ferrara Mastering
2004 Autumn Thunder: 40 Years of NFL Films Music Compilation Mastering
2004 BIFT BIFT Mastering
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2004 Ball of Design Dufus Mastering
2004 Baptism Yamamoto Seiichi Mastering
2004 Beyond Babylon Paul Brody's Sadawi Mastering
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2004 Burmese/Fistula [Split CD] Burmese Mastering
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2004 Choosing Death Producer, Mastering, Composer
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2004 Civilian Adam Pascal Mastering
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2004 Contaminated, Vol. 6 Mastering
2004 Cosmos Zombi Mastering
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2004 David Simons: Prismatic Hearing David Simons Mastering
2004 Dead Roses Kasey Anderson Mastering
2004 Decimate Christendom Incantation Mastering
2004 Diaspora Hollywood Steven Bernstein Mastering
2004 Dis Ain'tcha Momma's Zodico Travis Matte Mastering
2004 Don't Whisper Lies Astaire Mastering
2004 Doom Capital: Maryland DC Heavy Rock Underground Mastering
2004 Earl Greyhound Earl Greyhound Mastering
2004 Ecstacy to Frenzy Rodd Keith Mastering
2004 Entomological Reflections Mephista Mastering
2004 Erans Yoshida & Fujii Mastering
2004 Ernesto Martínez: Mutaciónes Ernesto Martínez Mastering
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2004 Extra Pieces of Sunshine Tahiti 80 Mastering
2004 Eye to Ear, Vol. 2 Fred Frith Mastering
2004 Finian's Rainbow (Irish Repertory Theatre Cast Recording) Irish Repertory Theatre Cast Mastering
2004 Folkloriko Susie Ibarra Mastering
2004 For the Kids Too! Mastering
2004 Get Inside Johnny A. Mastering
2004 Great Jewish Music: Jacob Do Bandolim Jacob Do Bandolim Mastering
2004 Had to Cry Today Joe Bonamassa Mastering
2004 High Water El-P Mastering
2004 House by the Cemetery/Mortal Massacre Mortician Mastering
2004 Imperialism Vulgar Pigeons Mastering
2004 In Your Dreams Christine Ebersole Mastering
2004 Irving Stone Memorial Concert Mastering
2004 Jerry Hunt: Phalba Jerry Hunt Mastering
2004 Jimson Weed Nathan Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2004 Junk Magic Craig Taborn Mastering
2004 Knucklehead Eric Ambel Mastering
2004 Ko Ko Ko Ke Natsuki Tamura Mastering
2004 Lake Biwa Wadada Leo Smith Mastering
2004 Later Prophets Greg Wall Mastering
2004 Latitude Groundtruther Mastering
2004 Light These Lights Debbie Friedman Mastering
2004 Like You Like an Arsonist Paris Mastering
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2004 Lost Marbles: Music by Alvin Curran Alvin Curran Mastering
2004 Lukas Ligeti: Mystery System Lukas Ligeti Mastering
2004 Magick John Zorn Mastering
2004 Masada Anniversary Edition, Vol. 4: Masada Recital John Zorn Mastering
2004 Masada String Trio: 50th Birthday Celebration, Vol. 1 Masada String Trio Mastering
2004 Mbira Magic Richard Crandell Mastering
2004 Midrash Mish Mosh Aaron Alexander Mastering
2004 Mike Pathos: People Mike Pathos Mastering
2004 Milford Graves and John Zorn: 50th Birthday Celebration Milford Graves Mastering
2004 Moondance Hubert Laws Mastering
2004 Morton Feldman: Patterns in a Chromatic Field Morton Feldman Mastering
2004 Mr. Lucky Speedo & the Cadillacs Mastering
2004 Music from the Winery Mastering
2004 My Gemini Self Blu Sanders Mastering
2004 My Voice EP Granian Mastering
2004 Naninani II Yamatsuka Eye Mastering
2004 Necessary Rain Emile Westegaard Mastering
2004 Old Cuts And Blunt Knives Crowpath Remastering
2004 On My Own Two Feet Granian Mastering
2004 One for the Love of God Vanessa Fernandez Producer, Mastering
2004 Open Your Mouth for the Speechless... A Life Once Lost Mastering
2004 Phantom Orchard Ikue Mori / Zeena Parkins Mastering
2004 Pimenta Rosa Lica Cecato Mastering
2004 Pincus and the Pig: A Klezmer Tale Shirim Klezmer Orchestra Mastering
2004 Platters of Splatter Exhumed Remastering, Mastering
2004 Private Times in Public Places Slow Six Mastering
2004 Queen's Dominion Basya Schechter Mastering
2004 Ready to Go Philippe Saisse Acoustique Trio Mastering
2004 Record of Shadows Infinite Mastering
2004 Red Moon Ayuo Mastering
2004 Relapse Singles Series, Vol. 3 Mastering
2004 Rendezvous Luna Mastering
2004 Sarajevo Blues Charming Hostess Mastering
2004 Shalagaster Jenny Scheinman Mastering
2004 Shimmer Mark McKay Mastering
2004 Sister Phantom Owl Fish Trevor Dunn's Trio-Convulsant Mastering
2004 Slow Decay Jumbos Killcrane Mastering
2004 Smooth Sailing Maysa Mastering
2004 Spike Agata Mastering
2004 Sugarbird June Star Mastering
2004 Terrifyer Pig Destroyer Producer, Engineer, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Mastering
2004 The Classic Guide to Strategy, Vol. 3: The Fire Book John Zorn Mastering
2004 The Golden Dance Herbert Blomstedt / Eliahu Inbal / Charles Wuorinen Remastering
2004 The Kelly Sessions Harvey Milk Mastering
2004 The New Moon (City Center Cast Recording) City Center Encores! Mastering
2004 The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused The Silent League Mastering
2004 The Same and the Other Ahleuchatistas Mastering
2004 The Tao of Yo Yohimbe Brothers Mastering
2004 The Way I Were: 4-Track Demos 1986-1992 Freedy Johnston Mastering
2004 The You and the Now Jorane Mastering
2004 Thick Red Pocket Mastering
2004 This Is Where We Live Paco Mastering
2004 Throw Down the Reins Panurge Mastering
2004 Timelines Lesli Dalaba Mastering
2004 Tone Poems for Sad Times Theta Mastering
2004 Wadada Leo Smith: Kabell Years, 1971-1979 Wadada Leo Smith Mastering, Restoration
2004 Weightlifting The Trash Can Sinatras Mastering
2004 White2 Sunn O))) Mastering
2004 Within Dividia The End Mastering
2004 Wreck of Nerves Uphill Battle Mastering
2003 1,000 Times Tahiti 80 Mastering
2003 1:3:1 Dufus Mastering
2003 700 Miles Mary Lee's Corvette Mastering
2003 Absinthe Mind Trash Wednesday Mastering
2003 Altered States of America Agoraphobic Nosebleed Producer, Composer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Drum Programming, Voices, Writer, Mastering, Group Member
2003 Amour (Broadway Premiere Recording) Mastering
2003 Barbarito Torres Barbarito Torres Mastering
2003 Bereshit The Cracow Klezmer Band Mastering
2003 Body of Light Halo Mastering
2003 Bonnaroo, Vol. 2 Mastering
2003 By Means of Upheaval Benumb Mastering
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2003 Cassandra Reed Cassandra Reed Mastering
2003 Chapters [Bonus DVD] Amorphis Remastering
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2003 Chimeras Mastering
2003 Choirs of the Eye Kayo Dot Mastering
2003 Collide Skillet Mastering
2003 Complete Studio Recordings Syzygys Mastering
2003 Contaminated 5.0 Mastering
2003 Counterclockwise Bobby Previte's Bump Mastering
2003 Dance of the Idiots Koby Israelite Mastering
2003 Destination Docklands 1988 Jean Michel Jarre Digital Remastering
2003 Do Swing Kiroron Mastering