Scott Fraser


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Year Album Artist
2018 Landfall Laurie Anderson / Kronos Quartet Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Executive Producer, Recording
2018 MAKrotonal Mak Grgic Mastering
2018 Michael Gordon: Clouded Yellow Kronos Quartet Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2018 Peter Garland: Moon Viewing Music (Inscrutable Stillnaess Studies #1) William Winant Producer, Engineer, Editing, Mastering
2017 Daniel Lentz: River of 1,000 Streams Vicki Ray Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2017 Folk Songs Kronos Quartet Mixing, Engineer
2017 Ladilikan Kronos Quartet / Trio Da Kali Engineer, Mixing
2017 Larry Polansky: FreeHorn Larry Polansky Mastering
2017 Nicholas Chase: Bhajan Nicholas Chase / Robin Lorentz Mastering
2017 Ori Barel: Small Town Kacey Link Mastering
2017 Re-Covered Dan Wilson Engineer
2017 Stephen Whittington: Windmill Zephyr Quartet Mastering
2017 Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live... And More Big Star's Third Audio Post-Production
2017 Tom Johnson: Plucking Mastering
2016 L.A. Strictly Confidential West Coast Chamber Jazz Trio Engineer
2016 Snowden [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Craig Armstrong / Adam Peters Arranger, Programming, Synthesizer
2015 Beyond 12: Reinventing the Piano, Vol. 1 Aron Kallay Mastering
2015 Daniel Lentz: In the Sea of Ionia Aron Kallay Engineer, Mastering, Recording Editor
2015 Derek Charke: Tundra Songs Kronos Quartet / Tanya Tagaq Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2015 Far from the Madding Crowd [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Craig Armstrong Music Program
2015 John Luther Adams: The Wind in High Places JACK Quartet / Hans Jørgen Jensen / Northwestern University Cello Ensemble Mastering, Recording Editor
2015 Just Strings: Jon Harrison, John Luther Adams Just Strings Engineer, Photography, Mastering
2015 Michael Byron: In the Village of Hope Tasha Smith Godínez Engineer, Editing, Mastering
2015 One Earth, One People, One Love: Kronos Plays Terry Riley Kronos Quartet Engineer
2015 Rebirth of a Nation DJ Spooky / Kronos Quartet Engineer
2015 The Wayward Trail Elliot Simpson Mastering
2015 Twilight of the Dreamboats Chas Smith Mastering
2014 A Thousand Thoughts Kronos Quartet Assistant Engineer, Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Producer, Recording Editor
2014 Avalon Sutra Harold Budd Engineer
2014 Ben Johnston: Ruminations Karen Clark / Eclipse Quartet / The Eclipse String Quartet / John Schneider / John Schneider Engineer
2014 Glenn Kotche: Adventureland Kronos Quartet Engineer
2014 John Zorn: Myth and Mythopoeia Recording
2014 Richard Reed Parry: Music for Heart and Breath Kronos Quartet / Nico Muhly / yMusic Engineer
2013 Aheym: Kronos Quartet Plays Music by Bryce Dessner Bryce Dessner / Kronos Quartet Recording
2013 Bandits of Stature Harold Budd / The Formalist Quartet Engineer, Mixing
2013 Jim Fox: Black Water Bryan Pezzone Editing, Mastering, Recording
2013 Red Hot + Fela Engineer
2013 Stephen Whittington: Music for Airport Furniture Zephyr Quartet Mastering
2012 Cold Blue Two Mastering, Editing, Mixing, Recording
2012 Death and the Civil War [Original Soundtrack] Engineer, Mixing
2012 Explorer Series: Kronos Quartet Kronos Quartet Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Assistant Management
2012 Jonathon Grasse: Chamber Music Jonathon Grasse Engineer
2012 Music of Vladimir Martynov Joan Jeanrenaud / Kronos Quartet Art Administration
2012 The Rest Deacon Blue Bass, Composer, Producer, Programming
2011 Cicada Hazmat Modine Engineer
2011 In Time [Original Score] Craig Armstrong Arranger, Programmer
2011 Music of Harry Partch, Vol. 1 - Bitter Music PARTCH Engineer, Editing, Mastering
2010 Little Earth Rahim Alhaj Engineer
2010 Music Of Central Asia, Vol. 8: Rainbow Kronos Quartet / Alim Qasimov / Fargana Qasimova / Homayun Sakhi Assistant Engineer, Engineer, Mixing, Sound Editing
2010 Music of Zenobia Powell Perry Zenobia Powell Perry Engineer
2010 Tributaries Elina Christova Engineer, Mastering
2010 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Arranger, Programming
2009 Christopher Roberts: Trios for Deep Voices Christopher Roberts Mastering
2009 Dark Was the Night: Red Hot Compilation Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Editing
2009 Echoes of Syros Editing, Mastering, Mixing
2009 Floodplain Kronos Quartet Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering, Assistant Management
2009 John Luther Adams: The Place We Began John Luther Adams Mastering
2009 Mayo Grout's Known Universe Rich West Engineer
2009 Nakadai Chas Smith Mastering
2009 Peter Garland: String Quartets Apartment House / Peter Garland Mastering
2009 Sudoku 82 Bryan Pezzone Editing, Mastering, Mixing, Recording
2008 Cafe Paradiso Composer
2008 Chroma: New Music for Piano Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Editing, Mastering, Mixing
2008 Fierce Angel: Angels Fall, Vol. 2 Composer
2008 Garden of Mysteries Ruth Barrett Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Drones
2008 Keeril Makan: In Sound Kronos Quartet / Keeril Makan Recording
2008 La Nuit, Vol. 3: Rare Lounge Grooves Mixed and Compiled by DJ Jondal DJ Jondal Composer
2008 Morton Feldman: For Christian Wolff California EAR Unit Engineer, Mastering Engineer
2008 Paola Prestini: Body Maps Paola Prestini Mixing, Recording
2008 Portraits: Songs for Soprano, Baritone and Piano Robert Best / Lynn Eustis / Elvia Puccinelli Editing, Mastering, Mixing
2008 Ron George: The Floating Bubble Ron George Producer, Recording
2008 Tarántula Mónica Naranjo Bajo Sexto, Bajos, Bass Instrument
2008 The Cusp of Magic Kronos Quartet Engineer, Producer
2008 The Webster Cycles Steve Peters Mastering
2008 Vertical Eden David Pritchard Engineer, Editing
2007 A.I. Awakens Chris Armstrong Mastering
2007 Dreamsville John Vance Engineer, Mixing
2007 John Luther Adams: Red Arc/Blue Veil John Luther Adams Recording
2007 Last Day Home: Selecteed Piano Works Hiltzik-Buscema-Porée / Scott Hitzik Engineer, Photography, Mastering
2007 Palestine: A Sweet Quasimodo... Charlemagne Palestine Editing, Restoration
2007 Shaun Naidoo: Fiat Lux - Selected ElectroAcoustic Works, 1996-2007 Mastering, Recording
2007 Sonance: New Music for Piano Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Editing
2007 The Music of Ann Millikan California EAR Unit Engineer
2007 Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D Nine Inch Nails Engineer
2006 Bigger Than Dynamite Deacon Blue Producer, Composer
2006 Catch That Train! Dan Zanes Engineer
2006 Frequencies François K Producer, Composer
2006 John Luther Adams: The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies Steven Schick Recording
2006 Mind's Island Rod Poole Mastering
2006 Pale Rider Ricky Ross Engineer, Audio Engineer, Main Personnel, Guitar (Bass), Programming, Bass
2006 Phillip Schroeder: Move in the Changing Light Phillip Schroeder Editing
2006 Saxophone Alternative Douglas Masek Digital Editing, Engineer
2006 Singles Deacon Blue Producer, Programming, Bass, Composer
2006 The Fountain [Music from the Motion Picture] Kronos Quartet / Clint Mansell / Mogwai Producer, Engineer
2006 The Unwritten Works of Geoffrey, Etc. Whistler Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
2006 Urban Electronic Music William C. Harrington Mastering
2006 What Living's All About Alicia Bay Laurel Engineer
2005 Avalon Sutra/As Long As I Can Hold My Breath Harold Budd Engineer
2005 Comfort Peter Davison Engineer
2005 Descansos, Past Jim Fox Engineer, Mixing
2005 Gongfarmer 18 Jim McAuley Engineer, Mastering
2005 Landscape with Figure Scott Fraser / Bruce Friedman Primary Artist, Producer, Liner Notes, Guitar (Electric), Reverb, Composer
2005 Mugam Sayagi: Music of Franghiz Ali-Zadeh Kronos Quartet Drones, Synthesizer
2005 Mélange: New Music for Piano Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Editing
2005 Phillip Schroeder: Music for Piano Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Editing
2005 Sean Heim: The Night-Speech of Plant and Stone California EAR Unit Mastering, Recording
2005 You've Stolen My Heart: Songs from R.D. Burman's Bollywood Asha Bhosle / Kronos Quartet Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Guitar, Sitar (Electric), Sound Effects, Mastering, Instrumentation, Musician, Sitar
2004 Bedouin Hornbook Rich West Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Daniel Lentz: Los Tigres de Marte Daniel Lentz Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2004 Eastern View David Sills Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2004 From Shelter Steve Peters Remixing, Restoration
2004 Jim Fox: The City The Wind Swept Away Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2004 John Luther Adams: Winter Music John Luther Adams Recording
2004 Michael Jon Fink: A Temperment for Angels Michael Jon Fink Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2004 On Your Shore Charlotte Martin Main Personnel, Programming
2004 Out of the Blue The Sala Brothers Engineer, Mixing
2004 Phillip Schroeder: Songs of My Affinities Robert Best Editing
2004 Ray [Original Motion Picture Score] Craig Armstrong Remixing
2004 Team Up Team Up Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 The Entire Time Nels Cline Engineer, Mixing
2004 Zoloto Skooshny Engineer, Mixing
2003 All Rivers at Once Duo Savage Editing
2003 David Pritchard: Velocity David Pritchard Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2003 It's All Right With Me John Vance Engineer, Mixing
2003 Jerry's Boys Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles Baritone (Vocal)
2003 Kettles of Fish on the Outskirts of Town The Residents Engineer, Mixing
2003 Perceptions of Pacha Producer, Composer
2003 PopArt: The Hits Pet Shop Boys Guitar (Bass), Bass
2003 Simply Sondheim Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles Baritone
2003 The Complete 10-Inch Series from Cold Blue Audio Restoration, Digital Pre-Mastering, Pre-Mastering
2003 The Red Headed Stranger Carla Bozulich Engineer
2003 This Is the Life Ricky Ross Main Personnel, Bass Instrument, Bass
2003 Year Is a Dancing Woman, Vol. 1 Ruth Barrett Engineer, Mixing
2003 Year Is a Dancing Woman, Vol. 2 Ruth Barrett Engineer, Mixing, Drones, Environmental Recording
2002 Adams/Cox/Fink/Fox Marty Walker Engineer, Mixing, Editing
2002 Alone Together Jeff Colella Engineer
2002 Between Us: A Benefit for Internos Engineer
2002 Chamber Music for the Inner Ear Kitty Brazelton Engineer
2002 Cold Blue Engineer
2002 John Luther Adams: The Light that Fills the World John Luther Adams Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Recording
2002 Kitty Brazelton: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear Editing, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Noche Jerry Kalef Engineer, Mixing
2002 The Music of Eric Von Essen, Vol. 3 Engineer
2002 What Am I Here For? Susan Krebs Engineer, Mixing
2001 Acoustic Guitar Trio Acoustic Guitar Trio Engineer, Mastering
2001 Brand New Testament Mo Solid Gold Composer
2001 Dancing on Water Marty Walker Mixing, Recording
2001 Homesick Deacon Blue Guitar (Acoustic), Programming
2001 I Hear It in the Rain Michael Jon Fink Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2001 Inbetween Worlds Quinn Bass
2001 Motel California Vegas DeMilo Guitar
2001 Smile on the Void A Produce Editing, Guitar, Composer
2001 Stay Tuned Gerard Hagen Engineer, Mastering
2001 The Early Years Ruth Barrett Producer, Engineer, Organ, Tambourine
2001 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A Centennial Celebration Engineer
2000 Adagio: Classical Music for Yoga Peter Davison Engineer
2000 Himawari Swayzak Bass
2000 Perceptions of Pacha, Vol. 1 Farley & Heller Producer, Composer
1999 Jazz Gardener Susan Krebs Engineer, Mixing
1999 Weightless, Effortless Composer, Primary Artist
1998 25 Years: Retrospective Kronos Quartet Audio Engineer
1998 Celtic Nocturnes: The Music of Turlough O'Carolan Scott Hitzik Engineer, Mixing
1998 Far Horizons Gerard Hagen Mixing
1998 I Can Feel the Heat Closing In Ruben Garcia Engineer
1998 Walk into My Voice: American Beat Poetry Harold Budd / Jessica Karraker / Daniel Lentz Mastering
1997 Elizabethan Music for Dulcimer Randy Wilkinson Engineer
1997 Invocation to Free Women Ruth Barrett Engineer, Synthesizer, Sound Effects, Primary Artist
1997 Letting Go Jeff Colella Engineer
1997 Visions of Christmas: An Instrumental Holiday Collection Producer, Engineer
1996 Room Full of Easels Ruben Garcia Guitar
1996 Soltice Sessions Gremoli Producer, Engineer, Digital Mixing
1996 Young Turlough & His Harp Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Gang of Two The Bifurcators Editing, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Electronic), Electronic Noise, Signal Processing
1995 John Cage: Europeras 3 & 4 Tape, Primary Artist
1995 Kronos Released, 1985-1995 Kronos Quartet Sound Design
1995 Paint with Fire Midnight Skye Engineer
1995 Rebel With a Cause Steve Loza Engineer
1995 The Classical Banjo John Bullard Mixing
1995 Treasures of the Celtic Harp Kim Robertson Producer, Mixing, Digital Recording
1994 Celtic Treasures Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1994 Gatekeeper Ruben Garcia Producer
1994 Heart is the Only Nation Barrett/Smith Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Synthesizer, Drums
1993 Beatles on Hammered Dulcimer Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Digital Mixing
1993 Black Diamonds Althea Waites Engineer
1993 Count Me In Judith Kate Friedman Engineer
1993 Dargason: A Dulcimer Sampler Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Remixing
1992 Colors in Motion Ruben Garcia Producer
1992 Gala: Classics from a Romantic Era Carole Koenig Engineer
1992 Renaissance Muse Deborah Friou Engineer
1992 Renaissance Muse Deborah Friou Recording
1991 A Dulcimer Harvest Ruth Barrett Producer, Engineer, Organ
1991 Christmas Gift Collection: Dulcimer Music for Christmas Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1991 Dulcimer Lullabies Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer
1991 Irish Airs & Dances Anisa Angarola Engineer, Digital Mixing
1991 Winter's Past: American Music for Oboe Greg Donovetsky / Virginia Mitchell Engineer
1990 Christmas Carols Joemy Wilson Engineer
1990 Parthenogenesis Ruth Barrett Producer, Engineer, Guitar (Electric), Synthesizer, Programming, Digital Mixing, Overture, Composer
1990 Star Song: Christmas Carols with Panflute and Violin Valeriu Apan & Miamon Miller Engineer, Digital Mixing
1989 Celtic Dreams Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Digital Mixing
1989 Down So Long Slide Bass, Composer
1988 Encore!: Renaissance & Baroque Music on the Hammered Dulcimer Carole Koenig Engineer
1988 Gifts, Vol. 3: Christmas Music from Around the World Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Digital Mixing
1987 Gifts, Vol. 2: Traditional Christmas Carols Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1987 Past Times Present: Medieval & Renaissance Music on the Hammered Dulcimer Carole Koenig Engineer
1987 Season's Greetings! Christmas Music on the Hammered Dulcimer Carole Koenig Engineer
1987 Touch the Sky Max Highstein Engineer
1986 Carolan's Cottage Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Digital Mixing
1985 Gifts, Vol. 1: Traditional Christmas Carols Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Digital Mixing
1985 Point Conception Daniel Lentz Audio Production, Mixing, Producer, Recording
1984 Carolan's Cup Joemy Wilson Producer, Engineer, Digital Mixing
1973 Space Opera Space Opera Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar (12 String), Keyboards, Composer
1970 After Shadows: Classics for Quiet Moods Carole Koenig Engineer
Citizen Artyom Manukyan Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Dancing Fingers: Original Music for the Ballet Class, Vol. 8 Michael Roberts Producer
Delay in Gravity Bonnie Barnett Engineer
Ecstatic Descent Erik Griswold Mastering
Faster Than That Robin Cox Ensemble Engineer
From a Far Off World Demetrius Spaneas Mixing, Mastering, Recording
Gongfarmer 36 Jim McAuley Producer, Engineer
Here (and There) Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Mastering, Engineer
I Never Meta Guitar, Vol. 3: Solo Guitars For the 21st Century Engineer
Immeasurable Light Kronos Quartet / Wu Man Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering, Producer
Keeril Makan: Target California EAR Unit Mixing
King for the Day Naama Kates Engineer
Last Cicada Singing Christopher Roberts Mastering
Lotus Blossom Jeff Colella / Putter Smith Mixing, Mastering
Love Our Mother: Music For Peaceful Healing Moments Gaia Mama Engineer, Mixing
Noise & Chill Out: Ethiopian Groove Worldwide Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Originals Bill Dempsey Engineer
Passage Through a Dream Phillip Schroeder Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
Red Bastard Brewery RBB Drums
The Clearing A Produce Composer
Welcome To Earth: Music For Trio & Sextet Jerry Kalaf Mastering
Wind Effusions Danilo Lozano / David Muller Editing, Engineer, Mastering