Rolf Kirschbaum


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Year Album Artist
2013 Live Kraut: Live Rock Explosions from the Heyday of Krautrock! Mastering
2009 Dancing, Food & Entertainment: German Neo Psych Mastering
2008 Buried Treasures Hermann Lammers Meyer Mastering
2008 Living in Dreams Sandy Dillon Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2008 On Air Kevin Coyne Mastering
2008 On Air: Live Chris Whitley Mastering
2007 On Air Dave Van Ronk Mastering
2007 On Air Guy Davis Mastering
2006 On Air John Martyn Mastering
2006 Run Neil Run The Sisters Euclid Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 On Air John Fahey Mastering
2003 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Geoff Muldaur Mastering
2003 Let's Play Tri Continental Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 Oriental Garden, Vol. 2 Producer
2003 Rare Surf, Vol. 6 Digital Mastering
2002 Motorcycles, U.S.A. Mastering
2002 Red Blues Mary Coughlan Engineer, Mixing
2002 Spontaneous Combustion Ellen McIlwaine Mastering, Mixing Engineer
2002 The Eliminators Meet the Zip-Codes and the Statues feat. Garry Miles The Eliminators Mastering
2001 Boss Drag/Boss Drag at the Beach The T-Bones Mastering
2001 Small Change/Beat Street Prism Mastering
2001 Surfin' and Stompin' The Marketts Mastering
2000 Rare Surf, Vol. 5: The Capitol Masters 1 Mastering
2000 The Hondells, Vol 4: More Aliases and Early Recordings Mastering
1999 700 Miles of Desert White Rose Transmission Engineer
1998 Vol. 3: Aliases and Alternatives The Hondells Mastering
1998 Women in (E)motion Ellen McIlwaine Mastering
1997 Monsters of Drums - Live Mani Neumeier Mastering
1997 The Best of Ax Genrich Ax Genrich Mastering
1996 Vol. 2: 1965-1970 The Hondells Mastering
1995 White Rose Transmission White Rose Transmission Engineer
Best Of: Seine schönsten Melodien 2008-2014 The Dad Horse Experience Composer
Flakes: A Collection of Fine Songs The Pachinko Fake Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Mastering, Composer, Guitar, Instrumentation, Vocals
Ice Cream Phoenix: Resurrection The Electric Family Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Mastering
Kingdom It Will Come The Dad Horse Experience Composer
New Rides of the Furious Swampriders The Furious Swampriders Mastering, Cajon, Composer, Vocals
Son of Kraut: The Next Generation of Krautrock Mastering, Engineer
Terra Circus The Electric Family Group Member, Composer, Engineer, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
The Fruits of Sin & Labor The Perc Meets the Hidden Gentleman Guitar
The Long March The Electric Family Producer, Engineer, Composer, Drum Programming, Guitar (Electric), Mixing