Roger Sessions

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One of America's musical icons, Roger Sessions had an incalculable influence on the compositional landscape of the 20th century.
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Year Title
1947 Adagio, for piano Keyboard Solo
1923 The Black Maskers, incidental music and suite for orchestra Orchestral Suite
1923 The Black Maskers, suite from the incidental music Orchestral Suite
1971 Canons for string quartet, "To the Memory of Igor Stravinsky" Chamber Music Quartet
1972 Concertino for chamber orchestra Concerto Concerto
1979 Concerto for Orchestra Concerto Concerto
1959 Divertimento for orchestra Orchestral
1978 Duo for violin & cello Chamber Music
1942 Duo for violin & piano Chamber Music
1937 From My Diary for piano Keyboard Character Piece
1954 Idyll of Theocritus, for soprano & orchestra Vocal Music
1936 Little Piece for piano Keyboard
1935 March for piano Keyboard
1964 Montezuma, opera Opera
1930 On the Beach At Fontana, for voice & piano Vocal Music
1955 Piano Concerto Concerto Concerto
1966 Pieces (6) for cello Chamber Music
1974 Pieces (5) for piano Keyboard
1958 Quintet for 2 violins, 2 violas & cello Chamber Music Quintet
1970 Rhapsody for orchestra Orchestral Rhapsody
1935 Scherzino for piano Keyboard
1946 Second Sonata for piano Keyboard Sonata
1927 Piano Sonata No. 1 Keyboard Sonata
1964 Sonata for piano ("Kennedy Sonata" ), No.3 Keyboard Sonatina
1953 Sonata for violin & piano Chamber Music Sonata
1953 Sonata for violin solo Chamber Music Sonata
1936 String Quartet No. 1 in E minor Chamber Music Quartet
1951 String Quartet No. 2 Chamber Music Quartet
1926 Symphony No.1 in E minor Symphony Symphony
1944 Symphony No.2 Symphony Symphony
1957 Symphony No. 3 Symphony Symphony
1958 Symphony No. 4 Symphony Symphony
1968 Symphony No. 8 Symphony
1966 Symphony No.6 Symphony Symphony
1967 Symphony No.7 Symphony Symphony
1978 Symphony No.9 Symphony Symphony
1964 Symphony, No 5 Symphony Symphony
1944 Turn, O Libertad, for chorus & piano, 4 hands Choral Part Song
1935 Violin Concerto Concerto Concerto
1939 Waltz for Brenda, for piano Keyboard
Waltz for piano Keyboard Waltz
1970 When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloom'd, cantata for soloists, chorus & orchestra Choral Cantata
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