Robert Lamm

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The Chicago keyboardist pursued a concurrent solo career in the 21st century, specializing in jazzy, laid-back electronic-influenced music.
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Skinny Boy
Brooklyn-born keyboardist/vocalist Robert Lamm may be best known for his tenure in Chicago, but his involvement in music began when he was a child, playing piano by ear and singing in the Brooklyn Heights choir. Lamm played in bands while in high school and went to Roosevelt University in Chicago to study theory and composition; early in 1967, he joined Chicago the band, beginning a phase of his career that lasted over three decades. While with the multi-platinum band, Lamm also made the occasional solo album, like 1975's Skinny Boy, 1995's Life Is Good in My Neighborhood, and 1999's In My Head. After releasing a collaborative album called Like a Brother with Gerry Beckley and Carl Wilson in 2000, Lamm focused on this solo career in the 2000s. He didn't leave Chicago but he regularly released solo albums, starting with 2003's Subtlety & Passion. These laid-back, electronica-influenced records provided the basis for the 2017 compilation Time Chill: A Retrospective.