Raymond Richards


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Year Album Artist
2017 American Dream LCD Soundsystem Engineer
2017 Blurred Harmony The Parson Red Heads Engineer
2013 Hummingbird Local Natives Bass (Upright), Engineer, Producer
2012 Murmurations The Parson Red Heads Producer, Engineer
2011 Billy Jack HONEYHONEY Producer, Lap Steel Guitar
2011 When the Madhouses Appear The Fling Producer, Engineer, Pedal Steel
2011 Yearling The Parson Red Heads Producer, Bass, Dobro, Engineer, Pedal Steel
2010 Gorilla Manor Local Natives Producer, Engineer
2010 Somewhere on the Golden Coast The Henry Clay People Engineer, Mixing
2009 101 Indie Classics Producer
2009 Chinese Leftovers Sugarplum Fairies Engineer, Pedal Steel
2009 Your Doll Lisa Douglass Engineer
2008 Dirty Mind Sara Melson Pedal Steel
2008 On Disappearing The Harpeth Trace Producer, Mixing, Guitar
2008 Short Stories Leviathan Brothers Producer, Engineer
2008 Water For the Day Shelley Short Banjo, Pedal Steel
2007 By Night On My Bed The Grizzly Owls Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Baritone), Vibraphone, Pedal Steel, Mastering
2007 Catch the Brass Ring Ferraby Lionheart Engineer, Photography, Glockenspiel, Pedal Steel
2007 I Can't Go On, I'll Go On The Broken West Engineer, Vocals, Tamboura, Pedal Steel
2007 King Giraffe The Parson Red Heads Pedal Steel
2007 Pancho Fantastico John Hoskinson Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 The Man Who Lost His Shadow Leviathan Brothers Engineer, Mixing
2006 Brats on the Beat: Ramones for Kids Engineer
2006 Everyday Mistakes The Sweet Hurt Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Pedal Steel
2006 Moonlit Behavior Skyscraper Frontier Lap Steel Guitar, Mellotron, Guitar Engineer
2006 Our Tears Have Wings The Monolators Guitar, Tamboura, Keyboards, Glockenspiel, Vocals (Background), Pedal Steel
2006 Praise Is Poison The Clean Prophets Engineer
2006 Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs The Stevenson Ranch Davidians Producer, Engineer, Tambura, Pedal Steel
2005 Casting the Runes: From the Battle of Clontarf to the Gates of Valhalla Hookers Guitar, Group Member
2005 Magnitude Icebird Engineer
2005 Man and the Cousin The Harpeth Trace Mixing
2003 Dusk in Cold Parlours Norfolk & Western Banjo, Pedal Steel, Collaboration
2003 Lullaby for Liquid Pig Lisa Germano Pedal Steel
2003 Up Your Ass Tray The Shocker Engineer, Audio Engineer, Vocals
2002 Polk Tracker Pedal Steel
2002 Sid Hillman Quartet, Vol. Two Sid Hillman Quartet Mixing, Guitar, Guitar (Baritone), Organ, Whistle (Instrument)
2002 Winter Farewell Norfolk & Western Banjo, Percussion, Pedal Steel, Composer
2001 Bravery, Repetition and Noise The Brian Jonestown Massacre Pedal Steel Guitar
1st Bath Avid Dancer Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Bass
Bitter Sea Braeves Engineer
Concrete Prairie The Idaho Falls Vocals, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Baritone), Guitar (Nylon String), Banjo, Mandolin, Organ, Glockenspiel, Shaker, Bells, Vocals (Background), Yodeling, Group Member
Couldn’t Get Over You The Mutineers Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Baritone), Percussion, Bass, Pedal Steel
Decider Brian Whelan Engineer, Marimba, Additional Production
I Want To See You Dance Avid Dancer Farfisa Organ, Guitar, Mixing, Producer, Synthesizer
Indio Sun & Other American Ballads Scott Claassen Engineer
Innovations!!! Kobi Arad Band Drums
Legends Brother Moses Producer, Assistant
Lenore. Lenore Assistant Engineer
Modern Phenomena Northern American Producer, String Arrangements
Name It What You Want Tristan Clopet Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass
Recluse Emily Gold Mixing, Bass
The Spark The Idaho Falls Producer, Engineer, Group Member, Banjo, Fender Rhodes, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Mellotron, Mixing, Organ, Pedal Steel Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Vibraphone, Vocals, Wurlitzer, Wurlitzer Piano
The Idaho Falls [2 Disc] The Idaho Falls Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Whistle (Human), Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, Piano, Shaker, Vibraslap, Pedal Steel, Tic Tac, Field Recording, Group Member
The Temporary Thing Andrew Deadman Engineer
Threshold The Mutineers Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Baritone), Percussion, Bass, Pedal Steel
Tipping Point Battlefield Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass (Electric), Bass (Upright), Glockenspiel, Guitar (Electric), Pedal Steel, String Arrangements
Wide Eyes Local Natives Producer, Engineer
World News Local Natives Producer, Engineer