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Canadian indie rock outfit created some of the most laid back, melodic blistering drone punk of the 1990s.
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Originally known as After All and Grin Factory, Vancouver-based Pure were signed to Reprise/Warner in 1991 on the strength of their demos. Vocalist Jordy Birch, guitarist Todd Simko, bassist Dave Hadley, drummer Leigh Grant and keyboard player Mark Henning released a four-song EP called Greed in 1992 and their debut album, Pureafunalia, later that year. After their song "Greedy" was used in the soundtrack for Cool World, Pure went on sabbatical before returning in 1995 with Anything Test. Generation Six-Pack followed in 1996. Henning and Grant departed by the time of 1998's Feverish, with drummer Jim Hobbs signing on in their stead.