The Amsterdam group Pip Blom began as the solo project of the band's namesake, making intimate bedroom pop inspired by the lo-fi indie rock of the 1990s. When she expanded the band to become a quartet, their sound grew more powerful without losing that home-cooked feel. Their first two albums, 2019's Boat and 2021's Welcome Break, also showed a deep love and understanding for the hooky, punchy sounds of '90s alt-rock. While in her early teens, Pip Blom entered a songwriting contest and wrote a batch of songs using a child's beginner guitar. Though she lost the contest, she gained a passion for making music that led to her working on both writing and learning guitar. She began to record skeletal, introspective indie rock D.I.Y.-style in her bedroom and released a batch of singles in 2016. Most of them were digital only; the ...
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Welcome Break 2021 Welcome Break
Boat 2019 Boat
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