Part Time

Biography by Tim Sendra

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Queasily tuneful synth pop made on cheap gear in dirty bedrooms.
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Artist Biography by Tim Sendra

PDA Over a short and prolific span of a few years, Part Time's David Speck (aka David Loca) crafted a lo-fi bedroom-recorded sound that was equal parts psychedelic pop, soft rock, and primitive synth pop. Initially working alone, he cranked out many records for labels like Loglady, Mexican Summer -- 2013's PDA is a highlight -- and Burger while maintaining a high hit-to-miss ratio. Joined on-stage by a full band, Speck eventually used them on his first album recorded in a studio, 2018's Spell #6.

What Would You Say? Part Time started off as a diversion for Speck while he was playing in indie rock bands in Austin (Toko Ri Get High, the Dazzling King Solomon Band) and Oakland (the Time Flys). Instead of loud and wild rock & roll, the music he began making as Part Time was lo-fi synth pop made on a cheap-sounding Casio. Soon, Part Time became his full-time musical gig with a single for Loglady ("Visions of the Future") and an album for Mexican Summer (What Would You Say?) released in 2011, while a cassette for Burger Records (Saturday Night) followed in 2012. Speck formed a live band for shows and touring, and also began recording even lower-fi synth pop songs as Davida Loca. Part Time's second album, PDA, was released by Mexican Summer in the summer of 2013. The project returned to the cassette medium twice in 2014, with Burger Records' Late Night with David Loca and Plastic Response Records' H.F.M., which included tracks recorded during the previous nine years. The limited LP Return to Cherry surfaced on Mother of Pearl in 2015, followed by the double-LP Virgo's Maze on Burger, another release featuring tracks recorded over the course of several years. That same year, Speck began using the name David Loca and also released the lo-fi psych-pop album Together We Are! as David Loca & the Berkshire Hobbits for the Plastic Response label.

Part Time resurfaced in 2017 with the release of two singles, a split with Drinking Flowers and one for a Volcom/Burger Records digital single series. When the time came to record the sixth Part Time album, Loca decided to move out of the bedroom and into a real studio, namely his drummer Walter Byers' studio. With a mix of newly written songs, old songs, and some written on the spot, Loca and his band -- and Ariel Pink on one track -- polished up the wobbly '80s psych pop and soft rock sound without losing any of its inherent oddness. Spell #6 was released in late 2018 by Burger.