Oz Fritz

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Year Album Artist
2018 Brawlers Tom Waits Engineer
2018 Bawlers Tom Waits Engineer
2018 Bastards Tom Waits Engineer
2017 Wake to Dream Lindsay Bellows Mastering
2017 Twin Solitude Leif Vollebekk Mixing
2016 Someday Dreams of You Johnny Boyd Producer
2015 The Word Is… HuDost / Steve Kilbey Mixing, Ambience
2015 Sufi Kirtan HuDost Mixing
2015 Sopko Laswell Pridgen Bill Laswell / Thomas Pridgen / Mike Sopko Mixing, Mastering
2015 Goodbye Mine Lost & Profound Mixing
2015 Compilation 1988–1997 X-Legged Sally Engineer
2013 The Prophecy: Live in Europe Pain Killer Engineer
2013 Love Me Tender Massacre Engineer
2013 Kentyah Presents Evolutionary Minded: Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron Kentyah Fraser / Brian Jackson / M1 / Midnight Band / The New Midnight Band Mastering
2013 How I Knew Her Nataly Dawn Engineer
2013 Fight Eat Sleep Too Noisy Fish Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Vocals
2013 4th Way Folk HuDost Engineer
2012 Kinder Machines Beaten by Them Engineer, Mixing
2012 Blur 21: The Box Blur Engineer
2011 Initiale L Mastering
2010 Run Wolves Run Sean Hayes Mixing
2010 Rhythms of the Infinite: Music for Yoga, Movement and Relaxation John de Kadt Mixing, Mastering
2010 Raga Bop Trio George Brooks / Prasanna / Steve Smith Engineer, Mixing
2010 Mesgana Ethiopia Gigi / Material Engineer
2009 Rise of the Champion Nation Heavyweight Dub Champion Audio Engineer, Mixing
2009 Rhino Classic Albums Collection [f.y.e. Exclusive] Ramones Assistant Engineer
2009 Este Mundo Rupa & the April Fishes Engineer, Mixing
2009 Britny Fox/Boys in Heat Britny Fox Engineer
2008 Weather's Coming Phoebe Killdeer / Phoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws Mixing
2008 Lisa Finnie Lisa Finnie Mixing
2008 Let Sleeping Corpses Lie White Zombie Assistant Engineer
2008 Judu Bek (The Joy of Living) Wasis Diop Mixing
2008 Anarchy & Alchemy Dub Gabriel Engineer, Mastering, Audio Engineer
2007 Tennessee 2004 Praxis Engineer
2007 Lonely Heart Massacre Engineer, Mixing
2007 Asana: Soul Practice, Vol. 1 Engineer
2007 A Blind Date Shea Breaux Wells Engineer
2006 The Dance Goes On Volker Strifler Mixing
2006 The A&M Recordings Iggy Pop Assistant Engineer
2006 Orphans (Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards) Tom Waits Engineer
2006 From Here on Out The Cuts Engineer
2005 Square One Samantha Mixing
2005 Never Ending Luce Engineer, Audio Engineer
2005 Motifs Paris Combo Producer
2005 In Your Arms Again John Hammond Engineer
2005 Big Black Guitar/Empty Arms Dan Brodie Engineer, Mastering
2005 Baba's Mountain The Apes Mixing
2005 Agrippa's 3 Books Edmund Welles Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
2004 The Nashville Acoustic Sessions Raul Malo Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2004 Quantum Immortality Las Pesadillas Mixing
2004 Oz Fritz: All Around the World Oz Fritz Primary Artist, Producer, Engineer, Arranger
2004 Livin' Large... In a Little Bitty Room Danny Barnes Mixing, Mastering
2004 Empty Arms Broken Hearts Dan Brodie Engineer, Mastering
2004 Complications of Glitter Joie Calio Engineer, Mixing
2004 A Pleasant Fiction Percy Howard / Meridiem Engineer
2003 With a Heartbeat Pharoah Sanders Engineer
2003 Ready for Love John Hammond Engineer
2003 Outland Pete Namlook Engineer
2003 Heart Trouble Wanda Jackson Engineer, Mixing
2003 Dreamspeed/Blindlight 1992-1994 Anton Fier Engineer, Mixing Engineer
2003 Asana, Vol. 3: Peaceful Heart Engineer, Field Recording
2002 The Meta Collection Engineer
2002 Talisman: Live in Nagoya Pain Killer Engineer
2002 Pepesito Reyes Pepesito Reyes Engineer
2002 Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove Tabla Beat Science Engineer
2002 Charged Live Eraldo Bernocchi Engineer, Audio Engineer
2002 Blood Money Tom Waits Engineer, Mixing
2002 Big Bad Love Engineer
2002 Balling the Jack: Birth of Nu-Blues Engineer, Mixing
2002 Alta Nova Elena Powell Mixing
2002 Alice Tom Waits Engineer, Mixing
2001 Wicked Grin John Hammond Engineer, Mixing, Handclapping
2001 The Grand Pecking Order Oysterhead Engineer
2001 Revelator Nicky Skopelitis Engineer, Audio Engineer
2001 Meltdown Massacre Engineer
2000 Unison Shin Terai Engineer, Audio Engineer
2000 Transformational Meditation for Finding a Great Relationship Kathy Freston Mixing
2000 Liberty Heights [Original Soundtrack] Engineer
1999 Warszawa Praxis Engineer
1999 Pearls in the Snow: The Songs of Kinky Friedman Engineer
1999 Mule Variations Tom Waits Engineer, Mixing
1999 Monsters & Robots Buckethead Engineer
1999 Inside Is the Only Way Out Nûs Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1999 Imaginary Cuba Bill Laswell Engineer
1999 Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Ramones Anthology Ramones Mixing Assistant
1999 Antipop Primus Engineer, Mixing
1999 Alger Alger Lili Boniche Engineer
1998 Orbitones, Spoon Harps & Bellowphones Engineer
1998 Meridiem Percy Howard Engineer, Mixing
1998 Guts of a Virgin/Buried Secrets Pain Killer Engineer, Mixing
1998 Guitar Zone Engineer, Mixing
1998 Closed Captioned Radio The Bogmen Engineer
1997 Valis, Vol. 2: Everything Must Go Engineer, Audio Engineer
1997 Transmutation Live Praxis Engineer
1997 Time Has Come The Last Poets Mastering
1997 Tetragramaton: Submerge Mixing Engineer
1997 South Delta Space Age Third Rail Engineer
1997 Free Agent: A Space Odyssey Bernie Worrell Engineer
1997 Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub Bob Marley Engineer
1997 Collected Works Pain Killer Engineer, Mixing
1997 Asana Engineer
1997 Arc of the Testimony Arcana Engineer
1997 Absence of Time Blind Light Engineer
1996 State of the Union [Atavistic] Engineer
1996 Outland 2 Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell Engineer
1996 Ordinary Day Jonas Hellborg Engineer
1996 Jali Kunda: Griots of West Africa & Beyond Foday Musa Suso Engineer, Mixing
1996 Into Another Light Sonny Sharrock Engineer
1996 Day of the Robot Buckethead Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1996 Altered Beats: Assassin Knowledges of the Remanipulated Engineer
1996 12 Hits & A Bump Nicklebag Engineer
1995 Wired for Sound Band of Susans Engineer
1995 Ode to a Tractor Raf Engineer, Mixing
1995 Octave of the Holy Innocents Jonas Hellborg Engineer
1995 Funkcronomicon Axiom Funk Engineer
1995 Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud Julian Schnabel Engineer, Mixing
1994 Under the 6 Slave Master Engineer
1994 Third Eye Open Hardware Engineer, Mixing
1994 T.A.Z. Hakim Bey Engineer
1994 Sahara Blue Hector Zazou Engineer, Audio Engineer
1994 Sacrifist Praxis Engineer
1994 Pure The Golden Palominos Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer
1994 Out of the Dark O.G. Funk Engineer
1994 Lord of the Harvest Zillatron Engineer
1994 Holy Terror The Last Poets Engineer, Audio Engineer
1994 Hell and Back Buddy Miles Express Engineer, Audio Engineer
1994 Halo Azonic Engineer
1994 Giant Robot Buckethead Engineer
1994 Full Circle Icehouse Engineer
1994 Execution Ground Pain Killer Engineer, Mixing
1994 Carry the Day Henry Threadgill Engineer
1994 Blues in the East Liu Sola Engineer
1994 Ambient Dub, Vol. 2: Dead Slow Divination Engineer
1993 Too Much Sugar for a Dime Very Very Circus Engineer
1993 This Is How It Feels The Golden Palominos Engineer
1993 Prison of the Rhythm [ep] The Golden Palominos Mixing
1993 Pieces of Woo: The Other Side Bernie Worrell Engineer, Mixing, Sound Effects, Sounds
1993 Manifestation: Axiom Collection II Engineer
1993 Live in Japan Material Engineer
1993 Killed by Charity X-Legged Sally Engineer
1993 J. Beez Wit the Remedy Jungle Brothers Engineer
1993 Hallucination Engine Material Engineer
1993 Ekstasis Nicky Skopelitis Engineer, Mixing
1993 Cyclotron Blind Idiot God Engineer, Mixing
1993 Blacktronic Science Bernie Worrell Engineer, Mixing
1993 Be Bop or Be Dead Umar Bin Hassan Engineer, Mixing
1992 Turath (Heritage) Simon Shaheen Engineer
1992 Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) Praxis Engineer
1992 The Next Dream Bachir Attar Engineer, Mixing
1992 The Dark Fire Talip Özkan Engineer
1992 The Children of Ibeji Ivo Perelman Engineer
1992 Ritual Beating System Bahia Black Engineer, Mixing
1992 Possession God Mixing
1992 Ode to a Tractor Jonas Hellborg Engineer
1992 In Z Mood Double Z Engineer
1992 Hate Fed Love Bomb Engineer
1992 Gutterboy [Geffen] Gutterboy Assistant
1992 Dissident Deadline Engineer, Mixing
1992 CMPler, Vol. 1: 3000 Series Engineer
1992 CMPler 2 Engineer
1992 Buried Secrets Pain Killer Engineer
1992 Apocalypse Across the Sky The Master Musicians of Jajouka Engineer
1992 Active Resonance Robert Musso Recording
1992 A History (1982-1985) The Golden Palominos Engineer, Mixing
1991 The Word and the Flesh Band of Susans Engineer
1991 The Third Power Material Engineer
1991 The Silent Life Jonas Hellborg Engineer
1991 Slow-Up X-Legged Sally Engineer
1991 Illuminations: An Axiom Compilation Engineer
1991 Funk of Ages Bernie Worrell Engineer
1991 Ask the Ages Sonny Sharrock Engineer
1990 The Word Jonas Hellborg Engineer
1990 The Music of Mohamed Abdel Wahab Simon Shaheen Assistant Engineer
1990 Taboo Ronald Shannon Jackson Assistant Engineer
1990 Red Warrior Ronald Shannon Jackson Assistant Engineer
1990 New World Power Mandingo Engineer
1990 Middle Passage Ginger Baker Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1990 Louder Than Love TKA Engineer
1990 Faith Moves Sonny Sharrock Engineer
1989 The Burning World Swans Assistant Engineer
1989 Strange Angels Laurie Anderson Assistant Engineer
1989 Seven Souls Material Assistant Engineer
1989 Next to Nothing Nicky Skopelitis Assistant Engineer
1989 Naïve Art Red Flag Engineer
1989 Estrangeiro Caetano Veloso Assistant Engineer
1989 Brain Drain Ramones Assistant Engineer
1988 Stevie Salas Colorcode Stevie Salas Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1988 Noel Noel Engineer
1988 Instinct Iggy Pop Assistant Engineer
1988 Before We Were Born Bill Frisell Assistant Engineer
Time To Wake Top Shelf Mixing
The Green Eyed Girl Susan Getz Engineer, Mixing
The Silent Life/Solo Bass 1990 Jonas Hellborg Engineer
Sur Sangeet Abrar Hussain / Ustad Dildar Hussain Khan Mixing, Mastering
Soku Fola...Traditional String Music from Segou, Mali Zoumana Tereta Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Shoulder to the Wheel Peter Wilson / Peter Wilson Mastering
Saint Judas Mark Growden Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Sacred Science Catherine Goldwyn / Phil Lewis Mixing
Must Hatch The Incubators Mixing, Engineer
Mariam: Traditional Kora Music From Mali Madou Diabate / Madou Sidiki Diabate Mixing, Mastering
Lose Me in the Sand Mark Growden Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Lead Me Home Brooke Pernice Engineer
Jubala [Single] Jubala Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Indelible Amber Lee and the Anomalies Mixing
Bwati Kono Lobi Traoré Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Bons Baisers d'Islamabad Babx Mixing