Nick Evans


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Year Album Artist
2017 One Last Prayer Forced Order Vocals (Background), Vocals
2015 The Elements Tour Box 2015 King Crimson Trombone
2012 The 100 Club Concert 1979 Elton Dean's Ninesense Trombone, Composer, Duet, Soloist
2011 Fishin' for Woos Bowling for Soup Assistant
2010 360 at the Rose Bowl U2 Technical Coordinator
2010 Double Trouble Dreamtime Liner Notes, Trombone, Group Member, Composer
2009 40th Anniversary Tour Box King Crimson Trombone
2009 Chlorine-Colored Eyes The Crash That Took Me Assistant Engineer
2009 Manic Here Holy Spain Assistant Engineer
2009 Stay Good Stay Gold Stay High Neon Nights Engineer
2008 Blue Notes: The Ogun Collection Composer
2008 Curiosities 1972 The Command All-Stars Member of Attributed Artist, Trombone
2008 Eclipse at Dawn Chris McGregor Trombone, Composer
2008 Full Steam Ahead Harry Miller Member of Attributed Artist, Trombone
2008 Shark Attack Shark Attack Assistant Engineer
2007 Down Another Road/Songs for My Father/Mosaics Graham Collier Main Personnel, Trombone
2007 Souler Planetary Blues Drums
2006 City of Night The Fog People Piano
2006 The Condensed 21st Century Guide to King Crimson: 1969-2003 King Crimson Trombone
2006 Vampers & Champers Duffy Power Arranger, Trombone
2006 Which Way Now Harry Miller / Harry Miller's Isipingo Member of Attributed Artist, Trombone
2006 White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s Trombone
2005 Kevin Ayers: The BBC Sessions 1970-1976 Kevin Ayers Trombone
2004 Anglo American Gary Windo Trombone
2004 Bremen to Bridgewater Chris McGregor / Chris McGregor & the Brotherhood of Breath Trombone, Composer
2004 Cathanger '86 Dreamtime Liner Notes, Member of Attributed Artist, Trombone, Composer
2004 The 21st Century Guide to King Crimson, Vol. 1: 1969-1974 King Crimson Additional Personnel, Trombone
2003 BBC Radio 1967-1971 Soft Machine Performer
2003 Live at the BBC Elton Dean Member of Attributed Artist, Trombone
2003 The Mix, Vol. 2 Blank & Jones Vocals
2002 Backwards Soft Machine Trombone
2002 Using That Thing Reet Petite & Gone Vocals, Mandolin
2001 Changing Platforms: 30 Years of the Contemporary Music Network Trombone
2000 Down Another Road Graham Collier Trombone
2000 QED Elton Dean Trombone, Composer, Primary Artist
1999 Cirkus: The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson - Live King Crimson Trombone, Group Member
1999 Fourth/Fifth Soft Machine Trombone
1998 Musically Rich...And Famous: Anthology 1967-1982 Alexis Korner Trombone
1998 Zen Fish Dreamtime Arranger, Trombone, Composer
1996 20 Ans de Jazz en France Trombone
1996 His Master's Bones Gary Windo Trombone, Composer
1996 Singing the Bruise: The BBC Sessions, 1970-1972 Kevin Ayers Trombone
1995 Home Champion Jack Dupree Trombone
1992 Big Honk George Ricci Cover Painting
1991 Frame by Frame: The Essential King Crimson King Crimson Trombone
1988 Andy Sheppard Andy Sheppard / Andy Sheppard Trombone
1988 Copy Cats Patti Palladin / Johnny Thunders Guest Artist, Trombone
1978 Frames: Music for an Imaginary Film Keith Tippett Trombone
1978 Spirits Rejoice! Louis Moholo Trombone
1978 Stick It Jive Bureaux Trombone
1977 Frames (Music for an Imaginary Film) Keith Tippett's Ark Trombone
1977 Happy Daze Elton Dean's Ninesense Trombone
1977 Triple Echo Soft Machine Trombone
1976 Sunset Glow Julie Driscoll Trombone
1976 Thunder into Our Hearts Jabula Trombone
1975 Desperate Straights Henry Cow / Slapp Happy Trombone
1975 Diamond Express Dudu Pukwana Trombone
1975 Sunset Glow Julie Tippetts Trombone
1974 Alexis Korner Alexis Korner Trombone
1974 Mr. Blues Alexis Korner Trombone
1973 1984 Hugh Hopper Trombone
1973 Live at Willisau Chris McGregor / Chris McGregor & the Brotherhood of Breath Trombone, Soloist, Composer
1973 Travelling Somewhere Chris McGregor Trombone
1972 Brotherhood Chris McGregor & the Brotherhood of Breath Composer
1971 1969 Julie Driscoll Trombone
1971 Blue Memphis Memphis Slim Trombone, Horn Section
1971 Conflagration The Trio Trombone
1971 Dedicated to You, But You Weren't Listening Keith Tippett Group Member of Attributed Artist, Trombone
1971 Fourth Soft Machine Trombone
1971 Just Us Elton Dean Trombone
1971 Rites & Rituals Ray Russell Trombone
1971 Septober Energy Centipede Trombone, Soloist
1971 Time of the Last Persecution Bill Fay Trombone
1971 Workers' Playtime B.B. Blunder Trombone
1970 Banana Moon Daevid Allen Trombone
1970 Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath Chris McGregor & the Brotherhood of Breath Trombone, Soloist
1970 Lizard King Crimson Trombone
1970 Third Soft Machine Trombone
1969 Dragon Hill Ray Russell Trombone
1969 Volume 1 Manfred Mann Chapter Three Trombone
1969 You Are Here...I Am There Keith Tippett Trombone
1966 From New Orleans to Chicago Champion Jack Dupree Trombone
Ninesense / Natal Harry Beckett / Elton Dean / Elton Dean's Ninesense / Harry Miller / Louis Moholo Trombone
Thunder & Happiness: The Complete Albums Jabula Trombone
Trad Dads, Dirty Boppers and Free Fusioneers Trombone
Volume 9: Anatomy of a Facelift Hugh Hopper Trombone