Hans Werner Henze

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Hans Werner Henze (born 1926) was among the most prolific and frequently performed German composers of his generation.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Stimmen (Voices), 22 songs for mezzo-soprano, tenor & instrumental ensemble 1973 Vocal Music
Elegy for Young Lovers, opera in 3 acts 1959 Opera
Neapolitan Lieder (5), for baritone & small orchestra 1956 Vocal Music
The Bassarids, opera in 1 act 1964 Opera
Piano Concerto No. 2 1967 Concerto
Boulevard Solitude, lyric drama in 7 scenes 1951 Opera
Kammermusik 1958, for tenor, guitar & 8 solo instruments 1958 Vocal Music
Tientos (3), for guitar (from "Kammermusik 1958") 1958 Chamber Music
Royal Winter Music (Sonata No.1), for guitar 1975 Chamber Music
Royal Winter Music (Sonata No.2), for guitar 1979 Chamber Music
Serenade, for cello (also arranged by L.Drew for double bass) 1949 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 5 1962 Symphony
Symphony No. 6, for 2 chamber orchestras 1969 Symphony
Symphony No. 1, for chamber orchestra 1947 Symphony
Carillon, Récitatif, Masque, for guitar, mandolin & harp 1974 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 3 1949 Symphony
El Cimarrón, for baritone, flutes, guitar & percussion 1969 Vocal Music
Fantasia, for strings or string sextet (from film "Der junge Törless") 1966 Orchestral
Ballet-Variationen, ballet 1949 Ballet
Symphony No. 7 1983 Symphony
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