Mike Napolitano


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Year Album Artist
2018 Beasts of Burgundy Squirrel Nut Zippers Engineer
2017 Are You Listening? Peter Mulvey Engineer
2017 Binary Ani DiFranco Engineer
2017 In Spades The Afghan Whigs Engineer, Mixing
2015 Complicated Game James McMurtry Producer, Engineer
2014 Allergic to Water Ani DiFranco Engineer
2014 Do to the Beast The Afghan Whigs Engineer, Mixing
2013 Dirty Word Dumpstaphunk Mixing
2012 Occupy This Album Mixing, Producer
2012 Which Side Are You On? Ani DiFranco Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Drum Loop
2011 Dynamite Steps The Twilight Singers Engineer, Mixing, Timpani
2011 Rave on Buddy Holly Mixing
2010 American Patchwork Anders Osborne Engineer
2010 Cho Dependent Margaret Cho Engineer, Mixing
2010 Congratulations, Thank You + I'm Sorry Animal Prufrock Engineer, Mixing
2010 Gone for Good My Jerusalem Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2010 Grand Isle Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys Mixing, Engineer
2010 Groove Alchemy Stanton Moore Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2010 Hadestown Anaïs Mitchell Engineer, Mixing
2010 Once Around The Autumn Defense Engineer
2010 Safe Upon the Shore Great Big Sea Additional Production, Engineer, Mixing
2010 True Blood: Music from the HBO Original Series, Vol. 2 Producer
2009 Last Kiss Zachary Richard Engineer, Mixing
2009 Power Patriot Garage a Trois Engineer
2009 The American Electric Michael Juan Nunez Engineer
2009 True Blood [Music from the HBO Original Series] Producer
2008 Blueberry Blueberry Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2008 Emphasis! On Parenthesis Stanton Moore Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 Red Letter Year Ani DiFranco Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2008 Saturnalia The Gutter Twins Engineer, Audio Engineer
2008 Sobriety Kills Jason Karaban Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (12 String), E-Bow, Drum Loop
2008 Tiny Resistors Todd Sickafoose Engineer
2008 Vagabond Skies Joseph Arthur Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2008 Wild & Free The Radiators Engineer
2007 Altitude Groundtruther Mixing
2007 Big Bad Beautiful Dreams Diamond Jim Engineer
2007 Canon: A Collection Ani DiFranco Engineer
2007 Cigarettes and Gasoline Emerson Hart Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2007 Goin' Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino Engineer, Mixing
2007 Honey & the Moon Joseph Arthur Mixing
2007 Is It News Doyle Bramhall Engineer, Mixing
2007 Lumière dans le Noir Zachary Richard Mixing, Remixing, Sound Recording
2007 Musicians for Minneapolis Mixing, Overdub Engineer
2007 Sowing The Seeds: The Tenth Anniversary Engineer, Mixing
2006 A Stitch in Time The Twilight Singers Engineer, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar
2006 Almost There Records Turn 2 Engineer
2006 Bluebird Bruce Hughes Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2006 Doomed to Make Choices Jason Karaban Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (12 String), E-Bow, Programming, Sampling, Drum Loop
2006 Dreaming Out Loud The Radiators Engineer, Mixing
2006 III Stanton Moore Engineer, Mixing
2006 Nuclear Daydream Joseph Arthur Engineer, Mixing
2006 Old Scool Hot Wings Jimbo Mathus Engineer
2006 Open Ended Question Meldrum Mixing
2006 Reprieve Ani DiFranco Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel
2006 Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs Hamell on Trial Engineer, Guitar (Electric)
2006 Theresa Andersson [EP] Theresa Andersson Engineer, Mixing, Overdub Engineer
2005 Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs Andrew Bird Engineer
2005 In the Arms of God Corrosion of Conformity Engineer, Editing
2005 In the Mood for Memphis, Vol. 2 Engineer
2005 Like You Were Never There Moonlight Towers Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2005 My Better Self Dar Williams Engineer
2005 Outre Mer Garage a Trois Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2005 Peter Buck Presents: The REM Collection, Vol. 3 Producer
2005 Punches World Leader Pretend Engineer, Mixing
2005 Rubble-Rousing Misspent Bouts World Leader Pretend Mixing
2005 The Hustler Jeff Klein Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Percussion, Programming, Guitorgan
2004 Drum Nation, Vol. 1 Producer, Engineer
2004 Our Shadows Will Remain Joseph Arthur Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Programming, Assistant
2004 The Lafayette Marquis C.C. Adcock Producer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
2004 Under the Influence: A Jam Band Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd Engineer
2003 Blackberry Belle The Twilight Singers Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Bass, Group Member
2003 Emphasizer Garage a Trois Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2003 Live from Nowhere Near You Guitar
2003 Mardi Gras: Language of New Orleans, Vol. 7 Producer
2003 Ruckus Galactic Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 The Complex Blue Man Group Technician, Studio Assistant
2003 The Garden Below Knotworking Piano, Wurlitzer, Drums
2002 Faces & Names Dave Pirner Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2002 Mercy Abandon Jalopy Mixing
2002 Redemption's Son Joseph Arthur Producer, Engineer, Additional Production
2002 The Best of Squirrel Nut Zippers Squirrel Nut Zippers Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Wish You Were Here: Love Songs for New York Engineer
2001 Supagroup Supagroup Pro-Tools
2001 The Green Hour The Autumn Defense Mixing
2001 The Swimming Hour Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Recorder
2000 Bedlam Ballroom Squirrel Nut Zippers Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2000 Control Freak Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 New Orleans Cookin' Cyril Neville Mixing
2000 Samsara Tom Maxwell Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Editing
2000 Solemnly Yours Diamonds Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
1999 Blast from the Past Producer
1999 Imperial Swing Orchestra The Imperial Swing Orchestra Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999 Oh! The Grandeur Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Producer, Engineer
1999 Three to Tango Producer, Mixing
1999 Twelve Stories High Extra Virgin Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitorgan
1999 Walk on Fire Royal Crown Revue Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Christmas Caravan Squirrel Nut Zippers Producer, Mixing
1998 I Got News for You John Fohl Producer, Engineer
1998 Perennial Favorites Squirrel Nut Zippers Producer
1998 Thrills Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 Dream with the Fishes Producer
1997 Hot Squirrel Nut Zippers Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1997 Play Songs for Rosetta Jimbo Mathus Engineer
1997 Scoundrel's Waltz Joe Tullos Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Oscillator
1997 Sold Out Squirrel Nut Zippers Engineer
1996 Nico Blind Melon Producer, Mixing, Assistant Engineer
1996 Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Scaree Tales [Original Broadway Cast] Assistant Engineer, Primary Artist
1995 The Fire This Time Cyril Neville Producer, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizer
1994 Live on Planet Earth Neville Brothers Engineer
1993 Jazzheads Randy Klein Assistant Engineer
1990 Fred Penner's Place Fred Penner Tracking
1984 Boston Rock 'N Roll Anthology, Vol. 3 Guitar
Chained to the Chariot Rotary Downs Engineer
Old Hymns of a New Age Morning Light Engineer
Our Shadows Will Remain [I-Tunes Exclusive] Joseph Arthur Producer
People Are Just People Rene Lopez Engineer, Mixing
Plays Fats Lil' Band O' Gold Engineer, Mixing
Surfin' The Swamp Jimmy Leslie Engineer
The Promised Land: A Swamp Pop Journey Lil' Band O' Gold Engineer, Mixing, Additional Production
Uncut: The Playlist October 2006 Producer