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Year Album Artist
2019 Welcome Home/Everything's Different Now 'Til Tuesday Engineer, Keyboards
2013 Still Green Patty Larkin Producer, Mixing
2013 La Candelaria The Candles Mixing, Producer
2011 TCV The Click Five Producer, Mixing
2010 The Moment Atomic Tom Mixing
2010 25 Patty Larkin Mixing
2009 Sound the Alarm Howie Day Producer, Engineer
2009 Look Inside, Now! The Right Ons Mastering
2008 Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology Big Dipper Piano
2008 Roll with You Eli "Paperboy" Reed / Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves A&R
2007 Modern Minds and Pastimes The Click Five Producer, Engineer, Keyboards
2007 Jenny The Click Five Producer, Engineer
2006 Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old Peter Gammons Producer, Mixing, Audio Production
2006 Clementine & Other Stories Merrie Amsterburg Engineer, Mixing
2005 Whatever: The '90s Pop and Culture Box Producer
2005 Sky High [Original Soundtrack] Producer
2005 Out-of-State Plates Fountains of Wayne Producer, Engineer
2005 Myspace Records, Vol. 1 Producer, Mixing
2005 Greetings from Imrie House The Click Five Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Going Out Heavy Superflow Mixing
2005 Give In Anne Heaton Producer, Audio Production
2005 Casey Desmond Casey Desmond Mixing
2005 Angel to You (Devil to Me) The Click Five Producer, Mixing
2004 Zara Heidi Saperstein Mixing
2004 I'm Sorry Señor Happy Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Synthesizer, Musician
2004 Hot Stove, Cool Music, Vol. 1 Producer, Mixing, Photography
2004 Grammy Nominees 2004 Producer, Engineer
2003 Welcome Interstate Managers Fountains of Wayne Producer, Engineer
2003 The Madrigals [EP] [Bonus DVD] Howie Day Mixing, Recording
2003 Red = Luck Patty Larkin Mixing
2003 Handcuff King Paul Bryan Engineer
2003 Gift to the World Loveless Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards
2002 Respond, Vol. 2 Producer, Engineer, Piano (Electric), Harpsichord, Wurlitzer
2002 Melody Freaks Velvet Crush Chamberlin
2002 Lost in Space Aimee Mann Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Piano (Electric), Harpsichord, Wurlitzer, Drum Engineering
2002 LVLS Loveless Producer
2002 First Storybook Indigo Invention Group Post Production Assistant
2002 Cherry Marmalade Kay Hanley Producer, Engineer
2002 Best Uncensored Crank Calls, Vol. 2 Crank Yankers Engineer
2002 Aware Greatest Hits Producer
2002 Australia Howie Day Producer
2002 A Jackknife to a Swan The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Piano
2001 Lollipolyp The Gravy Mixing
2001 Josie and the Pussycats [Original Soundtrack] Engineer
2001 Direction of Motion Averi Producer, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Chamberlin, Synthesizer, Organ (Hammond)
2001 Aware Compilation, Vol. 8 Producer
2000 Ultimate Collection Aimee Mann Producer
2000 Then Covered Now Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 The One Before the Last Gigolo Aunts Mastering
2000 The Gravy [EP] The Gravy Mixing
2000 Scary Movie Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Little Steps Merrie Amsterburg Producer, Engineer
2000 Forty on a Fall Day Francine Mixing, Wurlitzer, Chamberlin
2000 Bachelor No. 2 Or, The Last Remains of the Dodo Aimee Mann Producer, Engineer
1999 Viva Noel: Q Division Christmas Engineer, Mixing, Piano, Chamberlin
1999 Utopia Parkway Fountains of Wayne Mixing
1999 The Silver Gorilla The Gravel Pit Producer, Engineer
1999 Respond Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Synthesizer
1999 Minor Chords and Major Themes Gigolo Aunts Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999 Magnolia [Original Soundtrack] Aimee Mann Recording
1999 Brompton's Cocktail Meg Hentges Mixing
1998 The Gravel Pit The Gravel Pit Producer
1998 Take Her to the Zoo The Vodkasonics Mixing
1998 Sister Letters to Cleo Mixing
1998 Señor Happy Señor Happy Mixing
1998 Profiles In Clownhenge Buddy Judge Producer, Melodica
1998 Manhole Talking to Animals Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Organ (Hammond)
1997 The Only Witness Carol Noonan Band / Carol Noonan Fender Rhodes, Synthesizer, Organ (Hammond)
1997 Gun Shy Trigger Happy Jennifer Trynin Guest Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Programming
1997 Beverly Hills Ninja Producer
1996 The Gravel Pit Manifesto The Gravel Pit Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 The Cable Guy Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Season of Rain Merrie Amsterburg Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Wurlitzer, Chamberlin, Synthesizer, Bass, Organ (Hammond)
1996 Safe and Sound: A Benefit in Response to the Brookline Clinic Violence Engineer, Mixing
1996 Punch This Little John Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 I'm with Stupid Aimee Mann Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards
1996 Head to the Ground Expanding Man Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Piano, Organ, Chamberlin
1996 Derailer Little John Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Best of Indie Top 20 Producer
1996 Aloha Via Satellite Poundcake Mixing
1995 Yes Morphine Engineer
1995 Wholesale Meats and Fish Letters to Cleo Producer, Engineer
1995 Where I Find My Heaven EP Gigolo Aunts Producer, Engineer
1995 Super Sex Morphine Engineer
1995 Parachute Guster Producer, Engineer
1995 For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Dumb and Dumber Producer, Engineer
1995 Baby-Sitters Club Producer
1994 That's Just What You Are Aimee Mann Producer, Piano, Organ
1994 Melrose Place: The Music Producer, Piano, Organ
1994 Free T.V.S Expanding Man Producer
1994 Flippin' Out Gigolo Aunts Producer, Engineer, Remastering, Piano, Chamberlin
1994 Cockamamie Jennifer Trynin Producer, Engineer
1994 Aurora Gory Alice Letters to Cleo Producer, Mixing, Organ
1993 Whatever Aimee Mann Engineer
1993 Full-On Bloom Gigolo Aunts Producer, Engineer, Remixing
1993 Celebrating the Music of Don Covay Engineer
1990 Joyrides for Shut-Ins The Cavedogs Piano
1989 And at the End of the Day Walkers Producer, Engineer, Vocals, Melodica, Piano
1988 Everything's Different Now 'Til Tuesday Engineer, Keyboards
1987 Heavens Big Dipper Piano
throwback songs that hit different Producer
Work From Home: Pop Hits Edition Producer
Walking Music Producer
Viaje a 2003 Producer
Traffic Jam Jams Producer
The Ultimate Skate Punk Album, Vol. 2 Producer
The Best New Year's Party Album in the World...Ever! Producer
The Best Road Trip Album in the World...Ever! Producer
Temazos y Hitazos: 2000's Producer
Teenage Dirtbag Skate Rock Producer
Tarea Casual Producer
Sunny Day Vibes Producer
Summer of Rock Producer
Summer in Spatial Audio Producer
Summer Throwback [2019] Producer
Summer Party 2021 Producer
Summer Hits of the 2000s Producer
Songs for Mom [2022] Producer
Songs That Feel Like Sunshine Producer
Se Eu Morrer Coloque Rock Producer
Round Rock Producer
Rock Workout 2022 Producer
Rock Summer 2022 Producer
Rock Pra Dançar no Quarto Producer
Rock Pra Cantar Gritando Producer
Rock Pra Balançar a Cabeça Producer
Rock Para Solteiros Producer
Rock Para Irritar o Vizinho Producer
Rock Para Desestressar Producer
Rock Para Apaixonados Producer
Rock Hits 90s Producer
Rock Cringe Producer
Rock & Vinho Producer
Roadtrip Bangers Producer
Road Trip Sing-Along Songs [2019] Producer
Road Trip Bangers Producer
Randy Hostetler: Happily Ever After Randy Hostetler Storyteller
Punkpop [2021] Producer
Punk Rock 壓力釋放 [Pressure Relief] Producer
Primavera Rock Viral Producer
Poppunk Producer
Pop Punk Songs Producer
Pop Punk Hits Producer
Pop Punk Essentials Producer
Pop Punk Producer
Pop Goes Punk Producer
Party Hits 2000 Producer
Pais do Rock 2021 Producer
Ouvindo Rock na Terça Producer
Os Maiores Hits do Rock Producer
One Hit Wonders Producer
Não gosto de rock, mas... Producer
Mothers Day [2021] Producer
Mother's Day 2022 [April] Producer
Massive Hits!: Rock Producer
Insta Rock Viral Producer
Indo Pra Escola Ouvindo Rock Producer
Honeycomb Anne Heaton Mixing, Producer
Have a Great Day! Producer
Garden Party 2021 Producer
Garden Festival Producer
Fundo Do Baú Rock Producer
Fourth of July 2021 Producer
Forgotten Hits Producer
Festa Julina Rock 2021 Producer
Everything's Up for Grabs Christian McNeill / The Sea Monsters Mastering
Dose de Rock 2021 Producer
Doce Rock Producer
Dancefloor Fillers Producer
Dad Rocks [2021] Producer
Curtindo o Sábado Rock Producer
Crowd Pleasers [2020] Producer
Alt Throwback Producer
90s Band Producer
80s, 90s, 00s Producer
2k Pop Punk Producer
2000s Throwbacks Vibes Producer
2000s New Year's Party Producer
2000's Kids Producer
00s Rock Producer
00s Music Producer
00s Mixtape, Vol. 2 Producer
00s House Party Producer
00s & 10s Classics Producer
00's Hits [Universal] Producer

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