Mick Patrick


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Year Album Artist
2017 Prince of Power Pop Phil Seymour Project Coordinator
2017 Too Many Teardrops: The Complete Groove & RCA Recordings Charlie Rich Project Coordinator
2016 Love Hit Me! Decca Beat Girls 1962-1970 Illustrations, Compiled
2016 One-Track Mind! More Motown Guys Completion
2016 Ricordare: The Songs of Ennio Morricone Illustrations, Liner Notes
2016 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 9 Liner Notes
2015 Ciao Bella! Italian Girl Singers of the 60s Liner Notes
2015 Here Today!: The Songs of Brian Wilson Illustrations, Liner Notes
2015 Hung on You: More from the Gerry Goffin & Carole King Songbook Liner Notes, Photo Courtesy
2015 Love & Affection: More Motown Girls Compiled
2015 Nick Cave: Heard Them Here First Illustration Research
2015 Sensationnel! Yé-Yé Bonbons 1965-1968 Annie Philippe Illustrations
2015 Sweet Things from the Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry Songbook Liner Notes
2014 Colour My World: Songs of Tony Hatch Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2014 Dusty Heard Them Here First Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2014 Lou Adler: A Musical History Liner Notes
2014 Nippon Girls, Vol. 2: Japanese Pop, Beat & Rock 'n' Roll 1965-70 Coordination
2014 One in a Million: The Songs of Sam Dee Photo Courtesy
2014 She Did It!: The Songs of Jackie DeShannon, Vol. 2 Jackie DeShannon Liner Notes
2014 The Rebel Kind: Girls with Guitars, Vol. 3 Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2014 The Good Foot: The Soundtrack to His Soho Night Snowboy Memorabilia
2014 The London American Label, Year by Year: 1965 Illustrations
2014 Vamps et Vampire: The Songs of Serge Gainsbourg Liner Notes
2013 Born to Be Together: The Songs of Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil Liner Notes
2013 Finders Keepers: Motown Girls 1961-67 Illustrations
2013 Lipstick, Powder & Paint: The New York Dolls Heard Them Here First Photo Courtesy
2013 Nippon Rock 'n' Roll: The Birth of Japanese Rokabirii Masaaki Hirao Coordination
2013 Romark Records: Kent Harrris' Soul Sides Illustrations
2013 Sophisticated Boom Boom: The Shadow Morton Story Photography, Liner Notes, Main Personnel, Memorabilia, Source Material
2013 Très Chic: More French Girl Singers of the 1960s Liner Notes, Photo Courtesy
2013 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 8 Illustrations, Liner Notes, Interviewer, References
2012 Action! The Songs of Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart Illustrations, Liner Notes, Compiled, Additional Production
2012 Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006 John Cale Photography, Illustrations, Liner Notes
2012 Da Doo Ron Ron: More from the Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry Songbook Liner Notes
2012 Have Mercy! The Songs of Don Covay Illustrations, Liner Notes
2012 I Wrote a Song: The Complete 1970s Recordings Marty Cooper Liner Notes
2012 It Moves Me: The Complete Recordings 1958-1964 Eddie Holland Project Coordinator, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2012 Jerk & Twine: The Complete Chess Recordings Jackie Ross Liner Notes
2012 Keep Me in Mind: The Complete Imperial & Liberty Singles, Vol. 3 Jackie DeShannon Illustrations, Liner Notes
2012 Love, Priscilla: Her Solo 1960s Recordings Priscilla Paris Memorabilia
2012 Sassafras & Moonshine: The Songs of Laura Nyro Photography, Liner Notes, Contribution
2012 Something Good: From the Goffin & King Songbook Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2012 The One Who Really Loves You/Two Lovers Mary Wells Illustrations
2012 The Ramones: Heard Them Here First Illustrations
2012 Truly Yours: Their First Motown Album with Bonus Tracks 1963-1967 The Spinners Project Coordinator
2011 Before the Fall Archival Materials
2011 Come and Get Me: The Complete Liberty and Imperial Singles, Vol. 2 Jackie DeShannon Liner Notes
2011 Dance with the Contours The Contours Coordination
2011 I'll Do Anything: The Doris Troy Anthology 1960-1996 Doris Troy Liner Notes
2011 Keep What You Get Ted Taylor Photography, Source Material, References
2011 Magic Colors: The Lost Album Lesley Gore Liner Notes
2011 Phil Spector Presents the Philles Album Collection Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2011 The Fame Studios Story: 1961-1973 Coordination
2011 Where the Boys Are: The Songs of Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfield Liner Notes
2011 Who's Blue? Rare Chess Recordings of the 60s and 70s Etta James Liner Notes, Photo Courtesy, Song Notes
2010 C'est Chic! French Girl Singers of the 1960s Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2010 Califia: The Songs of Lee Hazlewood Illustrations, Liner Notes
2010 Condition Red: Complete Goodees The Goodees Illustrations, Liner Notes
2010 From Merseyside to Hamburg: Complete Star Club The Liverbirds Illustrations, Liner Notes
2010 Hey Beach Girls: Female Surf 'n' Drag Liner Notes
2010 Red Blue Jeans & Checkerboard Socks Source Material
2010 The Soundtrack To Garth Cartwright's Book: More Miles Than Money Memorabilia
2010 Together: The Complete Modern And Kent Recordings Arthur Adams / Al King Illustrations
2010 You Baby: Words and Music by P.F. Sloan & Steve Barri Illustrations, Liner Notes
2009 A Solitary Man: The Early Songs of Neil Diamond Photography, Illustrations, Liner Notes
2009 Birth of Soul: Special Chicago Edition Illustrations
2009 Chains: The Dimension Links 1962-1964 The Cookies Producer, Liner Notes
2009 Destroy That Boy! More Girls with Guitars Liner Notes
2009 Glitter and Gold Illustrations, Liner Notes
2009 Go Go Power: The Complete Chess Singles 1961-1966 Sugar Pie DeSanto Memorabilia, Sleeve Notes
2009 Honey and Wine: Another Gerry Goffin and Carole King Song Collection Illustrations, Liner Notes
2009 Just a Matter of Time: Classic Columbia Recordings 1961-1965 Aretha Franklin Memorabilia
2009 Queen of Rock 'n' Roll Brenda Lee Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2009 Respect: Aretha's Influences and Inspiration Liner Notes
2009 The Real Thing: The Songs of Ashford, Simpson and Armstead Memorabilia, Sleeve Notes
2009 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 7 Illustrations, Liner Notes
2009 Wild Thing: The Songs of Chip Taylor Liner Notes
2009 You Won't Forget Me: The Complete Liberty Singles, Vol. 1 Jackie DeShannon Liner Notes
2008 Angels & Gamblers: Best of 1971-1979 Chip Taylor Source Material
2008 Break-A-Way: The Songs of Jackie DeShannon Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2008 Do-Wah-Diddy: Words and Music by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2008 In the Naked City Liner Notes, Material
2008 On Vine Street: The Early Songs of Randy Newman Photography, Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2008 Once in a Lifetime Mamie Lee Liner Notes, Release Production
2008 Still Dead! The Grim Reaper's Jukebox Photo Courtesy
2008 The Godfather's R&B: James Brown's Productions 1962-67 Memorabilia
2008 The Golden Age of American Popular Music, Vol. 2 Memorabilia
2007 Change Is Gonna Come: The Voice of Black America 1963-1973 Photo Courtesy
2007 Elusive Butterfly: The Complete Jack Nitzsche Sessions Bob Lind Liner Notes
2007 Goffin & King: A Gerry Goffin and Carole King Song Collection 1961-1967 Gerry Goffin Liner Notes
2007 Radio Gold, Vol. 5 Memorabilia
2007 The Leiber & Stoller Story, Vol. 3: Shake 'Em Up & Let 'Em Roll 1962-1969 Leiber & Stoller Compilation Producer
2007 The Pomus & Shuman Story: Double Trouble 1956-1967 Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
2007 Zell's Girls: J&S, Zell's, Baton + Dice Recordings 1955-1970 Liner Notes, Archive Research, Cover Photo
2006 Hard Workin Man: The Jack Nitzsche Story, Vol. 2 Sleeve Art, Archive Research, Song Notes
2006 I'll Be Spinning: The J&S Recordings Johnnie & Joe Liner Notes
2006 It Came from the Suburbs: Rare Teen Rock from the Kennedy Era Research Assistant
2006 The J&S Years Baby Washington Liner Notes, Archive Research
2006 The Leiber & Stoller Story, Vol. 2: On the Horizon 1956-1962 Leiber & Stoller Liner Notes
2006 Their Complete Dice Recordings: Plus Later Sides Clickettes Liner Notes, Archive Research
2005 Bluesoul Belles: The Complete Calla, Port & Roulette Recordings Bettye LaVette Sleeve Notes
2005 Bobby's Girl: Complete Seville Recording Marcie Blane Annotation
2005 Early Girls, Vol. 4 Liner Notes
2005 Phil's Spectre II: Another Wall of Soundalikes Liner Notes
2005 The Best of Reparata and the Delrons Reparata & the Delrons Annotation, Essay
2005 The Jack Nitzsche Story: Hearing Is Believing: 1962-1979 Jack Nitzsche Liner Notes, Research
2004 Dream Babes, Vol. 5: Folk Rock and Faithfull Group Member
2004 Girls Go Zonk!!: US Beat Chicks and Harmony Honeys Producer, Liner Notes
2004 Girls With Guitars Annotation
2004 Suzie: The Hickory Anthology 1961-1965 Sue Thompson Liner Notes, Archive Research
2004 Teenage Crush, Vol. 4 Liner Notes
2004 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 6 Photography, Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2003 Complete Quiet Elegance on Hi Quiet Elegance Photography, Liner Notes
2003 Dream Babes, Vol. 4: Go Girl Producer, Photography, Memorabilia
2003 Laurie Records Story, Vol. 2: The Ernie Maresca Years Liner Notes
2003 Phil's Spectre: A Wall of Soundalikes Liner Notes
2003 Poison Ivy: The Songs of Leiber and Stoller Liner Notes
2003 That's How It Goes: The Pye Anthology The Breakaways Photography, Memorabilia
2003 The Essential Tony Hatch & His Orchestra: Grooves, Hits and Themes Tony Hatch Liner Notes, Annotation
2003 The Laurie Records Story, Vol. 1 Photography, Liner Notes
2003 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 5 Photography, Liner Notes, Archive Research, Annotation
2002 La Beat en Francais Petula Clark Liner Notes, Annotation
2002 Our Day Will Come: The Very Best of Ruby & the Romantics Ruby & the Romantics Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
2002 The Arock & Sylvia Soul Story Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Discography, Photo Courtesy, Sleeve Notes
2002 The Hi Singles A's & B's Ann Peebles Liner Notes
2001 Bluesoul Belles, Vol. 4: The Scepter and Musicor Recordings Judy Clay Concept, Annotation
2001 Bob Crewe Presents the Dynovoice Story Liner Notes, Concept, Annotation
2001 Half Heaven, Half Heartache: The Brunswick Recordings Big Maybelle Annotation
2001 Llll-Little Eva!: The Complete Dimension Recordings Little Eva Liner Notes, Annotation
2001 The Complete Congress Recordings Shirley Ellis Liner Notes
2001 Was That Your Vinyl Answer Concept, Annotation, Photo Courtesy
2001 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 4 Liner Notes
2000 Blue Soul Belles, Vol. 2 Jean Knight Liner Notes
2000 Bluesoul Belles, Vol. 3: The Hi Recordings 1965-1978 Jean Plum Annotation
2000 Come Get It: The Complete Josie Recordings 1970-1971 Honey & the Bees Annotation
2000 Early Girls, Vol. 3 Liner Notes, Compilation Assistant, Cover Photo
2000 Goin' Back: The Songs of Goffin & King Liner Notes, Coordination
2000 Just Walk in My Shoes: The Songs of Motown Liner Notes, Coordination
2000 My Town, My Guy & Me/Sings All About Love Lesley Gore Annotation
2000 Spotlight on Maxine Brown/Greatest Hits Maxine Brown Liner Notes
2000 Teenage Crush, Vol. 3 Liner Notes, Sequencing
1999 Beyond Valley of Dimension Dolls: Girls Will Be Girls, Vol. 2 Annotation
1999 Bluesoul Belles Carol Fran / Bettye LaVette Liner Notes
1999 From Calypso to Disco: The Roots of Black Britain Liner Notes
1999 Girls Will Be Girls, Vol. 1 Sequencing, Annotation
1999 On Broadway: Hit Songs and Rarities From the Brill Building Era Concept, Annotation
1999 Teenage Triangle/More Teenage Triangle James Darren / Shelley Fabares / Paul Petersen Liner Notes
1999 What More Can a Woman Do? Brunswick & Chi-Sound Sisters of Soul Liner Notes, Sequencing, Annotation
1999 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 2 Liner Notes
1998 Another Night With Big Dee Irwin Big Dee Irwin Photography, Illustrations, Liner Notes
1998 Here Come the Boys, Vol. 2: In My Imagination Liner Notes
1998 Here Come the Girls, Vol. 9: Slow Fizz Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1997 Early Girls, Vol. 2 Photography
1997 Here Come the Boys, Vol. 1 Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1997 Where the Girls Are Compilation Producer, Photography, Liner Notes
1996 Early Girls, Vol. 1: Popsicles and Icicles Liner Notes
1995 Fabulous Flips, Vol. 2 Photography
1995 Here Come the Girls, Vol. 6 Liner Notes
1995 Lost & Found The Shirelles Research
1995 Playin' Hard to Get: West Coast Girls Liner Notes
1995 Presenting Dionne Warwick/Anyone Who Had a Heart Dionne Warwick Photography
1995 Something to Shout About The Exciters Liner Notes
1995 The Best of the Essex Featuring Anita Humes The Essex Liner Notes, Annotation
1995 The Complete Raindrops The Raindrops Liner Notes
1994 Here Come the Girls, Vol. 3: Run Mascara Photography, Illustrations, Liner Notes
1994 Myrmidons of Melodrama [RPM 136] The Shangri-Las Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Annotation, Photo Courtesy
1993 Kiss 'n' Tell Liner Notes, Archive Research
1993 You Can Be Wrong About Boys Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1991 The Red Bird Story [Charly 4-CD] Liner Notes
1985 On Tar Beach The Deadbeats Coordination
1978 Etta Is Betta Than Evvah! Etta James Illustrations, Liner Notes
1972 Free (The Paula Recordings) Fontella Bass Liner Notes
1970 Hightower Rosetta Hightower Liner Notes
1969 I'll Pick a Rose for My Rose: The Complete Motown Recordings 1964-1971 Marv Johnson Photography, Main Personnel, Coordination
1969 Soul Perfection Betty Harris Sleeve Art
1968 The Artistry of Brenda Holloway Brenda Holloway Memorabilia
1967 Breakout Lori Burton Producer, Liner Notes
1966 How Do You Say I Don't Love You Anymore Freda Payne Producer, Liner Notes, Concept
1965 Queen of Soul Etta James Illustrations
1965 The Sound of Bacharach Liner Notes
1964 Boys, Boys, Boys Lesley Gore Liner Notes
1963 What's a Matter Baby Timi Yuro Producer, Liner Notes
Ain't It The Truth: The Ric & Ron Story, Vol. 2 Photography
Beat Girls Espanol! 1960s She-Pop From Spain Liner Notes
Bowie Heard Them Here First Illustrations
Classical Gassers Illustrations
Girls Want the Boys! Swedish Beat Girls 1964-1970 Liner Notes
Good Vibrations: A Record Shop, A Label, A Film Soundtrack Photo Courtesy
Gotta Get Up! The Songs of Harry Nilsson 1965-1972 Liner Notes, Compiled
Hang on Sloopy: The Bert Berns Story, Vol. 3 Liner Notes
If You Loved Me: RCA Recordings From Around the World 1963-1969 Peggy March Illustrations, Compiled
In the Vaults, Vol. 5 The Ventures Coordination
Incomparable Soul Vocalist Lou Johnson Memorabilia
Jon Savage's 1965: Year the 60s Ignited Project Coordinator
Jon Savage's 1967: Year Pop Divided Project Coordinator
Lost Without You: The Best of Kent Ballads 2 Illustrations
Love’s Been Good to Me: The Songs of Rod Mckuen Liner Notes
Lovin' Mighty Fire Coordination
Marylebone Beat Girls 1964-1967 Liner Notes, Compiled
Scratch My Back! Pye Beat Girls 1963-1968 Liner Notes
Shazam! and Other Instrumentals Written by Lee Hazlewood Illustrations
Sweet Dreams: Where Country Meets Soul, Vol. 2 Photography, Memorabilia
The Laurie Records Story, Vol. 3: Girls and Girls Groups Illustrations, Liner Notes
Toujours Chic!: More French Girl Singers of the 1960s Illustrations, Liner Notes
Zou Bisou Bisou: Tout en Francais the Ye Ye Years Gillian Hills Compiled