Maor Appelbaum


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Year Album Artist
2017 Carpe Noctum Armored Saint Mastering
2017 Middle of the Road Eric Gales Mastering
2017 Monstrocity Madam X Mastering
2017 Powerflo Powerflo Mastering
2017 The Complete Albums Collection Rob Halford Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2017 Topographic Drama: Live Across America Yes Mastering
2017 Vengeful Ascension Goatwhore Mastering
2016 Armageddon Equilibrium Mastering
2016 Braver Than We Are Meat Loaf Mastering
2016 Cellophane Richie Ramone Mastering
2016 Delicious Rock Noise Radkey Mastering
2016 Did I Make You Go Ooh Eddie Levert Mastering
2016 Five The Agonist Mastering
2016 Into the Legend Rhapsody of Fire Mastering
2016 Masters of Evil Michael Denner / Denner/Shermann / Hank Shermann Mastering
2016 Outta Time Vernon Neilly Mastering
2016 Shapeshifter Smile Empty Soul Mastering
2016 Tech N' Roll Seek Irony Mastering
2016 Thundering Herd Kyle Gass Band Mastering
2016 Turning Point Vigilante Mastering
2015 Culling the Weak Archer Mastering
2015 Immortal Randy Rhoads: The Ultimate Tribute Mastering
2015 Like It Is: Live at the Mesa Arts Center Yes Mastering
2015 Satan's Tomb Michael Denner / Denner/Shermann / Hank Shermann Mastering
2015 Sol Invictus Faith No More Mastering
2015 The Overlords of the Cosmic Revelation Leroy Powell and the Messengers / Leroy Powell Mastering
2014 Esoteric Warfare Mayhem Mastering
2014 Evolution (hed) p.e. Mastering
2014 Good for Sumthin' Eric Gales Mastering
2014 Heaven & Earth Yes Mastering
2014 Kill All Kings Channel Zero Mastering
2014 Kindly Bent to Free Us Cynic Mastering
2014 Like It Is: Yes at the Bristol Hippodrome Yes Mastering
2014 Orchestrating the Apocalypse Warfather Mastering
2014 The Chimpz The Chimpz Mastering
2014 The Stand-Up Years 1964-1968 Woody Allen Archival Tape Engineer
2014 Till Death, La Familia Ill Niño Mastering
2014 Transmissions Starset Mastering
2013 Darkness in a Different Light Fates Warning Mastering
2013 Epilogue The Prog Collective Mastering
2013 Flash Featuring Ray Bennett & Colin Carter Flash Mastering
2013 Fly Like an Eagle: An All-Star Tribute to the Steve Miller Band Mastering
2013 Frequency Unknown Queensrÿche Mastering
2013 Hope in Hell Anvil Mastering
2013 Luther's Blues: A Tribute to Luther Allison Walter Trout Mastering
2013 Obscure Verses for the Multiverse inquisition Mastering
2013 Ponder the Mystery William Shatner Mastering
2013 Post Mortem Nihil Est Dagoba Mastering
2013 Rare & Unreleased Anthology 1971-2012 Huw Lloyd-Langton Mastering
2013 Time Machine Nektar Mastering
2013 When We Changed You XNA Mastering
2012 A Spoonful of Time Nektar Mastering
2012 Bad Decisions The Last Vegas Mastering
2012 Blues for the Modern Daze Walter Trout Mastering
2012 Broken Bones Dokken Mastering
2012 Fear of a Unique Identity Antimatter Mastering
2012 Harmonic Philm Mastering
2012 Last Man Standing Legacy of Disorder Mastering
2012 Live in New York 1971 Humble Pie Mastering
2012 The Prog Collective The Prog Collective Mastering
2012 The Fusion Syndicate The Fusion Syndicate Mastering
2011 9 Chambers 9 Chambers Mastering
2011 Adrenaline Mob Adrenaline Mob Mastering
2011 Carbon-Based Anatomy Cynic Mastering
2011 Feeding the Beast Surfact Mastering
2011 Head Break Solution Icon in Me Mastering
2011 In Carbon Mysticism Winterus Mastering
2011 In Paradisum Symfonia Mastering
2011 Kairos Sepultura Mastering
2011 Live at Saitama Super Arena Halford Mastering
2011 Live at Saitama Super Arena [DVD/Blu-Ray] Halford Mastering
2011 Munsalvaesche Enid Mastering
2011 Transhuman Believer Mastering
2011 What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell! Nekromantix Mastering
2010 69 Thulium Mastering
2010 Aqua Angra Mastering
2010 Avalanche of Worms Eyal Levi / Emil Werstler Mastering
2010 Casa Mendoza Marco Mendoza Mastering
2010 Cradle Bay Nobody Lives Forever Editing, Mastering
2010 Daath Dååth Mastering
2010 Doomsday Revolution The New Czars Mastering
2010 Dum-Dum Bullets The Mission UK Mastering
2010 Goodbye from California Lindsey Ray Mastering
2010 Halford IV: Made of Metal Halford Mastering
2010 La Raza Armored Saint Mastering
2010 Live In Aneheim [DVD] Halford Mastering Engineer
2010 Live in Anaheim Halford Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2010 Made of Metal Halford Mastering
2010 More Anxiety Smile Empty Soul Editing, Mastering
2010 Re-Traced Cynic Mastering
2010 Seven the Hardway Seven the Hardway Mastering
2010 The Guessing Game Cathedral Mastering
2010 The Return of the Witch NecronomicoN Mastering
2009 A New Identity Edgend Mastering
2009 Bare Wayne Hussey Mastering
2009 Carusella Carusella Mastering
2009 Eight Ways Madder Mortem Mastering
2009 El Rostro de la Muerte Hirax Mastering
2009 Engineering the Rule Gnostic Mastering
2009 Halford III: Winter Songs Halford Mastering
2009 Holy City Zoo Mob Research Engineer, Mixing
2009 Mene Teqel Farsin Maor Appelbaum / Maurizio Bianchi Primary Artist, Producer, Composer, Engineer, Mixing, Noise, Mastering, Feedback, Effects
2009 Rocket Science Apoptygma Berzerk Mastering
2009 Sad Day on Planet Earth Lillian Axe Mastering
2009 The Miskolc Experience Therion Mastering
2009 The Miskolc Experience [DVD] Therion Mastering
2009 Wicked Wonderland Lita Ford Mastering
2008 2nd Place to None Supe Mixing, Assistant Engineer
2008 Hidden Side Jarell Mastering
2008 Ignite Econoline Crush Assistant, Musician
2008 Into the Pit Fight Remastering, Mastering
2008 Live at Rock in Rio III Halford Mixing, Mastering, Consultant
2008 Love, The Angels The Angels Mastering
2008 Perpetual Flame Yngwie Malmsteen Mastering
2008 Real Soldierz Ride Riviera Regime Mastering
2008 Sharing Space Cog Mixing
2008 Sons of Thunder Driver Mastering
2008 The Reckoning F5 Mastering
2008 Weird Machine Treponem Pal Mastering
2007 Cold Asylum Iwr Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Synthesizer, Programming, Sampling, Bass, Noise, Effects
2007 King Cake Lisa Haley Mixing
2007 Mourning Duet Clint Listing Composer, Primary Artist
2007 Peger Barbara Mastering
2007 Trapped Inside Mankind Is Obsolete Mastering, Assistant Engineer
2006 Earth Penitentiary [Demo] Epidemic Mastering
2006 Ground Zero Iwr Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Synthesizer, Guitar (Bass), Programming, Sampling, Noise, Effects
2006 Victims of Self Preservation Poochlatz Producer, Composer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Great Discoveries & Plasma Ticks Vultures Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 Vultures Vultures Producer, Mixing, Synthesizer, Programming, Sampling, Mastering, Effects
2003 Tel Aviv Aftermath Producer, Composer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Cosmovision Nightmare Remastering
2001 Djinn Melechesh Mastering
2001 Winds Blow Higher Sleepless Producer, Engineer, Lyricist, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Fretless Bass, Programming, Vocals (Background), Bass, Guitar (Rhythm), Noise, Fuzz Bass, Effects, Shortwave Radio, Composer
1999 In the Eyes of God Today Is the Day Remastering
1997 Temple of the Morning Star Today Is the Day Mastering
1972 Psychonaut Brainticket Remastering
2 Years of Trouble Shenkin Punx Mastering
A Fading Frontier Luke Mitchem Mastering
A Lethal Dose of Truth Sylencer Mastering
A Symphony of Wolf Tones and Ghost Notes Nekromantix Mastering
A Taste Of... Wicked Wonderland Lita Ford Mastering
Ada Wraith of the Ropes Mastering
After Hole La Machine Mastering
Alloy 20 Alloy 20 Mastering
Alone Basler Mastering
Antipi Order of 315 Mastering
As One Jack the Riffer Mastering
Asymmetry Asymmetry Mastering
At the End of Infinity: Echoes & Thoughts of Wonde Composer
At the End of the Day Erik Neff Mastering
Back From Ashes Back From Ashes Mastering
Beauty of a Lie Concrete Tree Mastering
Becoming God Wicked Plan Mastering
Before the Blood Long Beach Vagrant Mastering
Before the Last Light is Blown Shelly Yosha Mastering
Betty Calaska Mastering
Between Two Worlds The Daniel Green Show Mastering
Black Current Black Current Mastering
Brand New Revolution Gus G. Mastering
Broken Pieces Stork Mastering
Buzzer Buzzer Mastering
Casa Mendoza Casa Mendoza Mastering
Citizen Billy Sherwood Mastering
Coda Blue Helix Mastering
Collaborating Torture Maor Appelbaum / Hollowing Primary Artist, Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Liner Notes, Mastering
Collapsing Stars Star Lake Mastering
Commence Manahan Mastering
Countdown Driver Mastering
Creatures of Habit Davinport Mastering
Cris Vara Cris Vara Mastering
Cutlery Hits China: English for the Hearing Impared Grave in the Sky Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar (Bass), Bass, Noise, Mastering, Effects
Deadly Love The Chop Tops Mastering
Deltanaut Deltanaut Mastering
Demorustool Volition Mastering
Descent to the Underworld Raven Lord Mastering
Desert Battles Descending To the Sands Arallu Mastering
Ego Maniacs De Lion Mastering
El Dorado Hotel Lana Lane Mastering
Embrace the Horror In Virtue Mastering
Eve of Destruction Bear Witness Mastering
Fade Remove Silence Mastering
Fallen Hero Shades of Crimson Mastering
Famous People Famous People Mastering
Feathergun Rishloo Mastering
Finding Our Way Shell Shock Lullaby Mastering
Fragments of Hysteria LeChuck Mastering
Frail Visions Remembrance Mastering
From Ashes We Rise 13 Down Mastering
Gabriel Visionary Mastering
Girls With Guitars Koex Mastering
Goddess of Rock Kat Marco Remastering
Gypsy Girl Alaina Blair Mastering
Hail the New Cross Shatter Messiah Mastering
Haunted Soundscapes, Vol. 1 Composer
Hindsight: Suffering Hour and Reason Anacrusis Mastering
Hit It The Slam Mastering
Honor Way Down Primitive Overflow Mastering
Hope Dies Last Demo Demented Sanity Mastering
Ignition Annie Mac Mastering
Imerica Anew Revolution Mastering
Immersed in Flames Godwrath Mastering
In the Dream Magentic Mastering
In the Shadows of Madness Jake Dreyer Mastering
Inceptum Eyes of Noctum Mastering
Incomprehensible Andy Winter Mastering
Insomnia Vellocet Mastering
Is This Reality Badseed Mastering
Jacobson's Organ Ronny Katz Mastering
Jamesking Jamesking Mastering
Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet: Live in Haarlem Mastering
Joey Sykes Joey Sykes Mastering
Just Like You Imagined From Exile Mastering
Kee of Hearts Kee of Hearts Remastering
Knight of the Word Crawler Mastering
Kryptonite Kryptonite Remastering
Lapis Lazuli Kattah Mastering
Let Them Suffer Dead Jesus Mastering
Let's Hang Out Assemble the Skyline Mastering
Life As a Canvas Aurganic Mastering
Life of Lies Downsiid Mastering
Live In Wacken Bonfire Mastering
Live and Let Live True Mastering
Long Ride Home 36 Cents & a Dream Mastering
Loud!!! Noizee Mastering
Love is Coming Robin Beck Mastering
Love, Laura and the Bomb Luke Mitchem Mastering
Low End Screening Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Bass, Effects, Composer
Made For Lovers Chop Suzy Mastering
Makoto Mamayata Makoto Kamayata Mastering
Massive Audio Nerve M.A.N. Mastering
Metal Prayer Eliyahu Meir Dali Mastering
Missin Link Royal Bloo Mastering
Monitoring the Blind Vectorscope Producer, Composer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Musician
More A Devil Than A God Man Made Sun Mastering
More Than Just Music, Vol. 1 Living Word Fellowship Mastering
Mourning Dawn Mourning Dawn Mastering
Mötæ Mötæ Mastering
Napoleon's Complex Grim / Grim Mastering
Negative Reaction & Beneath the Frozen Soil Beneath the Frozen Soil / Negative Reaction Mastering
Never Stand Still Katja Rieckermann Mastering
New Hate Betzefer Mastering
Nightmare Fule Expulsion Mastering
NoMara NoMara Mastering
OK Katyusha Katyusha Kid Engineer, Mastering
Old Habits Die Hard Frank DiMino Mastering
On the Aim Strident Mastering
One Family United Rockers 4U Mastering
Other Side The Last Vegas Mastering
Overrated Wet Bandits Mastering
Pathway To Infinity Shadows Entwined Mastering
Piercing Random Lives Mugshot Mastering
Playing With Thunder Loud N' Clear Mastering
Please Take Your Cash AntiProduct Engineer, Editing
Provocateur Rattle Snake Mastering
Race of Lies Armilos Mastering
Re:Turn Troy Mastering
Redemption The Roland Bowling Band Mastering
Refuel Rocket Scientists Mastering
Revenge of the Shredlord Joe Stump Mastering
Riding Shotgun Riding Shotgun Mastering
Rollin Revolution Betty Moon Mastering
Rorschach Dante Mastering
Run From Death Bob Spring Mastering
Schwarzenator Schwarzenator Mastering
Schwarzenator [EP] Schwarzenator Mastering
Self Control Seizure-Chaosmind Serotonal Mastering
Serenity Rockstar Superstar Project Mastering
Settle Right In Punger Mastering
Shredding Across the World, Vol. 2 Mastering
Sinners of Sodom Hangaman Mastering
Skeleton Key Excommunicated Mastering
So Close Brad Rounds Mastering
Son Locuaz Son Locuaz Mastering
Songs of the Century: An All-Star Tribute To Supertramp Mastering
Soon In Here Soon In Here Mastering
Soul Pretender Primitive Race Mastering
Soul Wood Soul Baba Didg Mastering
Spielplatz Drugstore Fanatics Mastering
Stay Jack Thomas Bond Mastering
Steel Alive Existance Mastering
Still I Rise Deliver Us From Evil Mastering
Stomp the Ground A Balance of Power Mastering
Stonebreed Stonebreed Mastering
Stork Stork Mastering
Supernatural Highways Rocket Scientists Mastering
Superstition Kaktus Project Mastering
Tattered and True Don Kimenker Mastering
Thanks For Giving In Poochlatz Mixing, Bass, Noise, Mastering, Group Member
The Art of Survival Billy Sherwood Mastering
The Beast Remembers Immaterial Mastering
The Golden Vine Onward We March Mastering
The Rising Tides Sekond Skyn Mastering
The Sorrow, the Sadness Chains Mastering
The Takeover Hollywood Heartthrob Mastering
The Best of What Dreams Are Made Of Roy Yarkoni Mixing
The Bubble [2006] Mastering
The Life I Remember Once Human Remastering
The Messiah Experiment Naraka Mastering
The Order of Control Bruce Bouillet Mastering
The Unforgiving Shoe of the Future Grandpa Death Experience Mastering
Threat Virus From Hell Mastering
Thriller: A Metal Tribute to Michael Jackson Mastering
Thulium Thulium Mastering
Thursday Lostboycrow Mastering
Thy Mesmerized Thy Mesmerized Producer, Composer, Engineer, Lyricist, Mixing, Synthesizer, Bass, Noise, Mastering, Instrumentation, Effects
Tiger Fake Fur Tiger Fake Fur Mastering
Time To Wake Top Shelf Mastering
Uncovered! Butcher Babies Mastering
Unfold Almah Mastering
Unify World Trade Mastering
Until You Believe Hana Kim Mastering
Valley of the Windmill CIRCA: Mastering Engineer
Verdun Verdun Mastering
Village Asgaut Mastering
Volumes MGT Mastering
Wake Mortal Manifest Mastering
We Are Alive Matricide Mastering
We Must Protect Her… Ashes of Ruin Mastering
Welcome To Concrete Welcome To Concrete Mastering
What We've Lost Enders Game Mastering
World's Best Hope All 41 Remastering
Year of the Snake Spiders & Snakes Mastering