One of the many outfits that followed in the wake of U.K. bands in the mid-'80s who combined '60s pop melodies with noisy, lo-fi recording techniques, Manchester's Magic Roundabout's few existing recordings place them somewhere between the clamorously noisy attack of the Jesus and Mary Chain and the fragile tenderness of the Shop Assistants. They only released one song while together as a band; their entire recorded output was issued years later by Third Man Records on 7" and LP. The group formed in 1986, inspired by the Velvet Underground and ready to play shows even before they had mastered their instruments. Soon after getting a batch of songs together, they shared stages with the likes of My Bloody Valentine, the Pastels, Loop, and the Blue Aeroplanes. Their enthusiasm and hooky songs caught the ear of Pulp's Mark Webber, who added ...
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