An indie pop singer/songwriter who takes a jazzy, playful approach to vocals and instrumentation, even when addressing frustrating subjects, Mae Powell began releasing her first self-penned songs in the early 2020s. Her optimistic debut album, Both Ways Brighter, arrived in 2021. Growing up in San Diego, Powell often watched folk musicians record in a makeshift studio her mother and sister operated out of their garage. She moved north in 2014 to study broadcasting and audio production at San Francisco State University, and it was there that she met and began collaborating with other musicians. Influenced by the observational approach of Frankie Cosmos, she soon started writing her own songs. Powell began recording her first album with guitarist Spencer Owings, bassist Mayya Feygina, drummer Sam Jones, and lap steel guitarist Garrett ...
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Both Ways Brighter 2021 Both Ways Brighter
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