Luar na Lubre

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Reinterpreting songs from centuries-old songbooks, Luar Na Lubre has brought the musical traditions of Galicia, a Celtic region in northwestern Spain, to the international stage since 1986. The recipients…
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Year Album Label AllMusic Rating User Ratings
O Son Do Ar
1988 O Son Do Ar Clave
Beira Atlantica
1990 Beira Atlantica WEA International
Ara Solis
1993 Ara Solis Son Galiza
1997 Plenilunio WEA International
O Cabo do Mundo
1999 O Cabo do Mundo WEA International
2002 Espiral Warner Bros.
Hai Un Paraiso
2004 Hai Un Paraiso WEA International
2005 Saudade WEA International
Caminos Da Fin Da Terra
2008 Caminos Da Fin Da Terra Warner Music
Ao Vivo
2009 Ao Vivo Warner Bros. / WEA Spain
Mar Maior
2012 Mar Maior WEA
Torre de Breoghán
2014 Torre de Breoghán Warner Music
Extra: Mundi
2015 Extra: Mundi
Sons da Lubre Nas Noites de Luar
Sons da Lubre Nas Noites de Luar Warner Music
Ribeira sacra
Ribeira sacra Warner Music
Solsticio WEA Spain
Discografia Basica
Discografia Basica Warner Bros.