Lace Curtains

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The pop-centric side project of Harlem (Austin-based garage punk unit) co-founder Michael Coomers.
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A Signed Piece of Paper
The solo vehicle for Tucson, Arizona-bred singer/songwriter Michael Coomers, who was the co-founder (along with longtime pal Curtis O’Mara) of the ramshackle Austin, Texas-based garage punk unit Harlem, Lace Curtains retains his flagship band's feisty spirit and penchant for black humor, while incorporating more relatable lyrics and a myriad of genres (indie folk, R&B, power pop, dance rock, disco, etc.) into the mix. His first collection of music to be released under the moniker, 2012's Burger Records-issued Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness, focused on a recent break-up and enlisted help from Bloc Party drummer Matt Tong, while 2014's Female Fantasy-issued Signed Piece of Paper adopted a more upbeat (and genre-hopping) approach.