Kylie Minogue started her career as an actress on an Australian soap, but her charisma and highly adaptable talents as a pop singer soon landed her on top of the music world. The ride was bumpy, with high highs (chart-topping singles and albums, a brilliant collaboration with Nick Cave) and low lows (cancer, being dropped by record labels), but through it all, Minogue's sunny relatability never flagged. During the 1980s, she released effervescent Stock, Aitken & Waterman-produced pop singles like "I Should Be So Lucky" and "The Loco-Motion" and cultivated a cheerful, cheeky persona. Once she broke away from the SAW machine, she was free to explore music styles and seek out a new, more adult image. She dipped her toes into trip-hop with "Confide in Me," slick dance-pop on "Better the Devil You Know," and pop/rock with guitars on "Some ...
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