Klaus Stemmler


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Year Album Artist
2009 Master of the Andean Flutes Joël Francisco Perri Cover Photo
2007 World Travel: Peru/Andes Photography
2005 Best of Modern Arabian Bellydance Aboud Abdel Al / Abdel Al-Adoud Cover Photo
2003 The Dulcimer Collection Cover Photo
2003 Traditional Hungary Méta Cover Photo
2002 20 Best of Carribean Tropical Music Pablo Cárcamo Photography
2002 Canto General The Athenians Cover Photo
2002 El Merengue: Musica Latina Photography
2002 Hungarian Gypsy Music Andras Farkas Cover Photo
2002 Magic Flutes & Music from the Andes Alpamayo Photography, Cover Photo
2002 Salsa Latin Jazz Latin Sextet Cover Photo
2001 Famous Hungarian Gypsy Tunes Andras Farkas Photography
2001 Festival Tropical Photography, Cover Photo
2000 Folk Music From Venezuela Huáscar Barradas Photography
1999 Turkish Bellydance: Desert Night Dance Hüseyin & Günay Türkmenler Photography
1998 Classical Tango Argentino Hugo Diaz Photography
1998 Modern Belly Dance Music from Lebanon, Vol. 6 Emad Sayyah Photography
1998 Rembetiko & Popular Music from Greece The Athenians Photography, Cover Photo
1998 The Art of the Gipsy Cimbalom Kálmán Balogh Photography
1997 Flamenco Total [2 Disc] El Mondao Y Su Grupo Photography, Cover Photo
1997 Gipsy Flamenco Guitarras, Vol. 2 Rafa El Tachuela Photography
1997 More Latin American Hits for Bellydance Hossam Ramzy Photography
1997 Valse Musette Enrique Ugarte Photography, Cover Photo
1996 Best of Salsa Los Latinos Photography
1996 Con Amor Spanish Gypsy Photography
1996 Egyptian Bellydance Ahlamy / Rafat Misso / Hossam Ramzy Photography
1996 Flamenco Total Andrés Fernández Amador Photography
1996 Gipsy Music from Hungarian Villages Kálmán Balogh / Méta / Meta/Balogh Photography, Cover Photo
1995 Best of Belly Dance from Turkey [#1] Esin Engin Photography, Cover Photo
1995 Best of Mariachi from Mexico Photography
1995 Festival Tropical: Salsa, Cumbia, Lambada, Merengue, Samba... Photography
1995 Magic of the Indian Flutes Alpamayo Photography
1995 Masters of the Panpipes, Vol. 2 Photography
1995 Modern Belly Dance Music from Lebanon, Vol. 1 Emad Sayyah Photography
1995 The Best of Bellydance from Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon... Photography, Cover Photo
1995 The Gipsy: Cimbalom Kálmán Balogh Photography
1994 Accordion Champion Enrique Ugarte Photography
1994 Baila Merengue Musica Latina Photography
1994 Basque Folk Music Enrique Ugarte Photography
1994 Best of Modern Belly Dance From Arabia Abdel Al Aboud Cover Photo
1994 Beyond the Shadows Golden Bough Cover Photo
1994 Caribbean Tropical Dance Party, Vol. 2 Photography
1994 Celtic Lullabies: Songs & Harp Tunes from Ireland, Scotland & Wales Margie Butler Cover Photo
1994 Christmas in Latin America Patricia Salas Photography
1994 Classical Chinese Folk Music Pan Jing Ensemble / Pan Jing & Ensemble Photography, Cover Photo
1994 Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma Mariachi Sol de Mexico Photography
1994 Folksongs from Venezuela: De Norte A Sur Ricardo Jonas Photography, Cover Photo
1994 Gaetano Giani-Luporini: Selected Works Essam Rashad Photography
1994 Hayati: The Best of Egyptian Belly Dance Music Mostafa Sax Photography, Cover Photo
1994 Jiddische Klezmer Musik Frejlechs Photography, Cover Photo
1994 Latin American Hits for Bellydance [2 CD] Hossam Ramzy Photography, Cover Photo
1994 Magic of the Paraguayan Harp & Indian Flutes Pablo Cárcamo Photography
1994 Master of the Indian Flutes [1] Joël Francisco Perri Photography
1994 Mexico Lindo Mariachi Sol de Mexico Photography, Cover Photo
1994 Modern Belly Dance Music from Lebanon, Vol. 3 Emad Sayyah Photography
1994 More Lambada Grupo Bahia Cover Photo
1994 Play Rembetiko The Athenians Photography
1994 Salsa Picante The Latin Sextet Photography
1994 Songs & Dances from Turkey Kenan Kockaya Photography
1994 The Best of Abdul Halim Hafiz Hossam Ramzy / Hossam Ramzy & His Egyptian Ensemble Cover Photo
1994 The Best of Om Kolthoum Hossam Ramzy Photography, Cover Photo
1994 Valse Musette, Vol. 2 Enrique Ugarte Photography
1992 Flutes and Panpipes from the Andes Alpamayo Photography, Cover Photo
1992 Popular Gypsy Melodies Andras Farkas Photography, Cover Photo
1989 Festival Latino Sebastian Solis Photography
1988 Far from Home Golden Bough Cover Photo