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Year Album Artist
2023 The Returner Allison Russell Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2023 Keep Your Courage Natalie Merchant Mastering
2023 I Only See the Moon The Milk Carton Kids Mastering
2023 Come Back to Me Peter One Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2022 This Better Be Good Peter Donovan Mastering
2022 There's Something About the Night Scott Ellison Sequencing, Mastering
2022 Make Myself Me Again Cristina Vane Mastering
2022 Just Like That... Bonnie Raitt Mastering
2022 House to House Matt Andersen Mastering Engineer
2021 Waylaid Hank Wonder Mastering
2021 Time Traveler Nnenna Freelon Mastering
2021 They're Calling Me Home Rhiannon Giddens Mastering, Studio Personnel
2021 Queens of the Summer Hotel Aimee Mann Mastering
2021 Outside Child Allison Russell Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2021 Midnight Carnival Mark Germino Mastering
2021 Happy Birthday, Ratboy Ratboys Mastering
2021 From Burnside With Love Matt Mays Mastering Engineer
2021 Chapter Three The Legal Matters Mastering
2021 Artvertisement Darrin Bradbury Mastering
2021 American Siren Emily Scott Robinson Mastering
2020 The Best of Tommysongs Tommy Emmanuel Stylist, Wardrobe
2020 Skyline Drive Scott Ellison Sequencing, Mastering
2020 Memphis Loud Victor Wainwright / Victor Wainwright and the Train Mastering
2020 Good Luck Everybody AJJ Mastering
2020 Cold Comfort Ruthie Collins Mastering
2020 Blindsided Mark Erelli Mastering
2020 Another Me Sarah Walk Mastering, Bass (Electric)
2019 To Memphis Foy Vance Mastering
2019 To Each His Own E.B. the Younger Mastering
2019 There Is No Other Rhiannon Giddens Mastering
2019 The Hidden Hills Sessions Carla Olson / Todd Wolfe Mastering
2019 Peace of Mind Danny Lynn Wilson Mastering
2019 Love & Revelation Over the Rhine Mastering
2019 Halfway Home by Morning Matt Andersen Mastering
2019 From Muscle Shoals Foy Vance Mastering
2019 Back to You Charlie Karp Mastering
2019 A Story I Got to Tell Doug Seegers Mastering
2018 World On Sticks Sam Phillips Mastering
2018 Victor Wainwright & the Train Victor Wainwright Mastering
2018 Ugly Spiral: Lost Works 2012-2016 AJJ Mastering
2018 This Too Shall Light Amy Helm Mastering Engineer
2018 The '59 Sound Sessions The Gaslight Anthem Mastering
2018 Revolution in Your Heart Eric Lindell Mastering
2018 Out in the Open Steep Canyon Rangers Mastering
2018 Everywhere I Go Cicada Rhythm Mastering
2018 Dove Belly Mastering
2018 Domino Mokotow Mixing, Mastering
2018 Been a Long Time Christine Rosander Mastering
2018 Astropsychosis Two Medicine Mastering
2018 All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn't Do The Milk Carton Kids Mastering
2017 Whatever Witch You Are Dead Heavens Mastering
2017 Waves of the New Las Robertas Mastering
2017 Queens of the Breakers The Barr Brothers Mastering
2017 Precious Art Rozwell Kid Mastering
2017 Human Movement Direct Hit! / Pears Mastering
2017 2017 Warped Tour Compilation Mastering
2016 Wynonna & the Big Noise Wynonna Judd / Wynonna & the Big Noise Mastering
2016 Twin House Relick Mastering
2016 Swallowed by the New Glen Phillips Mastering
2016 Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad Billy Bragg / Joe Henry Mastering
2016 Real Midnight Birds of Chicago Mastering
2016 Pixie Queen Anthony Green Mastering
2016 Matters of the Heart Eric Lindell Mastering
2016 I Am the Rain Chely Wright Mastering
2016 Honesty Lives Elsewhere Get Dead Mastering
2016 From Caplan to Belsize Muncie Girls Mastering
2016 Dig in Deep Bonnie Raitt Mastering
2016 Cure for Dreaming Jenny Gillespie Mastering
2016 2003 Sprowt Mastering
2015 Worthy Bettye LaVette Mastering
2015 Warped Tour 2015 Compilation Mastering
2015 Hairball Nai Harvest Mastering
2015 Columbia Tom McBride Mastering
2014 Vans Warped Tour 2014 Compilation Mastering
2014 No Coast Braid Mastering
2014 Look Again to the Wind: Johnny Cash's Bitter Tears Revisited Mastering
2014 Live Jeff Bridges / Jeff Bridges & the Abiders Mastering
2014 Don't Disconnect Sarah Jaffe Mastering
2014 Charmer Tigers Jaw Mastering
2013 Young Legs Anthony Green Mastering
2013 Vans Warped Tour 2013 Compilation Mastering
2013 The Albatross Foxing Mastering
2013 Bad News Get Dead Mastering
2012 Vans Warped Tour '12: 2012 Tour Compilation Mastering
2011 The Lack Long After Pianos Become the Teeth Mastering
2011 Sing in Japanese Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Mastering
2011 Shed Title Fight Mastering
2011 Noise of Welcome Zachary Cale Mastering
2011 IV: Symptoms of Existence Mother of Mercy Mastering
2011 From the Dumpster to the Grave Star Fucking Hipsters Mastering
2011 Agitations Cobra Skulls Mastering
2010 The Speakeasy Smoke or Fire Mastering
2010 House of Tongues Elk City Engineer
2009 disappearance Copernicus Mastering
2009 Unreal Spheric Universe Experience Mastering
2009 Tiki for the Atomic Age Kava Kon Digital Mastering
2009 The First Five Higher Giant Audio Engineer, Mastering
2009 The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God Acheron Mastering
2009 Solitary Parasites Mastering
2009 Queen Fareena Kelly Carmichael Mastering
2009 Light Flares Knot Feeder Mastering
2009 Life in the Air The Peekers Mastering
2009 Just Like Heaven: A Tribute to the Cure Remastering, Mastering
2009 Instant Everything, Constant Nothing Untied States Assistant
2009 Carving Desert Canyons Scale the Summit Mastering
2009 Big Ned Big Ned Mastering
2008 Unspoken Jami Sieber Concept
2008 Under the Overpass of America Final Drive Mastering
2008 The Future Doesn't Need Us I Am The Heat Mastering
2008 The Concorde Fallacy The Muckrakers / Muckrakers Mastering
2008 Somewhere at the Bottom of The River Between Vega & Altair La Dispute Mastering
2008 Major General Franz Nicolay Mastering
2008 Illuminate Lydia Mastering
2008 Freedom of Speech Means Talk is Cheap Destroy Everything Mastering
2008 Doug Paisley Doug Paisley Mastering
2008 Brutus Saints Never Surrender Mastering
2008 Black Ocean Century Mastering
2007 You're My Lover Now The Teeth Mastering
2007 We Should Be Together Jason Dove Mastering
2007 Waltzes & Pleas John Bustine Mastering
2007 Time, Arithmetic and Other Elementary Subjects Not Well Learned The Recession Mastering
2007 The Liquor Witch Sean Madigan Hoen Mastering
2007 The Flux The Eclectic Collective Mastering
2007 Some Kind of Healing One False Move Mastering
2007 Only Breath Jami Sieber Producer, Translation, Spoken Word, Poetry, Primary Artist
2007 Nuclear Psychology Weird Owl Mastering
2007 Love Lust Sci-Fi & Monsters Telenovela Star Mastering
2007 Lines Avec Mastering
2007 Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst Saints Never Surrender Mastering
2007 Homefront Capital Mastering
2007 Get the Guests The High Strung Mastering
2007 Dry Futures Bring Back the Guns Mastering
2007 Buggy Baloo D. Jay Mastering
2007 Babes Say the Hottest Things Mustache! Mastering
2004 The Nights Rewind Meanwhiles Illustrations, Design
1998 Naked Waters Kim Rosen Primary Artist, Liner Notes, Spoken Word, Poetry, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part, Composer
1994 Take Me Home Amy & Leslie / Amy Fradon / Leslie Ritter Composer
¡Pas Net! True Love Mastering
You Love Are My Only Foy Vance Mastering
You Get to Me Foy Vance Mastering
Wonder City J. Allen Design
Wind Blows Chloe Foy Vance Mastering
Wildwood Katie Dahl Mastering
What Was Once Is by and Gone Darius Koski Mastering
Waterbound Rhiannon Giddens Mastering
Versace Summer Jank Mastering
Upon the Horizon Villages Mastering Engineer
Uke-Hunt Uke-Hunt Mastering
Tower of Babel Natalie Merchant Mastering
This Band Will Destroy Your Life Shirk Circus Mastering
The Runner Allison Russell Mastering Engineer
The Voice of the Eastern Passage (Wayne’s Serenade) Adam Baldwin Mastering Engineer
The Riverwinds The Riverwinds Mastering
The Past [Live] Matt Mays Mastering Engineer
The Other Side Crystal Yates Mastering
The Ones I Love Colin Lake Mastering
The Muddy Crows Dan Wolff Mastering
The Deadmen The Deadmen Mastering
That Was You and Me The Fortunate Ones Mastering Engineer
Tall Trees [Live] Matt Mays Mastering Engineer
Stay Right Here Allison Russell Mastering Engineer
Spirits Julia Rainer Mastering
Something’s Got a Hold of My Heart Bonnie Raitt Mastering
Some Things Never Change Matt Andersen Mastering Engineer
Solid Ground Gaby Moreno Mastering
Shadow Shows Seryn Mastering
Running Back to You Dorian Allen Mastering
Rough Side Out Alan Doyle Mastering
Rock Francais Mastering Engineer
Revvin' Up the Reindeer Brady Rymer / Brady Rymer & the Little Band That Could Mastering
Red Sunshine Ben Shea Mastering
Persephone Allison Russell Mastering Engineer
Paper in Fire Alan Doyle Mastering
Papa Didn't Raise Me Right The Porkroll Project Mastering
Pain Never Hurt Me like Love Foy Vance Mastering
Other Side of Goodbye Matt Andersen Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Only the Artist Foy Vance Mastering
Oh, Sedona Michael McArthur Mastering
Noël à Paris Mastering Engineer
Nightflyer Allison Russell Mastering Engineer
Music Belongs In The Background ALSO Illustrations
Montreal Allison Russell Mastering Engineer
Merry Christmas [From the Dowie Dens] Villages Mastering Engineer
Malibu Jane Foy Vance Mastering
Magnolia Turnover Mastering
Made Up Mind Bonnie Raitt Mastering
Lucky Stars Loretta Hagen Mastering
Love in Wartime Birds of Chicago Mastering
Livin' for the Ones Bonnie Raitt Mastering
Let There Be Love Matt Mays Mastering
Julie's Aria Rhiannon Giddens Mastering Engineer
Interstate Lullaby David Childers Mastering
In Transit Seldan Mastering
I'm on My Way Rhiannon Giddens Mastering
I Won't Let You Fall Foy Vance Mastering
Familiar Ground John Calvin Abney Mastering
Everything I Wanted Allison Russell Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Ever Green, Ever Rain Michael McArthur Mastering
Enfin! Michel Polnareff Mastering
Downtown [Live] Matt Mays Mastering Engineer
Down Below Southern Cross Assistant
Day to Day The Fortunate Ones Mastering Engineer
Dark Promises [Live] Matt Mays Mastering Engineer
Crooked in My Mind Koji Mastering
Crooked Mile Danl Mastering
Come on, Aphrodite Natalie Merchant Mastering
Collection Choir Vandals Mastering
Chill Indie Folk Mastering Engineer
Cherie Vico Peter One Mastering Engineer
Chanson Rock Mastering Engineer
Causeway Road Adam Baldwin Mastering Engineer
Can You See Me? Maya Rae Mastering
Calling Me Home Rhiannon Giddens Mastering
By Your Side Allison Russell Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Build a House Rhiannon Giddens Mastering Engineer
Blasts of Holy Birth Lewis & Clarke Mastering
Birds of Night Birds of Night Mastering
Birds Go Die Out of Sight Peter One Mastering Engineer
Avalon Rhiannon Giddens Mastering
Apologies Anna Ash Mastering
Anchor The Fortunate Ones Mastering Engineer
Altitude Kimon Kirk Mastering
4th Day Prayer [Dim Star Remix] Allison Russell Mastering Engineer

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