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Herr Koreander and Leafar Legov make up this ambient techno duo associated with the elusive German label Giegling.
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Yoyogi Park
Consisting of producers Herr Koreander and Leafar Legov, Kettenkarussell is a duo associated with the elusive German techno label Giegling. Their music tends to be minimal yet sentimental, with sparse dub effects rippling over steady beats. Occasionally, light breakbeats or acoustic guitars are present, and a few downtempo or beatless pieces exist in their catalog as well. The duo debuted in 2009 with the EP I Believe You and Me Make Love Forever, which was Giegling's first release. This was followed a year later by Things Will Never Flange. Other than a track on Giegling's 2012 compilation Futur II, Kettenkarussell weren't heard from until they dropped their double LP Easy Listening in 2014. Easy Listening Remixes, including mixes by producers such as Lawrence and LoSoul, followed in 2016. Kettenkarussell then remixed Lawrence, with their version of "Illuminated" appearing on Yoyogi Park Remixes in 2017. Also that year, Kettenkarussell's second album, Insecurity Guard, was issued by Giegling.