Julie Wolf


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Year Album Artist
2019 Glitter Wolf Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom / Allison Miller Producer
2018 Wild Is Everywhere Sara Lovell Handclapping, Piano
2017 Bone on Bone Bruce Cockburn Producer, Accordion, Choir/Chorus, Engineer
2016 This Girl's in Love (A Bacharach & David Songbook) Rumer Accordion
2015 Songs from the Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection Carly Simon Instrumentation, Vocals
2014 Rumours of Glory [True North] Bruce Cockburn Composer, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
2012 Lung of Love Amy Ray Farfisa Organ, Fender Rhodes, Piano, Vocals (Background), Wurlitzer
2012 Peace Becomes You Holly Near Accordion
2011 Stretch Limousine on Fire Catie Curtis Engineer, Keyboards, Vocal Harmony
2010 Everything in Between Brian Thoms Piano
2010 Holly Happy Days Indigo Girls Guest Artist, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals
2010 Life Is Sweet Lissy Walker Guest Artist, Organ (Hammond)
2010 Staring Down the Brilliant Dream Indigo Girls Photography, Primary Artist, Vocals, Accordion, Keyboards, Piano
2009 Melting Jessica Stone Accordion, Piano
2009 Rx And The Side Effects Linq Keyboards
2009 Singing Through the Hard Times: A Utah Phillips Celebration Accordion
2008 A Cure for the Hiccups Zoe Lewis Accordion, Piano, Vocals (Background)
2008 Beautiful World Eliza Gilkyson Musician
2008 Boulder Ferron Accordion, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
2008 Goodbye Game Sean O'Brien Accordion, Piano, Organ
2008 Resilience Annabelle Chvostek Main Personnel, Accordion, Organ, Keyboards
2008 Unspoken Jami Sieber Piano, Organ
2007 Alive in Berkeley Barbara Higbie Vocals, Accordion, Piano
2007 Canon: A Collection Ani DiFranco Vocals, Accordion, Melodica, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Organ
2007 Fringe Cris Williamson Accordion, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
2007 Love & Discipline Deborah Pardes Piano
2007 Only Breath Jami Sieber Piano, Organ, Primary Artist
2007 Severland Blame Sally Accordion
2006 Boca Do Rio Boca Do Rio Additional Personnel, Accordion
2006 Fast Moving Dream Linq Keyboards, Laughs
2006 Hail to the Thieves, Vol. 3 George Mann Accordion, Organ
2006 In the Eyes of Strangers Melissa Ferrick Accordion, Piano (Grand), Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, Keyboard Bass, Vocals (Background), Organ (Hammond), Polymoog
2006 Life Short Call Now Bruce Cockburn Accordion, Melodica, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Harmonium, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Vocals (Background), Organ (Hammond), Composer
2006 Mightier Than the Sword John McCutcheon Vocals, Accordion, Piano, Organ
2006 The Blistering Sun Rachael Sage Organ
2005 End of Desire Jennifer Berezan Producer, Accordion, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Organ, Vocals (Background)
2005 Greatest Hits Kitty Rose Choir/Chorus
2005 In My Prime Rhiannon Accordion
2005 Journey Linq Melodica, Organ
2005 Knuckle Down Ani DiFranco Main Personnel, Melodica
2005 Little Star Girlyman Additional Personnel, Accordion, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Vibraphone
2005 My Better Self Dar Williams Accordion, Melodica, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Organ, Mellotron, Glockenspiel, Vox Organ
2005 Real Deal Cris Williamson Accordion, Melodica, Organ
2005 Smashing the Ceiling Magdalen Hsu Li Main Personnel, Accordion, Melodica, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, Synthesizer, Organ (Hammond)
2004 All Children in School Vocals, Keyboards
2004 Dreaming in Romance Languages Catie Curtis Accordion, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
2004 Happy as We Are Jen Todd Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals (Background)
2004 King of Echo Park Brian Joseph Group Member
2004 Small Is Tremendous Zoe Lewis Vocals, Accordion, Organ, Vocals (Background), Organ (Hammond)
2003 Amaze Me: Songs in the Key of Peace Vocals, Accordion, Wurlitzer, Keyboards
2003 Evolve Ani DiFranco Melodica, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Organ, Voices
2003 On a Clear Day Natalia Zukerman Accordion, Wurlitzer
2003 On the Mend Kym Tuvim Accordion, Fender Rhodes, Organ (Hammond)
2003 On the Road: 10-25-02 Berkeley, CA The String Cheese Incident Additional Personnel, Keyboards, Primary Artist
2003 Out of the Blue Rhiannon Vocals, Multi Instruments, Composer
2003 Songs for a Hurricane Kris Delmhorst Vocals, Accordion, Melodica, Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer, Xylophone
2003 Tigers Above Tigers Below Ellis Accordion, Melodica, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer Strings, Vocals (Background)
2003 When I Was Made Edie Carey Accordion, Fender Rhodes
2002 Fishbone, Wishbone, Funnybone Zoe Lewis Accordion, Melodica, Piano, Wurlitzer, Vocals (Background)
2002 Nowhere Is Brighter Garrin Benfield Vocals, Organ (Hammond)
2002 Respond, Vol. 2 Vocals, Piano
2002 So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter Ani DiFranco Photography, Vocals, Keyboards, Voices
2002 The Big Time Robin Holcomb Vocals
2001 My Little Crime Erika Luckett Piano, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, Vocals (Background), Organ (Hammond)
2001 My Shirt Looks Good on You Catie Curtis Vocals, Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer
2000 Swing Set Ani DiFranco Organ, Wurlitzer
1999 Half Moon Evan Brubaker Producer, Accordion, Piano, Clavinet, Loops
1999 Sheep Zoe Lewis Accordion, Piano, Vocal Harmony
1999 To the Teeth Ani DiFranco Vocals, Accordion, Melodica, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Organ, Wurlitzer
1999 Up Up Up Up Up Up Ani DiFranco Vocals, Accordion, Piano, Clavinet, Organ, Wurlitzer
1998 Daisy Petals on My Head Kate Wolf Vocals, Accordion, Drums, Composer
1998 Kym Tuvim Kym Tuvim Accordion
1998 Second Sight Jami Sieber Producer
1997 Catie Curtis Catie Curtis Piano
1997 Octoroon Laura Love Accordion, Piano, Vocals (Background), Guitar (Rhythm), Tongue Drum
1997 Walk the Worn out Floor Julie Wolf Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals, Accordion, Piano, Composer
1996 Apartment 12 Karen Pernick Vocals (Background)
1996 Arsenal of Democracy Julia Wolfe Composer
1995 You Make My Pants Pound (And Other Show Tunes) Lisa Koch Accordion, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
1994 My Breasts Are out of Control Dos Fallopia Guest Artist, Vocals, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
1991 From Years to Hours Catie Curtis Piano, Vocal Harmony
Angel No More Rachel Efron Vocal Producer
Dam Is Breaking Boca Do Rio Keyboards
I Will Love You Scott Smith Vocals (Background)
Igniting the Flame Scott Smith Additional Production, Cowbell
In These Arms, a Song for All Beings Jennifer Berezan Piano, Choir/Chorus, Main Personnel
Listen to the Birds Sing You the Truth Sam Mellon Accordion, Piano, Organ
Make Me Over A Fragile Tomorrow Engineer, Mercy Keys, Organ, Producer, Synthesizer, Vocals
Overalls Melissa Crabtree Accordion, Hammond B3, Organ, Vocal Harmony
Rise Bekah Barnett Producer
The Day I Fell In the Water Melissa Crabtree Accordion, Harmony, Piano, Vocal Harmony, Vocals
The Lost American Jazzbook Lost Jazz Ensemble Producer
Validity Dana Carmel Piano
While We're Here Catie Curtis Piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer
Wink at July Rachel Garlin Accordion